Wells cemetery

Sometimes called Wells Methodist Church Cemetery

Thank you Annie Weaver and Town of Wells Historian, Leona Aird!

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The following was our first listing of this cemetery and is included herein as there are additional genealogical notes persented within the table that might be of interest to you!

Thanks to Mary Slack Maynard!

"The following was transcribed during research trips in 1975, 1976 and 1977. The information was transcribed as accurately as possible, but I cannot guarantee that it is error free. Also, some of the information in the My Notes shaded area is verified by census records, vital records, Bible records etc. and some comes from relatives in the area. Do not presume that it is accurate, but use it for further research." - Mary Slack Maynard

Wells Cemetery

SurnameFirst NameDatesOther information
from grave stone
My notes:S/O son of, D/O daughter of
W/O wife of
Slack, Artless A. 1899 1949   S/O Charles R. Slack &
Minnie McIntyre
Slack, Charles R. Sept 26, 1860 Dec 17, 1933   S/O Roswell Slack & 
Melinda Tubbs
Slack, Minnie J.   Mar 24, 1900 Age 28, wife of Chas R D/O Jacob McIntyre
Aird, Lena   Dec 5, 1902 Age 84 years, 7 mo, 
wife of David Aird Jr.
I wrote 84 years but I 
believe this should read 48
Slack, Thomas J. 1884 1953   S/O Benajah O. Slack & 
Jennie Aird
Slack, Maude R. 1894     D/O Myra Cowles & 
Ernest Randall, 
W/O Thomas J. Slack
Orr, Leona M. 
1914   Wife of Ralph Orr  
Orr, Ralph 1909      
Slack, Maude 1874 1918    
Earley, Amy B. 1895 1970   D/O Dolan Brooks & 
Myra O'Kane, 
1st husband Dexter Slack
Earley, Carl L. 1891 1970   S/O Elijah Earley & 
Sarah Aird
Morrison, Cora Earley 1880 1960   D/O Elijah Earley & 
Sarah Aird
Morrison, George S. 1874 1964   H/O Cora Earley
Morrison, Elsie 1905 1920 D/O Cora & George  
Earley, Albert R. Mar 20, 1889 May 15, 1972   S/O Elijah Earley & 
Sarah Aird
Earley, Nora 
Jan 2, 1888 Mar 2, 1920 Wife of Albert R. Earley Nora was Albert's first wife
Craig, Elmer H. Oct 7, 1888 Oct 23, 1918   S/O John Craig & 
Ida Van Zandt
Earley, Mabel 
Feb 14, 1889   His wife [Elmer Craig] D/O Benajah O. Slack & 
Jennie Aird, 
2nd husband was 
Albert R. Earley, died 1987
Call, George A. 1853      
Call, Mary E. 1854 1908 His wife [George Call]  
Slack, David N. Feb 15, 1879 July 4, 1945   S/O Benajah O. Slack & 
Jennis Aird
Slack, Margaret A. Jan 31, 1902   His wife [David Slack] D/O Jacob Stewart & 
Anna Abrams, 
married 2nd Malcolm F. Slack
Buyce, Bessie M. 1895   Wife of Lester Buyce  
Buyce, Lester D. 1890 1957    
Brown, George E. 1918 1944 Son of Truman,
died in action, 1944, 
Sgt. U.S. Army, 
buried Henri-Chapelle, 
U.S. Military Cemetery,
S/O Truman Brown & 
Bessie Hosley
Brown, Bessie 
1895     D/O James Stuary Hosley & 
Caroline Burton, 
W/O Truman Brown
Brown, Truman E 1890     S/O Joseph Sylvester 
Brown & 
Samantha R. Elizabeth Slack
Earley, Dorothy 1927 1940 D/O Arthur & 
Ruth Earley
Fountain, Bradford   Oct 5, 1898 Age 53  
Stewart, Jacob W. 1863 1930    
Stewart, Anna 
1875 1960 His wife 
[of Jacob Stewart]
Fountain, David H. Dec 16, 1839 Oct 3, 1918   S/O David Fountain & 
Eliza Slack
Fountain, Sarah A. 
Jan 11, 1847 Sept 25, 1925 Wife [of David Fountain] D/O Aaron Sturgess & 
Charity Squire
Dunning, Edgar Nov 22, 1858 May 23, 1894    
Page, Roswell   May 26, 1876 Age 58 S/O Ephraim B. Page 
Page,  Sarah   Jan 19, 1890 Age 73 yr, 4 mo, 18 da, 
wife [of Roswell Page]
D/O Henry Vanderhoof & 
Hattie Page
Francisco, Sarah   June 8, 1894 Age 79, 
wife of John J. Francisco
Francisco, John J.   April 12, 1865 Age 58  
Fountain, Stephen   May 25, 1852 Age 49 yr, 2 mo  
Fountain, Elizabeth   May 4, 1847 Age 39 yr, wife 
[of Stephen Fountain]

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