1870 Federal Census
Town of Wells

Generously transcribed and donated by Joanne Murray - Thank You!

Enumerated 5 July to 29 August 1870 by Adolphe Raux

  1. Page Number
  2. Dwelling number
  3. Family number
  4. Last name
  5. First name
  6. Age
  7. Sex
  8. Color
  9. Occupation
  10. Value of Real Estate owned
  11. Value of Personal Estate owned
  12. Place of birth
  13. Father foreign born
  14. Mother foreign born
  15. Month born within the year
  16. Month married within the year
  17. In school within the year
  18. Cannot read
  19. Cannot write
  20. Deaf & dumb, blind, insane or idiotic
  21. Males eligible to vote
  22. Males not eligible to vote

As always, please refer to the originals for the best accuracy!

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448A  FranciscoWilliam2MW   NY           
 1 StimerLevi52MWFarmer900 Mass        1  
    Lucius37MWLaborer  Mass        1  
    Lucindy74FWKeeping House  Mass           
   JacksonThomas21MCLaborer  NY        1  
 2 HosleyIra30MWFarmer2250200NY        1  
    Charlot28FWKeeping House  NY           
    Samson4MW   NY           
    Edgar2MW   NY           
   HerselGeorge27MWLaborer 300NY        1  
 3 MorisonLidy35FWKeeping House  NY           
    Ammiry [?]4FW   NY           
    Ruben3MW   NY           
 4 FranciscoArchibald67MWFarmer5000500NY        1  
    Mary63FWKeeping House  NY           
    Jacob31MWFarmer 500NY        1  
   MorehouseMary13FW   NY           
   KenElisabeth39FW   NY           
    Charlot1FW   NY           
    Vanzen8FW   NY    1XX    
    Helen M.10FW   NY    111    
 5 GallopEmeline43FWKeeping House  NY           
    Henry22MWLaborer  NY        1  
    Hiram21MWLaborer  NY        1  
    France27FW   NY           
 6 GroffMathew16MW   NY           
    Ann5FW   NY    1XX    
    George2MW   NY           
 7 SimmonsPeter33MWLaborer  NY        1  
    Hepsey23FWKeeping House  NY           
    George H.9MW   NY    1XX    
 8 HosleyBenjamin73MWGentleman 1000Vermont        1  
    Ritany67FW   Vermont           
   WitmanGray28MWFarmer1200200NY        1  
    Emma20FWKeeping House  NY           
    Herbert2/12MW   NY  March        
 9 MorisonAndrew31MWCarpenter800 NY        1  
    Liddy24FWKeeping House  Vermont           
    Debert6MW   NY    1XX    
    Edgar5MW   NY           

448B  MorisonHerman2MW   NY           
    Lily2/12FW   NY  April        
 1 MorisonJoel38MWFarmer1200500NY        1  
    Mary C.35FWKeeping House  Penn           
    Mary A.16FW   *Penn          *there are ditto marks indicating that the next several named persons were born in ""Penn"" - however I believe they should read ""NY""
    Plumy14MW   *Penn           
    Ida A.9FW   *Penn           
    Lilas7MW   *Penn           
 2 KelloggDaniel39MWFarmer1800100*Penn        1  
    Ann31FWKeeping House  *Penn           
    Nelly12FW   *Penn           
    Elvin6MW   *Penn           
 3 GrayAlvah27MWFarmer1200500*Penn        1  
    Lucy61FWKeeping House  *Penn           
 4 BrownCharles28MWLaborer  Vermont        1  
    Liddy22FWKeeping House  NY           
    Jenny1FW   NY           
 5 HoslyJohn G.39MWFarmer25001000NY        1  
    Cherry37FWKeeping House  NY           
    Lizza15FW   NY    1      
    Sanford13MW   NY    1      
    Hatta B.11FW   NY    1      
    Magge8FW   NY    1      
    Jane S.4FW   NY    1      
 6 WitmanHamille53MWFarmer2000 NY        1  
    Leady48FWKeeping House  NY           
    Elisabeth27FWTeaching School  NY           
    Clarincy18FW   NY           
    Truman20MWLaborer  NY           
   RandleArthur15MW   NY           
    Harvey25MWLaborer  NY        1  
 7 HosleyMartin33MWFarmer2000100NY        1  
    Mary An27FWKeeping House  NY           
    Jenny1FW   NY           
    Wallis5MW   NY           
 8 WhitmanMichell47MWFarmer1500 NY        1  
    Lomany A.39FWKeeping House  NY           
    Charles A.17MW   NY    1      
    John11MW   NY    1      
    Sanford7MW   NY    1      

449A12WitmanEmaniel45MWFarmer3000100NY        1  
    Betsey79FW   NY           
   FisherMargret30FWHouse Keeper  NY           
    Charles10MW   NY    1      
 2 FountainDavid29MWFarmer550 NY           
    Sarah23FWKeeping House  NY           
    Leray1MW   NY           
 3 WeaverJames28MWFarmer500 NY           
    Matildy22FWKeeping House  NY           
    Maggi3FW   NY           
    Emmy1FW   NY           
 4 WeaverFredom [?]57MWLaborer  NY        1  
    Elmesy [?]45FWKeeping House  NY           
    Charles21MWLaborer  NY        1  
    France C.18FW   NY    1      
    Evelony5FW   NY    1      
   WeaverPeter70MWFarmer800 NY           

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