1870 Federal Census
Town of Wells

Generously transcribed and donated by Joanne Murray - Thank You!

Enumerated 5 July to 29 August 1870 by Adolphe Raux

  1. Page Number
  2. Dwelling number
  3. Family number
  4. Last name
  5. First name
  6. Age
  7. Sex
  8. Color
  9. Occupation
  10. Value of Real Estate owned
  11. Value of Personal Estate owned
  12. Place of birth
  13. Father foreign born
  14. Mother foreign born
  15. Month born within the year
  16. Month married within the year
  17. In school within the year
  18. Cannot read
  19. Cannot write
  20. Deaf & dumb, blind, insane or idiotic
  21. Males eligible to vote
  22. Males not eligible to vote

As always, please refer to the originals for the best accuracy!

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445A  BrownEmily7FW   NY           
    Mary L.5FW   NY           
   BarnorPatric24MWLaborer  Ireland11      1  
   CavanahPatrick21MWLaborer  Ireland11       X 
   MontereyPatric60MWLaborer  Ireland11      1  
   FlarnyWilliam24MWLaborer  Ireland11      1  
   CavanahMartin19MWLaborer  Ireland11         
   RookeJohn19MWLaborer  Ireland11         
 1 MalumphyThomas36MWFarmer 300Ireland11      1  
    Mary26FWKeeping House  Ireland11         
    Michael7MW   NY11  1      
    Mary A.4FW   NY11         
    Edward2MW   NY11         
   MalumpheeMichael23MWLaborer  Ireland11       X 
   DurseMary15FWKeeping House  Ireland11         
 23BabcockHiram26MWFarmer1200150NY        1  
    Mary18FWKeeping House  Germany11         
    John W.22MWLaborer 500NY        1  
   HolmesMary45FWKeeping House175 NY           
    Abby12FW   NY    1      
   PrenticHiram80MWPeddler 150NY        1  
   RyanWilliam24MWLaborer  NY        1  
    Louise18FWKeeping House  NY           
    William P.2MW   NY           
    Rolor John2/12MW   NY  April        
 32ParkerRichard76MWCounty Judge1500 RI        1  
    Walter35MWFarmer500 NY        1  
    Lorry31FWKeeping House  NY           
    Wm. B.3MW   NY           
    Livina16FWHouse Keeping  NY           
 4 KanyJohn30MWLaborer  Ireland11       X 
    Briget28FWKeeping House  Ireland11         
    Patric3MW   Ireland11         
    Mitchell5MW   Ireland11         
 5 MishelanMichele30MWLaborer  Ireland11       X 
    Mary30FWKeeping House  Ireland11         
    Mary10FW   Ireland11         
    Briget8FW   Ireland11         
    Patric3MW   Ireland11         
   PettitGilbert30MWFarmer4000 NY        1  

445B  PettitMary Jane26FWKeeping House  NY           
    Clinton13MW   NY    1      
 12PrenticeWilliam43MWFarmer20002000NY        1  
    Louise Ann44FWKeeping House  NY           
    William A.22MWFarmer  NY           
    Sarah21FWKeeping House  NY           
    John N.18MWLaborer  NY           
    Calvin A.15MWLaborer  NY           
    Mary7FW   NY    1      
    Julia5FW   NY    1      
 2 ProwerP. N.50MWFarmer100001000Ireland11      1  
    Mary46FWKeeping House  NY           
    Michelle20MWMerchant 2000NY1          
    Sarah A.16FW   NY1          
    Mary8FW   NY1          
   MichelnoryGette [?]5FW   Ireland11         
 3 WitmanRose50MWFarmer4200500NY        1  
    Helen48FWKeeping House  NY           
    Sarah20FW   NY           
    Scott18MW   NY           
    Hely9FW   NY           
   AbramWm. D.27MWLaborer  NY        1  
   RooneyWilliam40MWFarmer2000300Ireland11      1  
    Jane38FWKeeping House  NY           
    Henry15MW   NY1          
    Netta9FW   NY1          
 4 HorningGeorge68MWMinister 100NY        1  
    Susan67FWKeeping House  NY           
 5 AbramDavid B.56MWFarmer4000500NY        1  
    Barbee A.45FWKeeping House  NY           
    William B.25MWLaborer  NY        1  
    Eugene20MW   NY           
    Flod17MW   NY           
    Elley M.6FW   NY    1      
    Demnik3MW   NY           
 6 BuceMary A.54FWKeeping House1200 NY           
    Marion22MWFarmer  NY        1  
    Lucien L.12MWLaborer  NY           
    Orra30MWLaborer  NY           
    Lady32FWKeeping House  NY           

446A  TaylorWilliam82MW   England11     Blind1  
 1 DunningDavid40MWFarmer  NY        1  
    Emmandy35FWKeeping House  NY           
    Ruben18MW   NY           
    Orra16MW   NY           
    Emmy Jane15FW   NY           
    Edgar12MW   NY    1      
    Albert5MW   NY    1      
 2 ShronThomas58MWCabinet Maker500 Schotland [sic]11      1  
    Jane49FWKeeping House  NY           
    William H.17MWLaborer  NY1          
    Alfred M.9MW   NY1   1      
 3 SmithAlbert36MWTanner800500NY        1  
    Susabah31FWKeeping House  NY           
    George J.10MW   NY    1      
    Martha8MW   NY    1      
    William A.6MW   NY    1      
 4 HyerA. B.55MWFarmer40001000NY        1  
    Ane O.49FWKeeping House  NY           
    Albert W.22MWFarmer  NY        1  
    John J.26MWLumberman  NY        1  
    Harietta26FWKeeping House  NY           
    Charles [?] [or Charlot ?]2FW   NY           
    Amy3FW   NY           
 6 MoonJames40MWLumberman1500500NY        1  
    Harietta29FWKeeping House  NY           
    Charles10MW   NY    1      
    John H.9MW   NY    1      
    Jeny7FW   NY    1      
 7 OstranderT. L.40MWGrocer3500100NY        1  
    Mary34FWKeeping House  Vermont           
    Elma2FW   Vermont           
    Harden8MW   Vermont    1      
    Carie7/12FW   Vermont  Nov        
   EarlsJonis C.23MWPainter  Vermont        1  
 8 SeeveyJohn38MWTanner 500Maine        1  
    H. L.35FWKeeping House  Maine           
    Anna B.7FW   Maine           
 9 PettisJames45MW   England11      1  
    Eliza35FW   NY           

446B  PettisJosephine14FW   NY1   1      
    Julia9FW   NY1   1      
    Hattea5FW   NY1          
    James H.13MW   NY1          
    John9MW   NY           
 1 BrownellJames H.44MWAttorney  NY        1  
    Emma E.19FWKeeping House  NY           
    Isaac14MW   NY    1      
   DavenportJames4MW   NY           
 2 PettisWilliam53MWTavern Keeper6000100England11      1  
    Nancy53FWKeeping Tavern  NY           
    Mary16FW   NY1   1      
    Joel14MW   NY1   1      
    John C.13MW   NY1   1      
    Alonzo14MW   NY1   1      
 3 CochranJane48FWKeeping House500 Ireland11         
    Robert J.24MWBlacksmith  NY11      1  
    Rachell15FW   NY11  1      
    Helen11FW   NY11  1      
 4 CochranDaniel27MWShoemaker300600NY11         
    Martha22FWKeeping House  Ireland11         
    William1MW   NY 1         
 5 HosleySamson40MWHotel Keeper30001000NY        1  
    L. M.28FWKeeping Hotel  NY           
 6 MorrisonIsaiah63MWFarmer50001000NH           
    Charlot45FWKeeping House  NY           
    Isachus P.22MWFarmer 500NY        1  
    Ida8FW   NY    1      
   BrownE. J.58MW   NY        1  
   CraigsNancy19FWHouse Keeping  NY           
   MollisJames28MWLaborer  NY        1  
   McGinnisPeter23MWLaborer  NY        1  
   AndersonGeorge24MWLaborer  NY        1  
   PelterNelson22MWLaborer  NY        1  
   Heigly [?]John23MWLaborer  NY        1  
 7 BrownLyman61MWFarmer3000500NY        1  
    Churesha57FWKeeping House  NY           
    George22MWLaborer  NY        1  
    Hatta4FW   NY           
    Cherry33FWKeeping House150100NY           

447A1 McIntyerJacob45MWFarmer650500NY        1  
    Rosetta30FWKeeping House  NY           
    Charles M.13MW   NY           
    Marcus A.9MW   NY           
    Addison C.6MW   NY           
    Heratio S.1MW   NY           
 2 BurnhamWm.56MWFarmer70008000NY        1  
    William W.31MWMerchant  NY        1  
    Philoma53FWKeeping House  NY           
    Archelus O.24MW   NY        1  
   QuinPatrick21MWLaborer  Ireland11       X 
   BrunaPatrick35MWLaborer  Ireland11       X 
   KanePatrick25MWLaborer  Ireland11      1  
   NeugentWilliam28MWLaborer  Ireland11         
   NolenThomas23MWLaborer  Ireland11         
 3 GilmanJohn M.40MWCarpenter30001800NY        1  
    Alsoein [?]30FWKeeping House  NY           
    Harretta11FW   NY    1      
    Carri Bell9FW   NY    1      
    Janny4FW   NY    1 X    
    George B.1MW   NY           
 4 MorisonAbram58MWLaborer  NY        1  
    L. C.59FWKeeping House  Conn           
    Isaha35MWLaborer  NY        1  
    Edgar10MW   NY    1      
 5 BuiceGeorge37MWLaborer700 NY        1  
    Harieta H.27FWKeeping House  NY           
    George H.11MW   NY    1      
    James8MW   NY    1      
    William5MW   NY    1      
    Halla3FW   NY           
    Stephen2/12MW   NY  April        
   HanlyP. J.23MWLaborer  Ireland11      1  
    Michell24MWLaborer  Ireland11       X 
 6 CraigeGeorge W.30MWLaborer150200NY        1  
    Rhoda28FWKeeping House  NY           
    George E.8MW   NY           
    Metilda6FW   NY           
    William W.3MW   NY           
    Maosis H.2/12MW   NY  April        

447B1 HanlyPatrick45MWTanner 200Ireland11      1  
    Margaret38FWKeeping House  Ireland11         
    Thomas J.13MW   NY11  1      
    Patrick E.8MW   NY11  1      
    Richard2MW   NY11         
   MorisonMary20FWHouse Keeping  NY           
 2 GriffinMartin31MWLaborer  Ireland11      1  
    Mary30FWKeeping House  Ireland11         
    James4MW   NY11         
    Thomas1MW   NY11         
 3 WellsJames24MWLaborer  NY        1  
    Josephine18FWKeeping House  NY           
    James H.2MW   NY           
    Benjamin1/12MW   NY  April        
 4 PagesRoselle47MWFarmer1200 NY        1  
    [?]53FWKeeping House  NY           
    [?]14MW   NY    1      
    [?]12FW   NY    1      
   CraigsCharles16MW   NY    1      
    Lucien14MW   NY    1      
    Washington28MW   NY        1  
 5 AbramDavid H.38MWFarmer1000500NY        1  
    Harietta37FWKeeping House  NY           
    Frank E.14MW   NY    1      
    William Lee7MW   NY    1      
 62BrownHomer62MWFarmer 400NY        1  
    Asena58FWKeeping House  NY           
    Truman28MWFarmer1000 NY           
    Lewy17MWClerk  NY           
   BurgessAmanda30FWKeeping House  NY           
    Fred3MW   NY           
 7 CraigsAsel34MWFarmer1000100NY        1  
    Catherine39FWKeeping House  NY           
    Charles13MW   NY           
    Mary H.10FW   NY           
    John A.77MW   NY        1  
    Polly65FW   NY           
 8 FranciscoWm.38MWLaborer  NY        1  
    Caroline34FWKeeping House  NY           
    Mary F.5FW   NY           

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