1870 Federal Census
Town of Long Lake

Generously transcribed and donated by Joanne Murray - Thank You!

Enumerated 27 28 June 1870 by Adolphe Raux

  1. Page Number
  2. Dwelling number
  3. Family number
  4. Last name
  5. First name
  6. Age
  7. Sex
  8. Color
  9. Occupation
  10. Value of Real Estate owned
  11. Value of Personal Estate owned
  12. Place of birth
  13. Father foreign born
  14. Mother foreign born
  15. Month born within the year
  16. Month married within the year
  17. In school within the year
  18. Cannot read
  19. Cannot write
  20. Deaf & dumb, blind, insane or idiotic
  21. Males eligible to vote
  22. Males not eligible to vote

As always, please refer to the originals for the best accuracy!

432 A11KelloggCyrus K.51MWHotel Keeper 2000NY        1 
    Christine42FWKeeping House  NY          
    William8MW   NY    1     
    Henry7MW   NY    1     
    Secil6MW   NY    1 X   
   WelchAnna19FWHouse Keeping  NY11        
   JennineWalter24MWHunting & Trapping  Mass        1 
   ParkerCalvin44MWHunting & Trapping  Mass        1 
 22HamnerCharles33MWManufacture1000100NY        1 
    Haldoh34MWKeeping House  NY          
    Albert15MW   NY    1     
    Charles11MW   NY    1     
    Walter7MW   NY    1 X   
    Howard6MW   NY    1 X   
    Archer4MW   NY          
 33RobinsonIsaac B.57MWFarmer1000300NY        1 
    Christiana53FWKeeping House  NY          
    Anus Gleason29MWFarm Laborer300200NY        1 
    Anus L.19MWFarm Laborer  NY        1 
    Charles R. C.15MWFarm Laborer  NY          
    Bowdin C.12MWFarm Laborer  NY          
 44TarbellSamuel51MWFarmer  Vermont        1 
    Anna41FWKeeping House  NY          
    Mary10FW   NY    1     
  5DickinsonDavid73MWFarmer  NY        1 
    Sarah77FWKeeping House  NY          
   PalmerEmily21FWHouse Keeping  NY          
 56PalmerCyrus H.25MWBoat Building500100NY        1 
   RobinsonWilliam25MWFarmer Laborer150 NY        1 
 67WelchEdward53MWFarmer1000100Ireland11      1 
    Hellen47FWKeeping House  Ireland11        
    Richard18MWFarm Laborer  NY11        
    Mary16FWHouse Keeping  NY11        
    Catherine14FW   NY11  1     
    Elisabeth12FW   NY11  1     
    Sarah Jane10FW   NY11  1     
    Joseph H.8MW   NY11  1X    
 78MixJane49FWKeeping House80050NY          
    Alonzo A.24MWFarmer  NY        1 
    David22MW   NY        1 

432 B  MixHellen20FWKeeping House  NY          
    William14MW   NY    1     
 89LemensonB. F.30MWFarmer1000125NY        1 
    Lavina24FWKeeping House  NY          
    Floria A.9FW   NY    1     
    Maria L.7FW   NY    1 X   
    Ledy Jane3FW   NY          
 910PalmerDennis38MWFarmer 50NY        1 
    Mary E.32FWKeeping House  NY          
    William F.7MW   NY    1 X   
    Warren H.5MW   NY    1 X   
    Corra Bell4""M""W   NY    1 X   
    Richard3MW   NY          
    George B.1MW   NY          
 1011KellerCharles B.33MWFarmer1000200NY        1 
    Mary L.4FW   NY          
    Carrie L.3FW   NY          
  12 Tamy73FWKeeping House  NY          
 1113KellerDavid45MWFarmer1000200NY        1 
    Sarah C.34FWKeeping House  NY          
    Rosalin18FWHouse Keeping  NY          
    Elmany17FW   NY          
    Elmary17FW   NY          
    Emelia13FW   NY    1     
    Rubin [?]9MW   NY    1X    
    John7MW   NY    1X    
   ColeSimeon24MWBoat Building 100NY11      1 
 1214ColeAlbert30MWCarpenter200200Canada11      1 
    Charios30FWKeeping House  NY          
  15 Michell72MWFarmer  Canada         X
    Sophia59FW   NY          
 1316ColeRubin26MWFarmer  Canada1        X
    Lory23FWKeeping House  NY          
    Clayton O.3MW   NY1         
    James S.2MW   NY1         
 1417CassassJohn42MWFarmer1000500Canada11      1 
    Sabia38FWKeeping House  NY          
    Ruba15FW   NY1         
    Annis8FW   NY1         
    Lorinda7/12FW   NY1 March       

433 A1518SmithFrancis F.56MWFarmer1900200NY        1 
    Catherine42FWKeeping House  NY          
    John23MWFarm Laborer  NY        1 
    Daniel17MWFarm Laborer  NY    1     
    Martha12FW   NY    1     
    Nancy14FW   NY    1     
   ShonkChristian78MW   ""?""        1 
 1519PlumerJenny [?]33MWFarmer500150NY        1 
    Eliza C.20FWKeeping House  NY          
    Robert8FW   NY    1 X   
    Jenny A.7MW   NY    1 X   
    Gidden J.1FW   NY          
 1720HaughEnos71MWFarmer  Connt        1 
    Sevina68FWKeeping House  NY          
 1821SquirBradford30MWFarmer15050NY        1 
    Fibby25FWKeeping House  NY          
    Eliza5FW   NY    1 X   
    Francis2MW   NY          
   FournierLamar36MWFarmer  Canada        1 
 1922PlumerEliza51FWKeeping House  Vermont          
    Joel15MW   NY    1     
    Angeline13FW   NY    1     
    Helmer E.6MW   NY    1 X   
 2023RobinsonJohn25MWFarmer250200NY        1 
    Rosellia19FWKeeping House  NY          
    Granda2FW   NY          
 2124HallLysander47MWFarmer400300Vermont        1 
    Harrietta37FWKeeping House  NY          
    Herbert16MW   NY    1     
    Hurlin14MW   NY    1     
    Rolling12MW   NY    1     
    Bowner [?] W.6MW   NY    1 X   
    Giddy A.4FW   NY    1XX   
 2225LamosJohn61MWFarmer1500100NH        1 
    Mary A.57FWKeeping House  NY          
    Mandania21FWTeaching School  Vermont          
    Jane18FWTeaching School  Vermont          
    Strephess [?]13MWFarm Laborer  Vermont    1     
 2326DuaneAlexander23MWFarmer  Canada        1 
    Ester20FWKeeping House  NY          

433 B  DuaneHenry G.4/12MW   NY1 Feby       
   PlumerEly11MW   NY    1     
 2428Bounis [?]Henry67MWMinister1000150NY        1 
    Bettsey57FWKeeping House  NY          
    Jay19MWFarm Laborer  NY    1     
    Estell M.10FW   NY    1     
 2558SmithBenjamin29MWFarmer  NY        1 
    Bauly26FWKeeping House  NY          
    Bently H.5MW   NY    1 X   
    Busthly2MW   NY          
 2629FrankWilliam B.40MWFarmer80050NY        1 
    Harietta41FWKeeping House  NY          
    George E.14MW   NY          
    William12MW   NY          
    Archie8MW   NY          
    Clody Allis6FW   NY          
    Julia M.2FW   NY          
    Hermet [?]2/12MW   NY  April       
 2730FrankLuchis31MWFarmer75050Canada11      1 
    Sarah26FWKeeping House  Vermont          
    George F.6MW   NY1         
    Louis E.3MW   NY1         
 2831BowdinOrolow [?]21MWFarmer  Vermont        1 
    Olive16FWKeeping House  NY          
  32BowdinJohn47MWCarpenter  Vermont        1 
    Allis42FWKeeping House  NY          
 2933SandusJoseph75MWFarmer  Mass        1 
    Lysinda42 WKeeping House  NY          
 3034StantonWilliam51 WFarmer1200150NY        1 
    Ledy An45FWKeeping House  Connt          
    Almindy15FW   NY    1     
    Essy Emline8FW   NY    1     
    Abbay3FW   NY          
   Sermin [?]David B.14MWFarm Laborer  NY          
 3135ThorthosRobert25MWSawyer30050Canada11      1 
    Anna22FWKeeping House  NY          
   HathBeba19FWTeaching School  NY          
 3236AnnisonLouis E.42MWFarmer  Vermont        1 
    Harrietta30FWKeeping House  NY          
    Angeline B.4FW   NY          

434 A  AnnisonEdward H.2MW   NY          
   ElliotOscar10MW   NY    1     
 3337RiceJohn24MWFarmer1000 NY        1 
    James27MWFarmer  NY        1 
    Lysander19MWFarmer  NY          
  38 David H.34MWFarmer  NY        1 
    Sarah57FWKeeping House 50NY          
  39StantonEmmassy56MWCarpenter  NY        1 
    Jane44FWKeeping House  NY          
    Gilbert23MWFarm Laborer  NY        1 
    Julia13FW   NY    1     
    Freda4""M""W   NY          
  40LawrenceNoble54MWBlacksmith  Vermont        1 
    Minerva48FWKeeping House  Vermont          
    Sarah17FWHouse Keeping  NY          
    Henry14MWFarm Laborer  NY    1     
    Francis9MW   NY    1     
    Hellen12FW   NY    1     
    Ida9FW   NY    1     
 3441StantonHenry26MWLaborer  NY        1 
    Amanda22FWKeeping House  NY          
    Emmoland3MW   NY          
 3542ShawRobert41MWMinister40002000Ireland11      1 
    Gitty M.37FWKeeping House  NY          
    Ai M.4MW   NY1         
  43 George72MWFarmer  Ireland11      1 
    Mary59FWKeeping House  Ireland11        
    William H.29MWLaborer800 Vermont11      1 
 3644ParkerZenas54MWFarmer 100Vermont        1 
    Rachel43FWKeeping House  NY          
    Edda J.7MW   NY    1     
 3745HattenSabra A.61FWKeeping House40050NY          
    MaryAn19FWFarming  NY          
 3846StantonEbden22MWFarmer250150NY        1 
    Halden [?]18FWKeeping House  NY          
 3947StantonGeorge22MWFarmer100200NY        1 
    Emma24FWKeeping House  Vermont          
    Charles5/12MW   NY  Dec       
 4048FultonAdam35MWFarmer1500100Ireland11      1 
    Julia An34FWKeeping House  NY          

434 B  FultonVirgin C.5MW   NY          
 4149HelmsWilliam45MWFarmer1000100Vermont [?]        1 
    Rachel37FWKeeping House  NY          
    Adda21FWKeeping House  NY          
    Henry W.20MWFarmer  NY          
    David18MWFarmer  NY    1     
    Esther16FW   NY    1     
    Eva14FW   NY    1     
    John12MW   NY    1     
    Mary8FW   NY    1     
    Orvea4FW   NY    1 X   
    Orthey4FW   NY    1 X   
    Frederick2MW   NY          
    Morton2/12MW   NY  March       
   SmithThoring [?]29MWTeaming 100NY        1 
 4250SabattisMitchell44MIndFarmer3000360NY11      1 
    Elisabeth44FWKeeping House  NY          
    Charles24MWFarmer  NY        1 
    John23MWFarmer  NY        1 
    Louisa21FWKeeping House  NY          
    Isaac19MWFarmer 60NY          
    Sarah11FW   NY    1     
    Emaline7FW   NY    1 X   
    Mary6FW   NY    1 X   
    Durand2MW   NY          
    Harietta4/12FW   NY  Feby       
 4351WoodPatty59FWKeeping House500 NY          
    Jerome20MWFarmer  NY          
 4452LamAllenson43MWCarpenter500150NY        1 
    Laddy40FWKeeping House  NY          
    Harrietta20FW   NY          
    Ariy A.17MW   NY    1     
    Anna15FW   NY    1     
    Gilbert8MW   NY    1 X   
    Ira6MW   NY    1 X   
    Unnis2FW   NY          
 4553PalmerEzekeal60MWFarmer1500300Vermont        1 
    Harieta54FWKeeping House  NY          
    Loundy16FW   NY          
    Unis13FW   NY          

435 A4654CattlinDavid63MWFarmer80050NY        1 
    Betsey61FWKeeping House  NY          
 4755HowardRuben36MWFarmer200250NH        1 
    Simmty26FWKeeping House  NY          
    Anna3FW   NY          
    Barton1MW   NY          
 4856LapelleJohn45MWFarmer700100Canada        1 
    Levana27FWKeeping House  NY          
    Oren B.11MW   NY1   1     
    Giles8MW   NY1   1     
    John4MW   NY1   1     
    Julia1FW   NY1         
 4957HaughDutton42MWFarmer200 NY        1 
    Rachell40FWKeeping House  NY          
    Tinny14FW   NY    1     
    Violy13FW   NY    1     
    Nabby10FW   NY    1     
    Chartor8FW   NY    1     
    Enos5MW   NY          
    David2MW   NY          
 5058PlumJohn A.43MWFarmer100050NY        1 
    Susan37FWKeeping House  NY          
    Sarah Jane18FW   NY          
    Frankley D.15MW   NY    1     
    Emery Jany12FW   NY    1     
    Wallis W.9MW   NY    1     
    William R.7MW   NY    1 X   
    Crisy5MW   NY          
    Robert3MW   NY          
    Anna8/12FW   NY  Oct       
 5159CarytonThomas54MWFarmer1000100Vermont        1 
    Ruben25MWBoat Builder  NY        1 
    Nelson24MWBoat Builder  NY        1 
    Caroline21FWKeeping House  NY          
    George17MWFarming  NY          
 5260DunningAlvah52MWFishing 100NY        1 
   Blanthes [?]Charles26MWFishing 65Vermont        1 
    Mellensey23FWKeeping House  Mass          
    Charles B.3MW   NY          
   HundLucy18FWKeeping House  NY          


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