1892 NYS Census
Town of Morehouse

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Where Born
or Alien
Arthur Turner M 26 Canada A Laborer
George Graham M 22 Canada A Laborer
Jos Latour M 28 Canada A Laborer
Alex Vaven M 35 Canada A Laborer
Joseph Pilleneuve M 36 Canada A Laborer
George Paradis M 26 US C Laborer
Octave Galarno M 38 Canada A Laborer
William Wildey M 40 US C Farmer
Godfrey Coultier M 32 Canada A Laborer
Sim Coultier M 25 US C Laborer
Edward Coultier M 22 US C Farmer
Frank Dougall M 24 US C Laborer
Harve Bordells M 25 US C Laborer
James Flynn M 26 US C Laborer
Fredrick Becraft M 68 US C Laborer
Matilda Becraft F 65 US C  
Giles Becraft M 40 US C Farmer
Margarete M Becraft F 42 US C  
Fredy G Becraft M 12 US C  
Elca A Becraft F 10 US C  
John F Becraft M 7 US C  
Rebecca M Becraft F 5 US C  
Albert M Reymonda M 41 US C Farmer
Frances D[o] Reymonda F 41 US C  
Fredrick G Reymonda M 20 US C Farmer
Chester H Reymonda M 17 US C Farmer
Daniel Russ M 51 Germany C Farmer
Mary Russ F 43 US C  
Kattie M Russ F 12 US C  
Johnie E Russ M 9 US C  
Mary L Russ F 4 US C  
Christiam J Frank M 42 Germany C Farmer
Mena Frank F 35 US C  
Anna M Frank 14 US C  
Christian J Frank Jr. M 11 US C  
Dora M Frank F 6 US C  
Martin Boh M 51 France C Farmer
Mary A Boh F 42 US C  
Bertie Boh F 20 US C  
George M Boh M 10 US C  
John S Boh M 1 US    
William Hart M 76 England C Farmer
Anna E Hart F 43 US C  
John A Hart M 37 US C Farmer
Herman E Hart 34 US C Farmer
Felix Larose M 28 Canada A Laborer
William Gagne M 28 Canada A Laborer
Peter Farrio M 30 Canada A Laborer
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