Eglin Family
References #10-19

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Reference #10
Baptism Records of First (Worsting) Dutch Reform Church of Rotterdam (Schenectady County)  by Donald Keefe 1977 (Montgomery County Archives Fonda)

John Eglin                            Cornelius
Cateleynche Dodd               Bit 18 Jan 1801
                                           born July 4 1800

#47  Cornelius Dodds          Barthelmey  born May 9
 Barthelmey) Egleton            Baptised 19 June 1803
(First name likely written in error RAM)

Cornelius Dodds
Poley Egleton               Jacob Baptised 11 Aug 1804, born 17 Feb 1804

Anne Egleson                  David baptised 20 Oct 1803 born April 13 1802
(no other name given)

Reference #11
Gravestone Inscriptions 2Does Cemetery on Cranes Hollow Road

Road between Coatesville and Manny's Corners approximately 1/2 mile south of Manny's Corners on East Side of Road surrounded by a three foot Stone wall Town of Amsterdam Montgomery County New York State. Info from Montgomery County Cemetery listings at County Archives Fonda New York  (Notes from November 1993 and October 1987 visit by RAM. Trees and brush have been removed from Cemetery since 1987) (See also 2Does History)

Thomas Eglin/ born July 14 1796 age 80 years
(stone placed in 1993 so that "ae 80" is not visible however it was in 1987

Sophia Fetus 646 Cranes Hollow Road Amsterdam NY a long time neighbour of the cemetery advises that the cemetery is private and that she does not know who is looking after it  (Sept/94)

Reference #12
Saratoga County Heritage  Library of Congress 374-23045 Published 1974 by Saratoga County New York
page 338 Town of Edinburgh Industry

At North east corner of Cross roads at the stone bridge over Beecher Creek was an old store and post office  After the owners died in flu epidemic that raged from Nov 1842 to Jan 1843 title passed in succession to Christopher Snedecker, Henry Eglin, Samuel C Downing and 4 more owners to 1951

Reference #13
Land transactions New York State

To David Avery 1985 from Mrs. Gail Rathburn of 1 Knox Avenue Johnstown NY  (Note the Town of Benson was not created until 1860) before that it was part of Town of Hope and before that the Town of Mayfair)

A. Montgomery County Deeds

A. Memorial by John EGLIN made 15 June 1824
registered 21 February 1832 Book 30 page 419
To John EGLIN of the Town of Hope Montgomery County.
From Daniel Warren of Lanesboro Co. Berkshire Mass. amount $800
in Town of Mayfield, 150 acres (now in the town of Benson)
Part of Lot #5 in the subdivision of Great Lot 8 in the Glen, Becker and Lansing Patent bounded by George N. Briggs, T. Eglin  and L. Elaphalet (This land is now in the Town of Benson (south of Road 6 approx. 3/4 mile and a mile east of intersection of Hamilton county Road 6 and Fulton County Road #125)  (Transaction was also Recorded in Hamilton County)

B. Made 20 Feb 1826 Registered 8 December 1827 Book 24 page 77
From John and wife Katherine EGLIN of the Town of Mayfair
To WashburnElaphalet Elaphalet of the Town of Johnstown  amount $800
In the Town of Hope for 160 acres more or less part of Lot 71 in the Benson Patent in the Town of Hope (now Town of Benson in Hamilton County)
Also Recorded in Book 1 Page 305-6 of Hamilton County Records 9
This deed was signed by both John and Katherine by their mark "X"
 (property is approx 1 mile north of intersection of Fulton county Road # 125 and Hamilton County Road #6)
(In 1860 census of Town of Benson, WashburnElaphalet Elaphalet was living in Benson)

C. Made 26 December 1831  Registered 11 February 1832 Book 28 Page 241
From John EGLIN and wife of the Town of Mayfair to William Rood of the Town of Johnstown Amount $100 In the Town of Beacher and known by name of the Eglin Mill Lot
being part of Lot #34 in the Glen, Beacher and Lansing Patent (still in the Town of Bleaker
also part of lot 52 in the Benson Patent in the Town of Hope (now the Town of Benson)  160 acres
Also Recorded in Hamilton County Records   Book 1 page 449

D. Made 1 January 1832 Registered 21 February 1832 Book 30 page 420
From John EGLIN and wife Catherine of the Town of Mayfair
To Silas W. EGLIN of Albany County  In the Town of Mayfair Part of Lot 5 of the subdivision of Great Lot 8 of Glenn, Bleaker and Lansing Patent (as #a. above from Daniel Warren)
Party of the second part doth covenant and agree to and with the parties of the first part to support them the said John Eglin and wife Catherine during their and each of their natural lives with good wholesome and sufficient clothing, bedding, victuals, drinks, medicine, firewood, and in sickness with suitable nursing and houseroom in his party of the second parties house and at his own proper costs and expenses or pay unto the parties of the first part the monthly sum of $8.00 on the first day of each month during their or either of their natural lives.

Reference #13B

By Thomas EGLIN

A. Made 18 April 1829  Registered 6 May 1829   Book 26 Page 232
From Thomas EGLIN of the Town of Hope to Amos Flood of the Town of Hope  amount $100.00
In the Town of Hope Part of Lot 56 of the Benson Patent  16 acres
Also Registered in Hamilton county Records Book #1 Page #360

B. Made 15 September 1830 and recorded same day book 28 Page 241
From Thomas EGLIN of the Town of Johnstown To J. Tallmadge Hildreth of the Town of Johnstown amount $96.42 In the Town of Johnstown  part of the Eglin Mill lot being part of Large Lot #34 in the Glen, Becker and Lansing Patents 11 acres

Land transactions Hamilton County

C. Recorded June 22 1836  purchase to Thomas EGLIN from William L. & Marcy Compt ? book 2 page 253 sale from Thomas EGLIN to We. L. & Marcy Comfit ? book 2 Page 253
(This may have been some kind of an agreement)

D. recorded July 8 1846 From Thomas EGLIN to Elatus C. Anibal Book 2 1/2 page 525

E. Recorded 2 February 1848 To Thomas EGLIN from Peter Kimball Book 3 page 154

F. Recorded 18 March 1851 TO Thomas EGLIN from Theodore P. Bullen  Book 3 page 422

(Thomas Eglin was a resident of the Town of Benson in the 1860 Federal census)
as were the Gifford and Brownell families)

G. Recorded 29 July 1862 From Thomas EGLIN to John L. Gifford Book 6 page 392

H. Recorded 6 April 1865 From Thomas EGLIN to Lewis Brownell Book 7 page 173

Reference #13C


A. Recorded 17 June 1840  To Peter D. EGLIN from Robert Ray and wife Book 1 1/2 page #250

B. Recorded 6 July 1840 (sold 20 June 1840) From Peter D. EGLIN to Nathan R. Lobdell Book 1 1/2  Page #253 that Lot that he acquired from Robert Ray  amount $60 being the equal 1/2 of the North 1/2 of Lot #118 in the Benson Patent in the Town of Hope signed "Peter D. Eglin" (now Town of Benson)

Reference #13D

A. recorded 28 June 1846 To Silas W. EGLIN from Hiram W. Wells Book 2 1/2 page #519

B. recorded 11 February 1847 To Silas W. EGLIN from Jacob Armstrong  dec' d by executors
Book 3 Page 38

C. recorded 4 April 1849 To Silas EGLIN from Gesfie Beecher  Book 3 page 290 Part of Lot 8 Benson Tract

D. recorded 8 May 1851 To Silas EGLIN from Chandelous Woolcut Book 3 page 493
Lot 7 Benson Tract Town of Hope (now Town of Benson)

F. recorded 10 May 1851 From Silas W EGLIN and wife to Chandelous Woolcutt Book 3 page 493

G. recorded 24 October 1865 From Silas W Eglin and wife (Betsy) to Philo Hanibal
Book 7 Page 277 Part of Lot 8 Benson Tract (Now Town of Benson)

H. from Silas Eglin to Mary Jane Eglin Book 12 page 27 and recorded April 1875

I. from Silas W Eglin to William T. Eglin April 1875 and recorded April 1883  Book 16 Page 238  part of Lot 7 in the subdivision of Great Lot 8 Benson Tract in Town of Benson containing
90 acres  Consideration $ 60 ? (hard to read)

Reference #13E

JOHN EGLIN (Likely son of Peter)
A. recorded March 22 1852 From John EGLIN to Warner Johnson Book 3 page 598

Reference #13F

A. recorded 11 September 1861  William T. EGLIN to Asa Tiffany et al Book 6 page 317

B. recorded 13 March 1872 From William T. EGLIN to Ruel Washburn Book 10 Page 472

C. recorded 11 April 1873 From William T. EGLIN to John Dingman Book 11 page 113

D. recorded 17 1873 From William T. EGLIN to Thomas Godfrey Book 11 page 280

E. From William T. Elgin and his wife Louisa V. Eglin to his grandson Emmett S. Eglin June 1917 (Book 52 page 220) for $1 70 acres in Lot 71 Benson Tract Town of Benson (about 1 mile north of Intersection of Fulton County Road #125 and Hamilton Road #6 at Benson Center

Reference # 13 G

Abstract of Property where Middle Benson Cemetery is located
Lot 6 Benson Patent Town of Benson South side of Hamilton County Road #6 slighly west of North Street (Middle Benson Cemetery located on property)
(early owners from Chester Jones, local resident) Sept/94 approx 132 acres
owner 1950's Robert GAY   Gay sold to William Sedan of Gloversville
Sedan sold to Petrucci from Schnectady N.Y. who owned the property for about 20 years.
Book 189 Page 692 30 November 1985
Grantee Bruce Van Buskirk Grantor  Petrucci
Consideration Approx $28,000
Book 190 Page #815 31 July 1986
Grantee Pepsi Cola Utica Bottling, 1400 Broad Street Utica N.Y.
Grantor Bruce Van Buskirk of Cobblestone N.Y
Consideration appox $37,00
New Owner 1997 is

Reference # 14
Land Registry information County Of Oxford Woodstock Ont

A. Thomas Eglin  Lot 16 Concession 9 West Zorra Township abstract

Lot patented 1822 and South 1/2 sold 1826 and 1835 by George Adams to Heman Fitch

#2902 Thomas Eglin was a witness along with his brother Cornelius Eglin to a deed made in October 1834 between Samuel Dolsen and Jesse Dolson (brother in law of Cornelius') for 25 acres of Lot 5  Concession 11 Zorra (East) Township Oxford County  In the deed they were both described of the Township of Zorra He took an oath in March 1836 when the deed was registered that he was a witness to the deed. (both Thomas and Cornelius signed their names)

#2864 Thomas Eglin was a witness to a deed made April 1835 and  Registered in February 1836 between Ira Chaucey Barr (grantor) and Samuel Dolson (grantee) for 50 acres of Lot 5 Concession 11 for 60 pounds. Thomas was described of the Township of Oxford at the time He took an oath on 8 February 1836 that he was a witness.

 #760 Quit Claim Deed made 17 July 1848 and registered 22 July 1848 from Heman Fitch to Thomas Eglin for the South West 1/4 notation that a deed had been previously granted and that this deed was made to permit the formal transfer of the property for registration purposes

  #768 Deed from Thomas Eglin to Robert Forbes for South West 1/4 of lot made 17 July 1848 and registered 31 July 1848   Deed #768 describes Thomas Eglin as late of the State of New York and now of the Township of Blenheim in the Gore District  Consideration was 81 Pounds and Thomas Eglin signed his name.

 Deed #22697 Sale of S W 1/4 by Robert Forbes to John Forbes the younger dated Nov 1858
 Writing in both deeds is poor and microfilm record of the deeds made  writing nearly impossible

Info from Land Patents microfiche at St Thomas Public Library
RG 01 Series Film # C1113 Volume 001 Pages 086 and 218
1834 Cornelius Eglin South 1/2 Lot 6 Con 12 Zorra (East)
1836, 01, 12 Cornelius Eglin Lot 25 Concession 11 Zorra (East) Reference in film were #002207 and 002207
Both patents were impossible to find using above number the Moores in Zorra are recorded as RG 01 Series Film # C115  Reference 003450 and the Eglin info was found in this Film
The City of Woodstock Public Library has this film
#002206 is reproduced below

                            COAT OF ARMS
Commissioner of Crown Lands Office                                Toronto "12 January 1836"

"15 pounds"C'y
Received from "Cornelius Eglin"
the sum of "Fifteen Pounds currency"
                being the "first" installment on
Lot no. "Twenty five" in the "Eleventh Concession"in the Township of "Zorra" in the "London" District  a clergy reserve containing
 "Two Hundred" Acres more or less sold to him at the rate of "15 Shillings" c'y per acre amounting to "One hundred and Fifty " Pounds  - shillings --pence C'y
upon the condition of actual settlement and of paying 10 % down and the remainder in nine years by annual instalments of ten percent with interest on each installment as it becomes due.
                                  Signed " "
                                     Commissioner for Crown Lands
No "23093"
                     MEMORANDUM OF SALE
"200" Acres at "15 sh" per acre amounting to "150 Pounds"c'y
2. Instalment  of 15 pds 18 sh due 12 January 1837
3                 16 pds 16 sh due 12 January 1838
4                 17 pds 14 sh                1839
5                 18 pds 12 sh                1840
6                 19 pds 10 sh                1841
7                 20 pds  8 sh                1842
8                 21 pds  6 sh                1843
9                 22 pds  4 sh                1844
10                23 pds  2 sh                1845

Item #002207
Know all persons that it may concern that I ? named Cornelius Eglin for and in consideration of a sum of money ? to my satisfaction Do hereby and to Charles Thacher Tucker Interest and claim to the herein named lot of land and request that he his memorandum of that a deed be to him
April 5 1836
                                     Signed "Cornelius Eglin"

# re South 1/2 Lot 6 Concession 12 East Zorra Memorandum of Sale similar to #002206 100 acres at 15 shillings with 7 pounds 10 shillings down and simple interest at 6%.
By January 15 1838 Charles Tucker transferred the property to John Rowell

County Of Oxford Land Registry office
Neither of the above lots have any entries before the mid 1850's when they were patented

Reference #002334 records sale of South 1/2 of Lot 6 in Concession 12 by Cornelius Eglin to John Bailley, Date ?

#2902 Thomas Eglin was a witness along with his brother Cornelius Eglin to a deed made in October 1834 between Samuel Dolsen and Jesse Dolson (brother in law of Cornelius') for 25 acres of Lot 5  Concession 11 Zorra (East) Township Oxford County . In the deed they were both described of the Township of Zorra. Both signed their names.

Reference #15
LDS IGI Jan/94
From Film #1395744 Batch # 8407905 Sheet #38

Submitted  about 1984 by Victor W. Elliott then of 6522 Tamara Drive, West Jordan, Utah and now of 527 Ridgeview Drive, St. George Utah Zip 84770 (Victor is second great grandson of James Monroe Eglin)

James Monroe Eglin son of Cornelius Eglin (son of John Eglin and Catherine Dods) and Margaret (Mary Ann) Dolson born at Woodstock on 24 November 1845 . (actually born in Indiana) died 16 December 1918.
Neoma May (Neomi Mae) Eglin daughter of James Monroe Eglin and Frances Matilta Kerns born 1 July 1883 at The Dalles, Wasco County Oregon (this birth info not found on the film and could be suspect)  (Ref V E.)
Neoma May Eglin married Jesse Washington Field at Yakima, Yakima County Washington on 23 March 1899. Jesse was born 12 October 1875 in Neoshi County Kansas and was the son of Jesse Washington Field and Susan Narassus Greening He died 12 June 1943 and Neoma on 1 February 1954. (some of this info is incorrect see  Eglin Family History for correct info (RGM) See Reference #32 for correct info as supplied by the Elliots in 1994

Reference #16
Fulton County N.Y. "Republican"

(info to David Avery From Mrs Gail Rathburn of 1 Knox Ave. Johnstown N.Y. Letter of March 25 1985 under date of 27 December 1879 (tho I wonder if the date should not have been February

"Eglin aged father of Henry died 23 Feb (1879) "

also 26 Dec 1878 "Eglin, mother of Henry died Thursday, services held at Edinburg"

Reference #17
from the "Garland" newspaper of 28 Oct 1837 published where?

Eglin, Peter D. of Hope died in Hope, Montgomery County
(This was really a reference to the Death of Peter's wife Synthia rather than the death of Peter).  Aber in the History of Hamilton County page 360 states she died 19 October 1837 and is buried in the Willard Cemetery at Hope.

Reference #18
Various census New York State

Reference #18A

Accelerated Indexing system of U.S. census LDS Microfiche Nov/90
(needs checking)
Period #1 1607-1819 no Eglins indexed in Mass or New Hampshire
Period #2 1820-1829 nil
Period #3 1830-9 (1830 census)
Eglon Peter D. Town of Hope Hamilton County
Eglon Silas W. Town of Hope

Reference #18B

1825 New York State census Town of Hope
Page #4
Eglin Peter D. 3 males 4 females 1 male subject to military duty
1 male entitled to vote,1 married female under 45, 2 unmarried females under 16

Reference #18C

1840 Federal census
Eglin  page 245 Hamilton County census
Jane, Town of Hope 1840 (Likely wife of Bartholemew Eglin, but then where was he ?)
Peter  D. Town of Hope  page 245

Silas W. Town of Mayfield Fulton Co, page 340
Sarah  Town of Amsterdam Montgomery Co (not as yet "placed") page 281

Reference #18D

 transcribed by Fred Prong at Mesa Ar. FHC Jan 2000]
Federal Census 1850:  NY, Saratoga County, Town of Edinburgh;

pg 403 household #69
Bartholomew Eglin, 54, blacksmith, b. NY
Jane, 49
Henry, 27, hotel keeper
Catherine, 21,
Theda, 20
Charles, 19, laborer
Emily, 7,
Ellen Smith, 2

pg 406 #121
John Olmstead, 30, cabinet maker, $500
Rouama, 27
Annis, 3 Susan, 1 John, 1/12

pg 409 #161
Thomas Olmstead, 65, farmer, $1000 b NY
Adelia, 50
Allen, 22 , Mary 21,  Ansel 18,  Louisa 15,  Susan, 11

Joseph Olmstead, 92,          $700, b. Conn
Huldah, 60, farmer,           b. NY
Abigail, 59,                     b, ?
Polly, 45,                        b. NY
Chloe, 45,                       b. NY

Reference #18E

transcribed by Fred Prong Jan 2000 Mesa AR. LDS

Federal Census 1850:  NY, Montgomery County , Town of Amsterdam
pg 127 #288
John Omsted, 43, farmer, $1000, NY
Cornelius, 28
Maria, 12
Jeremiah, 10

pg 129 #299
Peter Eglin, 53, farmer, $2310, NY
Ann, 43
Giles, 2 (m)
Emery, 11/12 (f)
Thomas Wooster, 21, laborer
Margaret Crane, 30
Mary Crane, 72

Reference #18F

Transcripted by Fred Prong Jan 2000 Mesa Ar LDS

Federal Census 1860:  NY, Saratoga County, Town of Edinburgh
pg 192, hshld #380
Chloe Olmstead, 57, domestic, property $600, personal $100

hshld #381
Thomas Olmstead, 72, farmer, prop $1500, pers $300
Ardelia, 62

pg 198 #438,
B. Eglin, 67, farmer, #1400, $100
Jane, 59. domestic
Emma, 18

pg 199 #441
Henry Eglin 37, hotel keeper, #3200, $525
Theda, 29
George Anne, 3 (f)
Ansel Olmstead, 26, farmer
Moriah Mellen, 21 (f) domestic

pg 201 #464
John Olmstead, 40, cabinet maker, $1000, $100
Ruama, 37, domestic
Annis 13, Susan, 11, John 7, Emma, 4
George 3, Jessie Estella, 1
John McCarther, 70, cabinet maker

 Reference #18G

1860 Federal Census of Montgomery County

page 531 House #224 Family #227
Peter Eglin farmer 65
Ann 54 born Vermont
Nancy Crane 82
Charles 12 (likley Gilles)
Emma 11
Margaret R Crane 38 Female
in same household
Nancy Dodds 20 Children of John Dodds numbered as 2.5.5
Cornelius Dodds 15
Esther Dodds 12

Reference #18H

1860 Federal census of Hamilton County

page 19 Town of Wells
John Eglin 40 farmer born New York Post Office Wells
Real esate of $187 Pesonal property $370
Susan 50 born Vermont
Susan A. 15 domestic born New York attended school within past year
Abram 8  born New York attended school within past year
page 75 Town of Benson
Thomas Eglin 55 male farmer Real estate worth $2000  post office Benson
no indication of any maritial status of anyone in census
living with family #563 house #534
Horace Wells 64 farmer
Mary 57
Hannah ?? 31 female
Angeline 22
page 75 town of Benson(next entry after Horace Wells and Thomas Eglin)
family 564 house 535
Silas H. Eglin (initial double checked) 54 farmer born New York Real estate
post office Benson
$1800 personal property $725
Betsy 50 born Vermont
Mary Jane 27 born New York

next entries
Lewis and Hannibal Annibal
page 78 Town of Benson
Family 587 house 558
William T Eglin age 23 farmer born New York Real estate $800 Personal property $550
post office Benson
Mary C 17 born New York
Mary V. 8/12

Next family was that of Miles Parmenter

page 71 Town of Benson
family 540 house 512
Elaphalet Washburn age 60 farmer Real esate $2000 personal property $1095
Catherine 31 and others
page 50 Town of Hope
family 405 house 375
Orra Brownell 39 farmer 300 Personal Property (no real estate) post office Hope Center
Elizabeth 22 (this is very likely  Elizabeth Eglin #2.6.1 and daughter of Silas and Betsy Eglin
William 3
Margaret 7/12
page 50  Family 402 house 372
Orra Brownell age 65 farmer born New York Real Esate $200 personal property $750
Nancy 60 born Scotland
2 children still at home

family 404 was John Brownell age 27 and family
family 403 was John Russell a hotel keeper

Reference #18I

 1870 Federal census of the Town of Hope Hamilton County
John Eglin  born in New Hampshire, age 57, occupation farmer
 Susan age 61 (born about 1809) 'keeping house" born New Hampshire
 male child age 11 born New York state whose name started with an "H"

Reference #18J

1870 Federal census of the Town of Benson Hamilton County New York
Eglin William age 33 Farmer born New York State
 Mary age 25 Keeping house born New York State
Alice age 10 and William age 7 both born New York State

Reference #18K

page 2 District #18 Dwelling #12 Family #14
Eglin, Silas 70 widower born New York Parents bprn New York
Henry J. Graydon age 60 son in law farmer born Ireland , parents born Ireland
Mary J. Graydon daughter 47 Keeping house born New York, parents born New York

Page 4 Dwelling 26 Family #31
Elizabeth Brownell age 50 widow keeping house born New Yorkparents born New York
William Brownell age 20 farmer born New York, parents born New York

Page 9 Dwelling #73 Family #81
All born New York with parents born New York except Fanny Tiffany
William T. Eglin age 42 widower ,farmer,
Alice W, 20 dau keeping house
Willy 17 at home
Bessie 5 dau
Katie  5 Dau
Grace E. Bowler  age 23 Boarder Divorced
Fanny Tiffany age 78 Female Boarder Born N.Y.
Fanny's parents born Conn
page 9 Dwelling #74 Family #82
CRAYNER John 52 Farmer Born Prussia  Parents Hessians
Mena F keeping house
family George 18, Lizie 12, Amelia 10, Louise Granfull 24 dau,
Loue Barlow 3 grandson,
pages 1-9 Town of Benson
80 Dwelings, 88 families

Town of Hope
page 11 Dwelling #94 Family #106
John Eglin age 60 Farmer Born N.Y. Parents born N.Y.
Susan age 70 born Vermont Parents born New Hampshire
Adeline dau 31 Teacher born N.Y. parents born N.Y. and Vermont
Herbert son age 21 "at home" born N.Y.

Reference #18L

1900 Federal census FULTON COUNTY
Transcribed from LDS Film Mar/95 Film #1241837

A. City of Gloversville  Census taken June 1900
page 8 Dwelling # 124 Family 179
living 5 North Street
William Eglin age 36 Born March 1864 Married 14 years
labourer ? store Born N.Y. parents Born N.Y. Can read and write
wife Sarah age 31 Born Oct 1868 (illegible) Married 14 years 5 children  4 living, Born N.Y. parents born N.Y. can read and write Sewing machine operator, gloves
Leah Dau age 12 Born March 1888
Charles S. age 10 Born April 1890
John  age 9 born April 1891
Irene age 3 Born 1897 (Month illegible)

Town of Northampton
census taken 19 June 1900  Dwelling #434 family #453
Eaglin Burdett (no really legible) age 33 Born May 1867 born N.Y. parents born N.Y. married
6 years bank Cashier Can read and write
wife Carrie age 26 born Dec 1873 N.Y no living children has had no children
Theda (Eaglin) mother age 69  born May 1831 6 children, 1 living

Reference 19 now part of #18

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