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Reference #20
Public Archives of Canada Film #C-15692
RG 5 B47 Volumes 1-6 Naturalization records



All applicants had to sign a form at the top of which was written the following

I, do swear being one of the persons allowed by Law to affirm in Civil Cases, do affirm that i have resided seven years in His Majesty's Dominions without have been during that time a stated resident in any Foreign County and that I will be faithful and bear true Allegiance to the Sovereign of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and of this Province as dependant there on
So Help Me God

Sworn before a Justice of the Peace

Naturalizations Indexed in OGS Families Vol 19 Number 2 1980
page 109  Volume #6 all naturalizations in Oxford County
Dolsen, Abraham 1840 Entry #6
Dolson Abraham 1839  Entry #7
Dolson Edward 1841 Entry #8
Dolson Jesse 1840 entry #5
(see Dolson family history for Details)
Eglin Cornelius 1841 Entry #10  taken 17 March 1841 residence given as East Oxford Township occupation carpenter. signed his name

Reference #21
Wills Montgomery County Book 11 page 89 File #12

Peter D. Eglin of the Town of Amsterdam  Will signed 3 April 1850
will probated 29 August 1862
wife Ann, Children Giles and Frances Emma
Witnesses Andrew Thacher, John H. Degraff, Andrew J. Degraff all of Amsterdam

Reference 22 now part of #18

Reference #23
Cranesville Dutch Reformed Church Records Volume #1

Member admitted Mrs Ann Eglin on 6 June 1891 had been a member of of Presbyterian church of Manny's Corners which had disolved 22 Jan 1892 Mrs Ann Eglin Deceased

Reference #24
As supplied by late Shirley Shepherd (May 1996) 3125 East Will Sowders Road Bloomington Indiana 25 Mar/94

A. Blachly Cemetery Records from transcriptions of Mrs. Josephus Blachly in 1949
Cemetery is located on State Road #330, Old Lincoln Highway  3 miles west of Valpariso Indiana in Porter County
Gravestone insciptions
"Cornelius Eglin died 12 May 1862 age 60 yrs 10 mos and 15 days"
no Dolson Records found

B. 1840 Census Index of Indiana no Eglins listed

C. 1850 Census of Centre Township Porter County Indiana
page 307
Eglin Cornelius age 48 Farmer born New York State value of property $6000
Peggy A. age 40 born New York
George W. age 20 born Canada
Abraham age 16 born Canada
Margaret A age 7 born Canada
James M age 4 born Indiana
also in same household
Cyrus ? Clayment (Clement ?) age 26 farmer born Canada
Lucinda Clayment age 18 born Canada (Eglin)
Abram Dolson age age 73 born New York value of Property $400
Peggy Dolson age 68 born New York

D #1. 1860 Census of Porter County
Centre Township taken 11 June 1860 page #49 (also numbered #307)
Eglin, Cornelius, age 58, occupation miller, born New York State
value of Real Estate $1200, Personal property $500
Peggy Ann Eglin age 50 born New York
James Monroe Eglin age 14 born Indiana
Margaret Dolson age 79 born New York State

directly under
William Ferguson age 28, farmer born Ohio $200 Real Estate and $80 Real Property
Margaret Ferguson age 17 (Eglin) born Canada

D #2  page #323 Center Township Porter county
Eglin, John age 33, no occupation given born Canada,
$4000 Real estate, $400 Personal Property
Mahaley (perhaps???) age 31 born Canada
Esther age 12 Born Indiana
Franklin age 7 born Indiana
(John not as yet found in 1850 census)

E. 2  It was not believed by Shirley Shepherd or myself, RGM, at the present time that Thomas Eglin who reside in Indiana for the 1850 and 1860 census are part of the EGLIN Family
 HOWEVER they are listed here as information
1850 Harrison Township Cass County Indiana page 393
Thomas Eglin age 51 value of Property $1500, Peggy Eglin age 19,Ann Eglin age 18
John Eglin age 14 (no place of birth or Occupation given for any of people in the census)

1860 Harrison Township Cass County page 924
Thomas Eglin age 62 Farmer born England
value of Real Estate $2000 Personal Property $700
John Eglin age 24 farmer born England
S. Shepherd to check Probate of will, Thomas Eglin supposed to have died in 1876.

Reference #25
No Eglins listed in 1857-8 Directory of Oxford
No Elgins listed in Woodstok or Ingersoll 1852 Directory of Oxford

Reference #26
Dec/94 Helen Cole (3 West State Street Gloversville advises that she was an Eglin born 1913.
Her father was Charles Eglin born 1892,  died 22 November 1944 age 54 Buried Ferndale Cemetery Johnstown. Her mother was Elizabeth Rolls
Charles had brothers John Eglin died 31 May 1967, no children buried Ferndale Cemetery Johnstown. Charles father was William and died young.  Charles mother was Sarah Woodrick (I RGM  believe that she and Sarah Palmateer were one and the same.)
(Emmett S. was brother of Charles in all likelihood and they were both sons of William Eglin RGM) Charles had 2 daughters Helen (Cole) and Marian (Howland)
Marian Howland died 16 September 1982 and is buried in Ferndale Cemetery Johnstown.
Marian had 2 children Gary Howland married 2 children,Janet Howland married ?  Luss no children  Husband is dead. Helen Cole husband is John she was born 1914 and married over 55 yrs in 1994  (1 July 1939) Daughter Donna Cole, married James Getman Resides Meco. Town of Johnstown Fulton County NY, Getmans have 2 children Robert and Kim Dorman
Kim Dorman has a son Joseph Jr.

Reference #27
Revolutionary Census of New Jersey by Kenn Stryker-Roda
Republished by Hunterdon House Lambertville N.J. 1886
(missing 3 Townships in Sussex County including Hardwick

List #1 Tax Rateables 1773-4
Eglington, Eglinton
Ebeenzer, John and John Jr. Greenwich Township Gloucester County

Reference #28

Mini Atlas of the Early Settlers of the Niagara area 1872-1876 published by St Catherines Historical Society 1984 Stamford Township, Welland County map of 1791 Lot # 78, Wm. Eglin
On the 1797 map same lot 91-78 is shown as W. Egler
and in 1813 lot 91 is shown as Willm Ryckler
In the Book Early Ontario Settlers a source book by Norman K Crowder pub 1993 by Genealogical Publishing Co of Baltimore MD. which lists early Ontario Loyalists etc.
A "William Eckler" is listed as being at Stamford or Willoughby Township in Nov 1786 (at the present time (Nov/94) it is not believed that an Eglin was in Ontario that early)

Reference #29
New Jersey Marriages 1665-1800  by William Nelson pub 1973 by Genealogical Publishing Co of Baltimore Md. page 130 married by License

Elizabeth Elginton of Salem to Samuel Read of Salem  May 24 1827

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