1850 Mortality Census, Hamilton County, NY

1850 Mortality Census was transcribed by Joanne Murray, from the original images. These names were listed under the town of Hope, but may actually be for the entire county.

This census lists person who died within the past year ending June 1st, 1870.


  • mth died = Month Died
  • COD = Cause of Death
  • HOPE, Pg. 45
    #LastFirstAgeSexMarried or widowedPlace of birthMth of deathOccupationDisease or COD# days ill
    1FranciscoGeorgianna5F NYOct Brain fever15 days
    2[Noutud]Nat3/12M NYMay Fitsudden
    3FishZebulon23M NYOctFarmerFall of a limbsudden
    4HarrisGeorge H.3/12M NY    
    6WoosterOlive97FWMaineDec  Old age 
    7ConklingJohn36MMNYAprilFarmerBloody Flux5 weeks
    8ConklingFidelia7F NYMay Bloody Flux16 days
    9ConklingJustis J.3M NYMay Bloody Flux7 days
    10ConklingGeorge11/12M NYMay Bloody Flux16 days
    11IngramOliver23M NYMay Bloody Flux16 days
    12BodinAnna69FMNJJune Inflammation of lungs9 days
    13FishSusannah85FWRISept Consumption15 years
    14HeilandLucy[2/12 or 7/12]  NYMay Inflammation of lungs3 days
    15[Hanewake]Margaret E.1F NYSept Disentary3 mths
    16[Swits]Mary Antonia[?]F NYNov Inflammation of lungs1 week
    17KelloggElisabeth27F NY  In Child bedsudden
    18SalisburySamuel32M NYJulyCarpenterConsumption6 mths


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