Wells cemetery

Sometimes called Wells Methodist Church Cemetery

Thank you Annie Weaver and Town of Wells Historian, Leona Aird!

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Last NameFirst NameBirthDeathNotes from Gravestone
S/O son of, D/O daughter of,
W/O wife of
Notes from Historian,
Family Researcher,
and/or Transcriber

S/O son of, D/O daughter of,
W/O wife of
EarleyJohn L.19101963  
DorrRoger R.19041975  
HoffmanHarry C.18811935  
HoffmanFlora A. Jackson18851971His Wife 
KutasiElizabethOct 26,1960July 27,1994In Loving Memory
Beth A.
MarshallFreda Buyce19001965  
MarshallFrank J.18911970  
MarshallPearl Earley18841939  
JacksonRaymond P.19151953  
BrownGeorge E.19181944In Memory of:
Died in Action, 
Buried in France
USMilitary Cem.
BrownBessie Hosley18951983  
BrownTruman E.18901981  
LobdellBenjamin L.19071933Son 
LobdellRobertMay 26, 1913Dec 2, 1944NY Pfc 771 tank Bn 
LobdellGrace Briggs18841953WifeW/O Robert G. Lobdell
D/O Roselle and Sara Briggs
GPS location:
N42 23.667 W074 17.318
LobdellRobert G.18771951  
LobdellDelbert J.19451962son 
HosleyJames S.18651933  
HosleyLina B.18671949  
WhitmanChristie R.18951942  
WhitmanMarsellow B.18891967 S/O Charles &
Emma Whitman
WhitmanGerald C.Aug 16, 1917Nov 20, 1982  
WhitmanRobert Edward19251991F1 US Navy WWII 
WilburAlberta W.1918   
WilburRichard A.Dec 27, 1920Feb. 25, 1981Pfc US army WWII 
BuyceKenneth L.19141988Pfc US army WWII 
BuyceBetsey M.18951977  
BuyceLester D.18901957  
WeaverJohn W.18831979 S/O Richard &
Carrie Weaver
WeaverBertha S.18941966  
WeaverHarvey J.Aug 22,1905Nov 25,1948NY PFC 444 AAF
Air Base SQ WWII
S/O John W. Weaver
DunnClyde S.June 3,1894June 14,1950NY Cook Co I 102 
Inf. WWI
S/O Charles &
Ella Dunn
DunnAgnes E.Apr 11,1900July 16,1993W/O Clyde Dunn 
MorrisonAsenith E.19251980W/O Abram MorrisonD/O Clyde &
Agnes Dunn
MorrisonAbram L.Mar 20,1924Sept 13,1999US Army WWIIS/O Robert &
Nina Morrison
BuyceMary Hosley18921964 D/O James &
Caroline Hosley
BuyceOrra Jr.19321935  
BuyceOrra Sr.18921960 S/O Lusian &
Charlotte Buyce
EarleyArthur L.18941979PFC USArmy WWI 
EarleyDorothy19271940D/O Arthur and
Ruth Earley
WebsterClarenceApr 4,1873Mar 14,1964NY E2 USNavy Spainish/American War 
FishLuella M.19061958His Wife 
FishTownsend P.19051959  
CluteGeorge Barker19061963  
CluteHelen RyanJune 12,1910Apr 18,1990His Wife 
CluteDorothy Mae19281986In Loving Memory 
CluteDonald E.Oct 6,1933June 23,1988PFC USMarine Corps
SavageCharles H.May 30,1872April 23,1947  
SavageAlwinnie  No stone 
SavageFrieda  No Stone 
SavageHenry  No Stone 
SavageGeorge19121987A Good Friend to
ColeWillard E.Apr 6,1905Feb 21,1969  
CraigCharles A.18931972  
CraigEllen E.19051984  
RuzyckyMichaelMay 14,1916Feb 19,1919TSGT USArmy 
ClementHarry A. Jr.19291992S/O Harry and Jennie Clement 
ClementHarry J.Mar7,1905Jan 7,1975PVT USArmy WWII 
ClementJennie Craig19001946W/O Harry ClementD/O Robert &
Grace Craig
CraigArchlus Robert19111973 S/O Robert &
Grace Craig
CraigGrace B.18781963  
CraigRobert L.18761955 S/O George
& Rhoda Craig
OrrMilton L.19301952PFC USArmy Signal Corps 
OrrJohn A.18921970 S/O Luther &
Harriett Orr
OrrMedora M.May 17,1905Mar 10,1992  
KiblerIrene CoulombeWife1913  
KiblerPhilip19421954 S/O Clarence &
Irene Kibler
HosleyJohn E. Jr.Sept 9,1916Mar 22,1985MSGT USArmy WWII 
HosleyPamela Jean19501969  
HosleyVirginia N.1918   
GarlingJoseph L.19071992  
GarlingM. Evelyn Fisher19131964  
JacksonMary J.19421967  
GarlingPatricia Crain19371968  
GarlingEdward J.1935   
OrrCharles A.18991954 S/O George &
Frances Orr
OrrRuth I.19081984  
OrrRosemary19381939D/O Charles and Ruth Orr
7 mos.
MellottJohn 1946Adirondack WoodsmanLumberjack
CooleyCharles 1946Adirondack WoodsmanLumberjack
ParkerRalph 1947Adirondack WoodsmanLumberjack
WareWilliam 1947Adirondack WoodsmanLumberjack
FrankWilliam 1945Adirondack WoodsmanLumberjack
ShueNickolas 1945Adirondack WoodsmanLumberjack
RuokeJohn 1945Adirondack WoodsmanLumberjack
MickolaJohn V. 1945Adirondack WoodsmanLumberjack
GoldhornAnna C.18681949  
GoldhornJohn H.18591942  
LaPlankJ.  WelfareFrom old map
CarlsonJ.  WelfareFrom old map
JohnsonC.  WelfareFrom old map
LarickG.  WelfareFrom old map
Dahlman   WelfareFrom old map
Buel   WelfareFrom old map
Dillon   WelfareFrom old map
MetcalfL.  WelfareFrom old map
BerryJ.  WelfareFrom old map
WeisD.  WelfareFrom old map
Banks   WelfareFrom old map
ColsonGeorge18641942WelfareFrom old map

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