1870 Federal Census
Town of Hope
Part 2

Generously transcribed and donated by Joanne Murray - Thank You!

Enumerated 6 to 13 July 1870 by Adolphe Raux

  1. Page Number
  2. Dwelling number
  3. Family number
  4. Last name
  5. First name
  6. Age
  7. Sex
  8. Color
  9. Occupation
  10. Value of Real Estate owned
  11. Value of Personal Estate owned
  12. Place of birth
  13. Father foreign born
  14. Mother foreign born
  15. Month born within the year
  16. Month married within the year
  17. In school within the year
  18. Cannot read
  19. Cannot write
  20. Deaf & dumb, blind, insane or idiotic
  21. Males eligible to vote
  22. Males not eligible to vote

As always, please refer to the originals for the best accuracy!

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419 A4853TravisNathan40MWLaborer  NY        1 
    Silverane28FWKeeping House  NY          
    George H.8MW   NY    1     
    Betsey Ann4FW   NY          
    William3MW   NY          
    Smith1MW   NY          
 4954RiceJames35MWLaborer  Ireland11      1 
    Hellen34FWKeeping House  Ireland11        
    Johana13FW   NY11  1     
    Thomas11MW   NY11  1     
    Catherine9FW   NY11  1     
    Hellen8FW   NY11  1     
    Margarite7FW   NY11  1     
    James6MW   NY11  1     
    Mary1FW   NY11        
 5055McGinis [?]Bernard50MWLaborer 100Ireland11      1 
    Nancy40FWKeeping House  Ireland11        
    Mary E.6FW   NY11  1     
    John W.4MW   NY11  1     
 5156TravisSimeon C.52MWLaborer 50NY        1 
    Phebie49FWKeeping House  NY          
 5251MeePatrick45MWLaborer 100Ireland11      1 
    Hana29FWKeeping House  Ireland11        
    Mary A.12FW   NY11  1     
    William10MW   NY11  1     
    Hellen9FW   NY11  1     
    John7MW   NY11  1     
    Thomas4MW   NY11  1     
    Margarite C.1FW   NY11  ""1""     
 5358BassJoseph67MWFarmer3000800NY        1 
    Barber47FWKeeping House  NY          
    Ane Sarah13FW   NY    1     
   BrownellLeroy16MWLaborer  NY          
  59BrownellSamuel27MWLumber man  NY        1 
    Mary20FWKeeping House  NY          
    Herbert4/12MW   NY  Feby       
 5460BassNathaniel G.72MWFarmer1500100NY        1 
    Polly59FWKeeping House  NY          
  61BassGeorge B.21MWFarmer  NY        1 
    Eliza A.20FWKeeping House  NY          

419 B  BassMary V.18FW   NY          
    Frank15MW   NY          
 5562CorbinH. S.57MWFarmer150006000Mass        1 
    Lulise [?] H.60FWKeeping House  NY          
  63SmithCharles S.33MWTanner & [?] 1000NY        1 
    Addie28FWKeeping House  NY          
 5664SmithWm D.26MWChoalcomnus [?] 600NY        1 
    Lindy21FWKeeping House  NY          
   LamJohn78MWNone 1000NY        1 
    Almeny A.62FWNone  Vermont          
 5765LongHerman25MWLaborer  NY        1 
    Elisabeth22FWKeeping House  NY          
    Mary H.8/12FW   NY  Sept       
 5866NoelMargarite60FWKeeping House  Ireland11        
 5967BuggesEdmon40MWFarmer200 NY        1 
    Miras36FWKeeping House  NY          
    Ida14FW   NY    1     
 6068WilliamAndrew34MWFour Manufacturing1200300NY        1 
    Catherine J.26FWKeeping House  NY          
    Chancy L.4MW   NY    1     
    Fred1MW   NY          
 6169BenehenPatric43MWLaborer 800Ireland11      1 
    Mary Ane42FWKeeping House  Ireland11        
    Catherine25FWTeaching school  NY11        
    Hellen Jane8FW   NY11  1     
 6270GoodJohn L.26MWLaborer 2000Mass        1 
    Catherine25FWKeeping House  NY          
    Mary Ane6FW   NY          
    Hellen3FW   NY          
    Timothy2MW   NY          
 6371TollenThomas30MWLaborer 200Ireland11      1 
    Henly [?]21FW   Ireland11        
    William F.3/12MW   NY11Mar       
 6472BrownellIsaac31MWFarmer3000100NY        1 
    Charlot29FWKeeping House  NY          
    Eliza8FW   NY    1     
    Alfred5MW   NY    1     
    Raimon3MW   NY          
 6573BennetJohn W.26MWLaborer  NY        1 
    Sarah20FWKeeping House  NY          

420 A6674RussellSymour21 [?]MWLaborer  NY        1 
    Emily20FWKeeping House  NY          
 6775BrundigeAlmon35MWLaborer 100NY        1 
    Ruth32FWKeeping House  NY          
    William7MW   NY    1     
    Lory4FW   NY          
    Harry1MW   NY          
 6876CalvinDavis S.29MWFarmer475100NY        1 
    Benicae25FWKeeping House  NY          
    Margaret2FW   NY          
    Nelly2/12FW   NY  Apr       
 6977LinchPatric40MWLaborer  Ireland11      1 
    Mary45FWKeeping House  Ireland11        
 7078CarpenterD. A.37MWLaborer 100NY        1 
    Dana35FWKeeping House  NY          
    John R.16MWLaborer  NY          
    Everett A.12MW   NY    1     
    Sarah E.4FW   NY    1     
 7179LawtonSquire75MWFarmer15004000Vermont        1 
    Servin[? Or Susan]75FWKeeping House  NY          
 7280LawtonDavid38MWFarmer 100NY        1 
    Margaret30FWKeeping House  NY          
    Elly12FW   NY    1     
    Frank7MW   NY    1     
    Ida4FW   NY          
 7381GardenerGeorge70MWFarmer700 Mass        1 
    Nancy59FWKeeping House  NY          
    George Jr.14MW   NY    1 1   
 7482SawyerH. J.29MWFarmer 70NY          
    Matildy22FWKeeping House  NY          
    Mary A.2FW   NY          
 7583WeaverHenry48MWFarmer50 Vermont        1 
    Lecter [?]32FWKeeping House  NY          
    August19MWLaborer  NY          
    Noel15MW   NY    1     
 7684GrahamCharles32MWFarmer  NH        1 
    Louise22FWKeeping House  NH          
    George A.6MW   NY          
    Edward F.8MW   NY          
    Ida L. [or S.]8/12FW   NY  Sept       

420 B7785CarpenterSamuel60MWFarmer300 NY        1 
    Julia A.53FWKeeping House  NY          
    Manula15FW   NY    1     
 7886BennetIssac69MWFarmer1000100NY        1 
    Rebecca71FWKeeping House  NY          
 7987BennetIra37MWFarmer 200NY        1 
    Emmeline24FWKeeping House  NY          
    Ally10FW   NY    1     
    John8MW   NY    1     
    Freda4FW   NY          
    John A.2/12MW   NY  Apr       
   BennetDaniel75MW   NY        1 
 8088ClarkDavid35MWCarpenter  NY        1 
    Susan38FWKeeping House  NY          
    Emmy17FWHousekeeping  NY          
    Emmeline13FW   NY          
    Elesa Jane9FW   NY    1     
    William7MW   NY    1     
    Wallis2MW   NY          
    Andrew4MW   NY          
 8189MeadThomas49MWCarpenter800600NY        1 
    Diana O.40FWKeeping House  NY          
    Solon14MW   NY    1     
    James12MW   NY    1     
    Carry8FW   NY    1     
    Albert3MW   NY          
 8290LyonNelson26MWTanner800400NY        1 
    Lorane28FWKeeping House  NY          
 8391EarlyJohn43MWFarmer600 Ireland11      1 
    Margarite37FWKeeping House  Ireland11        
    James15MW   NY11  1     
    Hulbert10MW   NY11  1     
    Joseph8MW   NY11  1     
    Michell6MW   NY11  1     
    Margarite2FW   NY11        
    Martin2/12MW   NY11Apr       
 8492BrownellIsaac72MWFarmer3000400NY        1 
    Janey69FWKeeping House  NY          
    Elisabeth11FW   NY    1     
    David9MW   NY    1     

421 A8593HallCharles30MWLaborer  NY        1 
    Anna24FWKeeping House  Germany11        
    Charles3MW   NY 1        
    Simon P.2/12MW   NY 1April       
 8694BrownellRobert35MWTanner 300NY        1 
    Jane28FWKeeping House  NY          
    Emma12FW   NY    1     
    Janny10FW   NY    1     
    Carry6FW   NY    1     
    James4MW   NY    1     
 8795CrigOliver26MWLaborer 200NY        1 
    Mary26FWKeeping House  NY          
    William7MW   NY    1     
    John5MW   NY    1     
    Carry3FW   NY          
 8896BrownellIra35MWTanner 1500NY        1 
    Hellen28FWKeeping House  NY          
    Leona3FW   NY          
 8997ColhamAlexander30MWLaborer 100Ireland11      1 
    Hellen28FWKeeping House  NY          
    Sandy2MW   NY          
   DaneFrance15FWHousekeeping  NY          
 9098PlatGeorge22MWLaborer  NY        1 
    Mary20FWKeeping House  NY          
    Charles1MW   NY          
 9199BrownellJohn F.35MWTanner 200NY        1 
    Arrietta30FWKeeping House  NY          
    Frank5MW   NY    1     
    Hatta3FW   NY          
    Mary1FW   NY          
 97100ConroyMichell39MWLaborer 50Ireland11      1 
    Hellen13FW   NY1         
    Mary13FW   NY1         
    John11MW   NY1         
    Patrick7MW   NY1         
    Catharine8FW   NY1         
 93101GordonEdmund25MWLaborer 50Canada        1 
    Sarah An24FWKeeping House  NY          
 94102BrownellOry Jr.40MWTanner 500NY        1 
    Elisabeth32FWKeeping House  NY          

421 B  BrownellWilliam13MW   NY          
    John18MW   NY          
    Symour6MW   NY          
    Louise3FW   NY          
    George2/12MW   NY  April       
   BrownellOry Jr.75MWNone 1000NY        1 
 95103HarrisSamuel60MWFarmer30005000Scotland11      1 
    Margarite82FWKeeping House  Scotland11        
    Joseph W.16MW   NY11        
    David58MW   Scotland11     Insane  
 96104HarrisJames70MWFarmer200500Scotland11      1 
    Catherine63FWKeeping House  NY          
    Mary23FW   NY1         
    John21MWFarmer  NY1       1 
    Catherine25FWKeeping House  NY1         
  105HarrisJames K.24MWFarmer100250NY1         
 97106ColeGeorge W.42MWFarmer2000300NY        1 
    Martha33FWKeeping House  NY          
    Margarite13FW   NY    1     
    William9MW   NY    1     
    Feanka [?] A.6FW   NY    1     
 98107ConklingJoseph57MWFarmer800 NY        1 
 99108RusselG. V. N.59MWFarmer4000200NY        1 
    Harrietta42FWKeeping House  NY          
    Alley13FW   NY    1     
    Ellora6FW   NY          
    Margarite4FW   NY          
    Mary3FW   NY          
 100109AlbertBarbe63FWKeeping House  Mass          
 101110WilliamDaniel40MWFarmer200 NY        1 
    Desory37FWKeeping House  NY          
    Giddy17FW   NY          
    Nancy L.15FW   NY          
    Thomas10MW   NY          
    Bettsey8FW   NY          
    Lolly Eliza2FW   NY          
    Ida1/12FW   NY  May       
 102111BrownellLouis30MWTanner 500NY        1 
    Nora23FWKeeping House  NY          
   HeneyThomas30MWLaborer  NY        1 

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