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Reference #1
Hamilton County New York Cemetery Inscriptions
Town of Benson Hamilton Country New York State from Montgomery County Archives at Fonda New York

Reference # 1A.
page 147 Cemetery at Middle Benson Cemetery # 6

Cemetery Visited October 1987 and November 1993  Located on lot # 6 Benson Tract now in the Town of Benson. Surrounding Property (approx 132 acres) has been owned since 1986 by Pepsi Cola Utica Bottling 1400 Broad Street Utica N.Y.  To locate Cemetery, take Hamilton County Road 6 through the Town of Benson. Approx 600 feet west of the North Road on the south side of Road 6 is a private road which is used as an access (logging road) by the owners. In November 1993 it was blocked off by a light steel chain hug from 2 round steel posts of about 2 inch diameter Go across creek to top of hill (400-500 feet from County Road) Go west (Right) along the top of the ridge from the access road approx 800 feet.
(spring bulbs were planted in the fall of 1994 by Pat and Robert Moore at the grave sites)

2 thin flat limestone markers in a clump of trees at the top of a gully

JOHN EGLIN/ died/ April 2 1845/ in the 77 th year/ of his age
Catherine Eglin died 18 April 1845 age 75 years

Broken stone
Anna / wife of/ Isaac Bodine / died June 19 1849/
aged 69 years  10 months & 22 days

Broken stones  (very hard to recognize 1993)(Cemetery Records indicate as follows)
Moses (marker M. B. C.)
Mary Elizabeth dau of Moses and Christine Cragin died 14 Sept 1836
age 7 years/ She's gone, dear child, to realms above, to sing a saviour's love
Hubbell S. son of Charles and Asenith died May 4 ? 1836 (Cemetery records note 7 August) age 10 mo & 5 days   [Nov/93 LDS IGI Isaac Bodine Married Ann Manderville,
5 Nov 1806, Amsterdam Montgomery County]

Reference #1B.
page #144  Cemetery at Upper Benson.

Cemetery visited October 1987 and  November 1993.  Directions: When proceeding easterly from Fulton County via Fulton County Road #125 into the Town of Benson on Hamilton County Road 6. At the County line instead of following Hamilton County Road 6 across the bridge, turn left and go north about 1/10 of a mile. Cemetery is on the left at top of hill. Lot 12 ? of the Benson Tract.

KATIE A (On top)
Dau of/ W.T. & Mary C. / EGLIN/ died/ Jan 10 1881/ age 7 years 3 months & 10 days

Grace/ wife of/ W.T. Eglin/ died Dec 13 1890/ age 32
(2 above by each other)

several rows back
William T. Eglin/ Feb 19 1837/ Jan 10 1921

next to William T.
Ethel/ dau of/ W.T. & Louisa /Eglin /died March 30 1901
/age 1 year & 11 months  (behind large bush)

The Cemetery records indicate Mary C./ wife of Wm. T. EGLIN died
4 Nov 1875 age 33 years 0 months  & 10 days (This stone not found November 1993)

Reference #1C
page #151  Cemetery # 9 Town of Benson Hamilton County

On Hamilton County Road 6 approx 4-5 miles east of Fulton County Line (Town of Bleeker) turn north on Harter Road. Cemetery is on west side of North Road in Lot 55 of the Benson Tract approx 500 feet from Road 6.

Wm. Eglin / 13 March 1863/ March 11 1901
Sarah Palmateer wife of Wm. Eglin 1868-1945
Marion Dau of Wm. & S. Eglin/ born August 2 1901 /died December 7 1903

Silas W. Eglin/ died 5 November 1891  age 85 years 9 mo & 25 days
Betsey Spears / wife of/ Silas W. Eglin/ died Feb 29 1872 in her 62 year

Parmenter (spelling varies on markers)
Andrew Pamenter/ born 1835/ died 1909 his wife Fidelia Porter born 1841 (both on main marker)

small stones to the south of family stone
#2  On separate stone, Phydelia wife of Andrew Parmenter/ 1840-1917
#3  Derwin/ son of D.W. & M Parmenter/ 1911-1917
#4  Mary Palmateer/ 1871 his wife 1960
#5  Daniel W. Parmenter 1866-1934
#6  Charles Parmenter 1868-1952

Reference #1D
page #141 Cemetery at Hope Valley Hamilton County

Cemetery not visited. ("Hope Valley" is not shown on Maps however "Hope" and "Hope Falls" are shown in the Town of Hope)

Syntha / wife of/ Peter P. Eglin  died 19 October 1837 in her 43 year

Reference #2
Saratoga County Cemetery Inscriptions
Town of Edinburg Clark School House Cemetery  often referred to as Clarksville Cemetery page #3  (obtained from Montgomery County Archives Fonda New York) Cemetery visited November 1990 and November 1993

Directions from the East
Cross Great Sacandaga Lake at Batchelorville go to top of hill on west side. Right on Road #5 (Military Road) follow Military Road to Airport road (Watch at curve at bottom of hill as Military Road goes to the left)
Turn left on Airport Road and go past the Airport to a "Y" at a house trailer. Keep right on Tennantville Road about a mile. Cemetery on right opposite "Edwards Farm"

family stone
Bartholomew Eglin died Feb 23 1879 age 86 years
Jane wife of Bartholomew Eglin died Dec 20 1878 age 77 years
Charles son of Bartholomew and Jane Eglin died Nov 14 1853
age 22 years 6 months & 12 days
Henry Eglin / born Jan 23 1823 / died Nov 10 1882
Theda J. Olmstead his wife / born May 6 1831/ died July 17 1900
Toles L. son of Henry and Theda Eglin died Sept 13 1858
age 7 yrs 7 mo & 21 days
Katy  dau of Henry & Theda J. Eglin died Dec 20 1865 age 1 yr & 10 mo
Frankie son of Henry & Theda J. Eglin died April 7 1861 age 9 mo
Charlie son of Henry and Theda J. Eglin died Dec 16 1858
 age 4 years 2 mo & 22 days

The Cemetery records list Stephen N. Eglin, son of Bartholomew and Jane died July 27 1841 age 18 years 1 mo & 23 days  (this stone was not found in 1990 or November 1993)

Percy Olmstead 1893-1975
his wife Grace Simpson 1889-1953
Leander Simpson 1846-1915
Martha Lyford 1850-1928

Anna F. Tennant wife of Wm. Olmstead Oct 19 1866-Jan 24 1898

Reference #3
Fulton County Cemetery Inscriptions
Fulton County Cemeteries. Prospect Hill Cemetery Northville New York
page 184  (Montgomery County Archives Fonda New York)

Eglin, Kimma A 1818-1905   (not placed Oct/94)
Anna wife of Irvin DeGolia 1856-1885 (not placed Oct/94)

Reference #4
Northhampton Cemetery
Town of Northampton Fulton County New York
(on the main road north of Broadablin) visited Fall 1985
Flora infant daughter of M & G Eglin/ died May 2 1869 /age 2 mos (not placed Oct/94)

Reference #5
Gravestone inscriptions Union Mills Cemetery  Town of Broadalbin, Fulton County Cemetery on Union Mills Road approx 2 miles east of Village of Broadalbin

Eglin Near north West corner Of Cemetery
Dale C. Eglin  Jan 6 1947- July 16 1985
married 30 June 1973 Marie A. 1954 Richardson  stone on same plot
dau Marie Ann Eglin

Emmett W.              Charlotte
Dec 25 1925-            May 9 1922-
(Emmett W. is a son of Emmett S.) (see below)
a small distance to east
Loretta D.             Emmet S.
1900-1979              1894-1959
 in same plot Marjorie Benedict Morgan                              1926-1980

Reference #6
Local Eglins of Broadalbin Area

A. Emmett W Eglin (1993) Lives on County Road 110 in the Town of Broadalbin between the Village of Broadalbin and hamlet of North Broadalbin,  farmer and auctioneer says (Oct 1990) that his father was Emmett Silas Eglin
B. son David lives next door (1990) Address R.D. Broadalbin
C. "Jody Lyn Eglin" who in 1990 lived at 9 1/2 Caroline Street
 Saratoga Springs N.Y. relationship u/k ,no contact made
D. T.K. Eglin 1296 County Hwy 107 Fort Johnson
Related to Emmett
E. Roger D. Eglin 124 Kettle Road Amsterdam  Tel 518-883-8000
F. Wm Prokop Road Broadalbin    G. Keith Eglin, 110 Pennsylvania Ave. Johnstown
H. Larry Eglin 304 Lakeview Road, Broadalbin   H(a) Larry Eglin 310 Lakeview Road Broadalbin
I. Mrs. Helen (John) Cole 93 West State Street Gloversville

Reference #7
History of Hamilton County written by Ted Aber (dec'd) and Stella King. Published by Willard Press available (1987) at Great Wilderness Books Lake Pleasant (Hamilton County) N.Y

A. page 358  with map showing approximate location of residents in the Town of Benson in 1861  Includes Wm. Eglin, Silas Eglin, Eliphalet Washburn (no Dods, Bodices or Cragins.)
B. page 360 John Eglin was born 1768 and died 12 April 1845, Catherine was born 1770 and died 18 April 1845

C. page 360 The Eglin were early settlers of the Town of Benson

D. page #395 Heads of families in the Census of 1825
Isaac Bodice, John 2Does, Albert Bodice, Peter D. Eglin

Reference #8
Wills  Montgomery County

Eglin, Peter D. of Amsterdam  Lib 11:89 File #12
Mentions wife Ann, children Giles and Frances Emma
Executors Wife Ann and Silas W. Eglin signed 3 April 1850
witnesses Andrew Thatcher, John H. Digraph, Andrew J. Digraph all of the Town of Amsterdam

Reference #9
Records of the Dutch Reform Church of Schenectady 1694-1811 (Schenectady County NY)

Reference #9A
Marriage Records Of Schenectady New York State 1694-1852  by Donald Keefe February 1988 Published at Rhinebeck NY

A. #1117 Christian Wilkie to Ante 2Does Sept 21 1790
both of Remsenbos (Town of Florida Montgomery County)
B. #1126 John Eglinton (Eglin) to Catlyntje 2Does,
Bans 11 November 1790 Married 29 November 1790
both of Remsenboss (see also Reference # 27

Reference #9B
Baptismal Records of Schenectady Dutch Reform Church 1694-1811 published by at Rhinebeck N. Y. May 1987  Compiled by Arthur C. M. Kelley

#7201 John Eglin                     Batholemeus Eglin
Catlyntje Dodd                       Bit. 27 Jan 1793
Witnesses                             Born 29 Sept 1792
Bartholemus Dodd
Maria Do Remus
#7628                                     Peter Do remus Eglin
John Aiklin (Eglin)                        Bit 17 August 1794
Catlynte DOD                             born 4 August 1794
Bartholemeus Dodd
Marytje Do remus
John Eglin                                       Thomas
Catlynte Dodds                                   bit 28 August 1796
                                                 born 14 July 1796
#8450                                          Annette Eglin
 John Eglin                                    Bit 31 Sept 1798
Catlyntje 2Does                                born 17 July 1798
Annatje Van Veghten
#7891 Maria daughter of Hermanas Mandevilla and Annatje Bodice Born 7 Feb 1796 Baptised 27
November ?       Elizabeth baptised 1797  (check dates)

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