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March 2005
        Section A pertains to the Eglin family in New York and New Jersey
        Section B starting pertains to Cornelius and Thomas Elgin in Ontario (not included in this file)
        Section C pertains to Cornelius Eglin family in Indiana and Washington St (not included in this file)
For References B and C contact Robert Moore email

Hamilton County New York Cemetery Inscriptions Town of Benson Hamilton Country New York State from Montgomery County Archives at Fonda New York
Cemetery Transcriptions now on Hamilton County Genweb "Cemeteries of Town of Benson"

page 147 Cemetery at Middle Benson Cemetery # 6 Cemetery town of Benson
First Visited October 1987 last visited. May 2001 Located on Lot # 6 Benson Tract
Surrounding Property (approx 132 acres) owned by Frank Fernandez of Rexford N.Y.
Contact Elaine Oliver email (July 2002)
        To locate Cemetery, take Hamilton County Road 6 through the Town of Benson. Approx 600 feet west of the North Road on the south side of Road 6 is a private road which is used as an access by the owners. In May 2001 it was blocked off by a light steel gate which was locked across creek to top of hill (400-500 feet from County Road) Go west (Right) along the top of the ridge from the access road approx 800 feet. 2 thin flat limestone markers in a clump of trees at the top of a gully

JOHN EGLIN/ died/ April 2 1845/ in the 77 th year/ of his age
Catherine Eglin died 18 April 1845 age 75 years

Broken stone
Anna / wife of/ Isaac Bodine / died June 19 1849/ aged 69 years 10 months & 22 days

Broken stones (very hard to recognize 1993)(Cemetery Records indicate as follows)
Moses (marker M. B. C.)
Mary Elizabeth dau of Moses and Christine Cragin died 14 Sept 1836 age 7 years/
She's gone, dear child, to realms above, to sing a saviour's love
Hubbell S. son of Charles and Asenith died May 4 ? 1836
(Cemetery records note 7 August, age 10 mo & 5 days )
(LDS IGI Isaac Bodine married Ann Mandeville, 5 Nov 1806, Amsterdam Montgomery County]

page #144 Cemetery at Upper Benson first visited October 1987, last visited May 2001 Directions When proceeding easterly from Fulton County via Fulton County Road #125 into the Town of Benson on Hamilton County Road 6. At the County line instead of following Hamilton County Road 6 across the bridge, turn left (Washburn road) and go north about 1/10 of a mile. Cemetery is on the left at top of hill. Lot 12 ? of the Benson Tract. Cemetery. in active use, driveway double steel gates

Section A Row 4
Grace/ wife of/ W.T. Eglin/ died Dec 13 1890/ age 32
M.C. E no dates, J.K. E. no dates

Dau of/ W. T. & Mary C. / EGLIN/ died/ Jan 10 1881/ age 7 years 3 months & 10 days

(2 above by each other)
Section B row #1
several rows back William T. Eglin/ Feb 19 1837/ Jan 10 1921

next to William T. Ethel/ dau of/ W. T. & Louisa /Eglin /died March 30 1901 /age 1 year & 11 months (behind large bush)

The Cemetery records indicate Mary C./ wife of Wm. T. EGLIN died 4 Nov 1875
age 33 years 0 months & 10 days (This stone not found November 1993 or after)
Merrihew graves in last row by the fence (May 2001)

page #151 Cemetery # 9 Town of Benson Hamilton County
On Hamilton County Road 6 approx 2 miles west of Hwy 30
Cemetery is on west side of North Road in Lot 55 of the Benson Tract approx 500 feet from Road 6.
Cemetery is on a hill 2 large pine tree as a sentinel markers

Wm. Eglin / 13 March 1863/ March 11 1901
Sarah Palmateer wife of Wm. Eglin 1868-1945
Marion Dau of Wm. & S. Eglin/ born August 2 1901 /died December 7 1903
Silas W. Eglin/ died 5 November 1891 age 85 years 9 mo & 25 days
Betsey Spears / wife of/ Silas W. Eglin/ died Feb 29 1872 in her 62 year

Parmenter (spelling varies on markers)
Andrew Pamenter/ born 1835/ died 1909 his wife Fidelia Porter born 1841 (both on main marker)
small stones to the south of family stone
#2 On separate stone, Phydelia wife of Andrew Parmenter/ 1840-1917
#3 Derwin/ son of D. W. & M Parmenter/ 1911-1917
#4 Mary Palmateer/ 1871 his wife 1960
#5 Daniel W. Parmenter 1866-1934
#6 Charles Parmenter 1868-1952

page #141 Cemetery at Hope Valley (Willard Cemetery) Hamilton County
Cemetery is on east side of Route # 30 approx 1/4 mile after crossing the Sacandaga river into Hamilton County north of the Hamilton /Fulton County Line

Synthia wife of/ Peter P. Eglin died 19 October 1837 in her 43 year

Hope Falls cemetery, Town of Hope on Hope Falls Road, 1/4 mile north of junction of Route #30 and Hope Falls west side of Road (Hamilton County rootsweb genboard)

Bass, William died Aug 20 1843 age 1 yr 1 mon and 19 days s/o William and Catharine (Eglin)

Onondaga County, Town of Spafford, Borodino Cemetery visited May 2001 See also Ref #39
Cemetery is located approx 1/2 mile South East of Borodino on New York state route #41
on left side of road going south and on a hill some 500 feet above the level of Skaneateles Lake
Eglin monument 2 rows from north east boundary of cemetery and 8 plots west of tool shed at highest point of Cemetery Soft white marble about 10 feet high
East side Base" Eglin"
East side Isaac D. Eglin, born Oct 4 1824 died Nov 22 1904
Alice his wife (no maiden name given) born June 16 1859 died Dec 14 1905
South side Elizabeth wife of Isaac Eglin died 4 April 1886 age 58 yrs 10 mos & 25 days
North side Lemira (?) Delbert, Only son of Isaac and Elizabeth died 5 July 1877 age 24 Yrs 10 months and 5 days 4 "Foot stones", south to north, Alice, Elizabeth, I D E, Debert

Also buried Borodino Cemetery (ref Onondaga County Gen web)
Thurzy McCansey wife of William Dedrick d Mar 30 1878 age 82-7 (83?)
Eva A Bass wife of Frank Eadie b 1855
Frank Eadie b Sept 1852 d 1895 (Son of James Jr and Zeurah)

Saratoga County Cemetery Inscriptions
Town of Edinburg Clark School House Cemetery often referred to as Clarksville Cemetery
page #3 (obtained from Montgomery County Archives Fonda New York) Cemetery visited November 1990 and November 1993 Directions from the East
Cross Great Sacandaga Lake at Batchelorville go to top of hill on west side. Right on Road #5 (Military Road) follow Military Road to Airport road (Watch at curve at bottom of hill as Military Road goes to the left) Turn left on Airport Road and go past the Airport to a "Y" at a house trailer.
Keep right on Tennantville Road about a mile. Cemetery on right opposite "Edwards Farm"
Family stone
Bartholomew Eglin died Feb 23 1879 age 86 years
Jane wife of Bartholomew Eglin died Dec 20 1878 age 77 years
Charles son of Bartholomew and Jane Eglin died Nov 14 1853 age 22 years 6 months & 12 days
Henry Eglin / born Jan 23 1823 / died Nov 10 1882
Theda J. Olmstead his wife / born May 6 1831/ died July 17 1900
Toles L. son of Henry and Theda Eglin died Sept 13 1858 age 7 yrs 7 mo & 21 days
Katy dau of Henry & Theda J. Eglin died Dec 20 1865 age 1 yr & 10 mo
Frankie son of Henry & Theda J. Eglin died April 7 1861 age 9 mo
Charlie son of Henry and Theda J. Eglin died Dec 16 1858 age 4 years 2 mo & 22 days

The Cemetery records list Stephen N. Eglin, son of Bartholomew and Jane died July 27 1841
age 18 years 1 mo & 23 days (this stone was not found in 1990 or November 1993)

Percy Olmstead 1893-1975, his wife Grace Simpson 1889-1953
Leander Simpson 1846-1915, Martha Lyford 1850-1928
Anna F. Tennant wife of Wm. Olmstead Oct 19 1866-Jan 24 1898

REFERENCE #4 Fulton County Cemetery Inscriptions

Prospect Hill Cemetery Northville New York
page 184 (Montgomery County Archives Fonda New York)
Eglin, Kimma A 1818-1905 (Married Wesley Garret Lobdell)
G/S not found May 2001

Emma wife of Irwin DeGolia (not placed May 2004) see Section M stray Elgins
She died 20 July 1886 age 29 yrs
Irwin L DeGolia died 3 April 1900
Irwin L DeGolia Jr died 3 August 1885 age 2 months and 28 days
Northville Main Street Cemetery Page 184
(none of these G/S found May 2001)

Main Street Cemetery Northville
Toward back on left side of cemetery All small thin stones directly in front of Orra Brownell Monument which is brown sandstone about 25 feet tall with figure on top, has 6 ft x 6 ft base

Jacob Brownell died May 26 1860 age 31 years 2 mons and 13 days, small grey stone
(this Jacob Brownell son of Cyrus Hammond Brownell (1806-1863 ) and Lydia Emily Van Arnum (b 1809)
Elizabeth M Eglin his wife died 12 Feb 1897 age 67 yrs 4 mons and 5 days
Alden C Brownell their son died Oct 21 1861 age 7 yrs 2 mons
Eurette J. wife of Truman H. Annibal died Oct 28 1874 age 21 yrs 11 months & 6 days
(daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth Eglin Brownell)

Northhampton Cemetery Town of Northampton Fulton County New York
(on the main road north of Broadablin) visited Fall 1985
Flora infant daughter of M & G Eglin/ died May 2 1869 /age 2 mos
(She was likely the daughter of Marietta and Giles Eglin, Giles being son of Peter D. Eglin)

Gravestone inscriptions Union Mills Cemetery Town of Broadalbin, Fulton County Cemetery on Union Mills Road approx 2 miles east of Village of Broadalbin
Eglin near North West corner of cemetery
Dale C. Eglin Jan 6 1947- July 16 1985
married 30 June 1973 Marie A. 1954 Richardson
stone on same plot daughter Marie Ann Eglin
Emmett W.        Charlotte
Dec 25 1925-        May 9 1922-
(Emmett W. is a son of Emmett S.) (see below) a small distance to east

Loretta D.        Emmet S.
1900-1979        1894-1959
in same plot Marjorie Benedict Morgan 1926-1980

Town of Perth Cemeteries Fulton County Listing on Fulton County rootsweb genboard
Index of Town cemeteries page 13 Eglin (No idea of which cemetery or which Eglin as of March 2005)

Gravestone Inscriptions Montgomery County

Dods Cemetery on Cranes Hollow Road
Road between Coatesville and Manny's Corners approximately 1/2 mile south of Manny's Corners on East Side of Road surrounded by a three foot stone wall Town of Amsterdam Montgomery County . Info from Montgomery County Cemetery listings at County Archives Fonda New York (Notes from November 1993 and October 1987. Last visit May 2001 (See also Dods History)

Thomas Eglin/ born July 14 1796 age 80 years
(stone placed in 1993 so that "ae 80" is not visible however it was in 1987 Stone was dug around in May 2001 so it could be seen, by persons unknown)

Sophia Fetus 646 Cranes Hollow Road Amsterdam NY a long time neighbour of the cemetery advised that the cemetery is private and that she did not know who is looking after it (Sept/94)

History of Hamilton County written by Ted Abner (dec'd) and Stella King. Published by Willard Press at Great Wilderness Books Lake Pleasant (Hamilton County) N.Y

A. page 358 with map showing approximate location of residents in the Town of Benson in 1861 Includes Wm. Eglin, Silas Eglin, Eliphalet Washburn, Hiram Wells, Elizabeth Brownell (no Dods, Bodines or Cragins.)
B. page 360 John Eglin was born 1768 and died 12 April 1845, Catherine was born 1770 and died 18 April 1845
C. page 360 The Eglins were early settlers of the Town of Benson
D. page 369 in 1860 Jacob Brownell was appointed overseer of Road District #2 but died 2 months later and Wm J. Eglin (likely Wm T. Eglin ) was appointed in his place.
Those assessed included Wm. Eglin and Jacob Brownell
E. page #395 Heads of families in the Census of 1825
Isaac Bodine, John Dods, Albert Bodine, Peter D. Eglin

Wills Montgomery County
A. Eglin, Peter D. of Amsterdam Lib 11:89 File #12
Mentions wife Ann, children Giles and Frances Emma
Executors Wife Ann and Silas W. Eglin signed 3 April 1850
witnesses Andrew Thatcher, John H. Degraff, Andrew J. Degraff all of the Town of Amsterdam

B. Eglin Ann widow of Peter Eglin, Book 125 page 537 Montgomery County Land Records
1890 Ann Eglin gave to her brother Jonas H Crane

Records of the Dutch Reform Church of Schenectady 1694-1811 (Schenectady County NY)

Marriage Records Of Schenectady New York State 1694-1852 by Donald Keefer February 1988 Published at Rhinebeck NY
A. 1117 Christian Wilkie to Antje Dods Sept 21 1790
both of Remsenbos (Town of Florida Montgomery County)
B. #1126 John Eglinton (Eglin) to Catlyntje Dods,
Bans 11 November 1790 Married 29 November 1790
both of Remsenboss (see also Reference # 27

Baptismal Records of Schenectady Dutch Reform Church 1694-1811 published by at Rhinebeck N. Y. May 1987 Compiled by Arthur C. M. Kelley amended with info from
New York Births and Baptisms Schoharie and Mohawk Valleys

#7201 parents John Eglin and Catlyntje Dodd
child Batholemeus Eglin born 29 Sept 1792
Baptized 27 Jan 1793
Sponsors Bartholemus Dodd and Maria Doremus

#7628 parents John Aiklin (Eglin) and Catlynte Dodd
child Peter Doremus Eglin born 4 August 1794
Baptized 17 August 1794
sponsors Bartholemeus Dodd Marytje Doremus

#8023 parents John Eglen and Catlynte Dodds
child Thomas born 14 July 1796
baptized 28 August 1796
no Sponsors recorded

#8450 parents John Eglin and Catlyntje Dodds
child Annatje Eglin born 17 July 1798
Baptized 31 Sept 1798
Sponsor Annatje Van Vegten (Veghten) who was wife of Dirk (Richard ) Schermerhorn)

#7891 Maria daughter of Hermanas Mandeville and Annatje Bodine Born 7 Feb 1796
Baptised 27 November ? Elizabeth baptised 1797

Baptism Records of First (Woestina) Dutch Reform Church of Rotterdam (Schenectady County) by Donald Keefer 1977 (Montgomery County Archives Fonda) Until 1815 this church was located at Huffmans Ferry on the North side of the Mohawk River in the Town of Glenville, Schenectady County

Item #14
John Eglen        Cornelius
Cateleynche Dodds        Bpt 18 Jan 1801, born July 4 1800
no sponsors listed

#47 Cornelius Dodds        Barthelmey born May 9 1803
Barthelmey) Egleton         Baptised 19 June 1803
(First name likely written in error RGM)
no sponsors listed

#105 Cornelius Dodds
Poley Egleton
Jacob Baptised, 11 Aug 1805, born 17 Feb 1805
no sponsors listed

Anne Egleton
David, baptised 20 Oct 1803, born April 13 1802
(no other name given)

Saratoga County Heritage Library of Congress 374-23045 Published 1974 by Saratoga County
New York, page 338 Industry of the Town of Edinburgh At North east corner of Cross roads at the stone bridge over Beecher Creek was an old store and post office. After the owners died in flu epidemic that raged from Nov 1842 to Jan 1843 title passed in succession to Christopher Snedecker, Henry Eglin, Samuel C Downing and 4 more owners to 1951

Montgomery County N.Y. land records

Eglin, Dod and Dolson Deeds Numbers from Montgomery County as provided May/97 by
Ron Plimley 154 River Road Wappingers Falls N.Y. 12590

YR MO D	    GRANTOR                     GRANTEE	                Book .Page NOTE 
17890330    Peter David                 Bartholomew Dods        002/154
18010707    Cornelius Haring & w        Bartholomew Dods        008/096
18040329    Bartholomew  Dods & w       Cornelius Dods          009/226
18040329    Bartholomew  Dods & w       Cornelius Dods          009/215
18130201    Bartholomew  Dods & w       Amaziah Rust            013/249
18260912    Abraham Berry & w           Joel Dodd               022/111
18271208    John, Catherine Eglin       Elaphalet Washburn      024/077
18290506    Thomas Eglin                Amos Flood              026/232
18300915    Thomas Eglin                Tallmadge Hildrth       028/241	
18301109    John Wager & w              Joel Dodd               028/356
18310305    Cornelius, Mary Dods        John Peek               029/020
18320211    John, Catherine Eglin       William Rood            030/388 of Mayfield
18320221    John, Catherine Eglin       Silas W. Eglin          030/220
18320221    Daniel Warren               John Eglin              030/419
18320221    John, Catherine Eglin       Silas W. Eglin			030/419 Lease
18340404    James Wood & w              Joel Dodd               034/390
18341111    Isaac Smarts & w            John Dodd               035/394
18341210    John Shaw                   John Dodd               035/519
18350221    Joel Dodd & w               Mathias J. Bogie        037/121
18360622    Comptroller, N.Y.S.         Thomas Eglin            039/200
18360802    Joel Dodd & w               Mathias J. Bogie        040/018 by Sheriff
18410322    Joshua French & w           Cornelius Dods          044/189
18410729    John Dods & w               Cornelius Dods          044/416
18410904    Deodatus Wright & w	        John Dods               044/464
18430911    John Swart                  John Dods               049/444
18560824    John Dodds & w              Deodatus Wright         040/220
18581006    Lonson Eglin & w            Garret Boice            024/310 Fulton Co.
18660104    Peter D. Eglin              Jonas H. Grave          080/182 by Sheriff
18720212    Giles Eglin                 Ann Eglin               088/324
18730331    Ann Eglin                   William Quackenbush     090/113
18730331    Isaac Eglin                 William Quackenbush     090/114
18730331    Francis Eglin               Ann Eglin               090/112
18730812    Marrietta Eglin             William Quackenbush     091/001
18780429    James H. Dolsen             Margaret Donlon         100/013
18780829    Thomas Donlan               James Dolsen            098/015
18781018    Patrick J. Comey            James Dolsen            100/053
18781018    James H. Dolsen             Catherine Conroy        100/054
18781023    Tom Reddy                   James Dolsen            098/182
18781023    James H. Dolsen             Catherine Reddy         100/056

Montgomery Surrogates Court:        bk./pg.       will or admin
Sarah W. Dodds      Mar 03,1895     8/297         let. of admin.
Bartholomew Dods    Mar 18, 1808    1/425         will probate
Jacob Dods          Dec 07, 1811    2/88          will probate
Daniel Dodde        no date ?       1/42          let. of admin.
Peter D. Eglin      Aug 19, 1862    11/89         will probate

Note 1 : There are many Dodd deeds after 1856, only earlier ones recorded from Montgomery unless otherwise noted.
Note 2: Many deeds are also duplicate indexed in Fulton Co up to 1839.
Note 3: All indexes read at Montgomery Co & Fulton Co County Clerk Offices & Surrogates courts.
Note 4: No Edwards (Isaac or Millicent), Plimley, Van Dalsem found.

Land transactions Montgomery County Records BY JOHN EGLIN
(Note the Town of Benson was not created until 1860) before that it was part of Town of Hope and before that the Town of Mayfair)

A. Memorial by John EGLIN made 15 June 1824 registered 21 February 1832 Book 30 page 419
To John EGLIN of the Town of Hope Montgomery County.From Daniel Warren of Lanesboro Co. Berkshire Mass. amount $800 in Town of Mayfield, 150 acres (now in the town of Benson)
Part of Lot #5 in the subdivision of Great Lot 8 in the Glen, Bleecker and Lansing Patent bounded by George N. Briggs, T. Eglin and L. Elaphalet (This land is now in the Town of Benson (south of
Road 6 approx. 3/4 mile and a mile east of intersection of Hamilton County Road 6 and Fulton County Road #125) (Transaction was also Recorded in Hamilton County)

B. Made 20 Feb 1826 Registered 8 December 1827 Book 24 page 77 Montgomery County
From John and wife Katherine EGLIN of the Town of Mayfair To Elaphalet Washburn of the Town of Johnstown amount $800 In the Town of Hope for 160 acres more or less part of Lot 71 in the Benson Patent in the Town of Hope (now Town of Benson in Hamilton County)Also Recorded in Book 1
Page 305-6 of Hamilton County Records 9 This deed was signed by both John and Katherine by their mark "X" (property is approx 1 mile north of intersection of Fulton County Road # 125 and Hamilton County Road #6) (In 1860 census of Town of Benson, Washburn Elaphalet was living in Benson)

C. Made 26 December 1831 Registered 11 February 1832 Book 30 Page 388 Montgomery
From John EGLIN and wife of the Town of Mayfair to William Rood of the Town of Johnstown Amount $100 In the Town of Bleecker and known by name of the Eglin Mill Lot being part of Lot #34 in the Glen, Bleecker and Lansing Patent (still in the Town of Bleecker also part of lot 52 in the Benson Patent in the Town of Hope (now the Town of Benson) 160 acres Also Recorded in Hamilton County Records Book 1 page 449

D. Made 1 January 1832 Registered 21 February 1832 Book 30 page 220 Montgomery
From John EGLIN and wife Catherine of the Town of Mayfair To Silas W. EGLIN of Albany County In the Town of Mayfair Part of Lot 5 of the subdivision of Great Lot 8 of Glenn, Bleecker and Lansing Patent (as #A. above from Daniel Warren) Party of the second part doth covenant and agree to and with the parties of the first part to support them the said John Eglin and wife Catherine during their and each of their natural lives with good wholesome and sufficient clothing, bedding, victuals, drinks, medicine, firewood, and in sickness with suitable nursing and houseroom in his party of the second parties house and at his own proper costs and expenses or pay unto the parties of the first part the monthly sum of $8.00 on the first day of each month during their or either of their natural lives.

A. Made 18 April 1829 Registered 6 May 1829 Book 26 Page 232 Montgomery County
From Thomas EGLIN of the Town of Hope to Amos Flood of the Town of Hope amount $100.00
In the Town of Hope Part of Lot 56 of the Benson Patent 16 acres
Also Registered in Hamilton County Records Book #1 Page #360

B. Made 15 September 1830 and recorded same day book 28 Page 241 Montgomery County
From Thomas EGLIN of the Town of Johnstown to J. Tallmadge Hildreth of the Town of Johnstown amount $96.42 In the Town of Johnstown part of the Eglin Mill Lot being part of Large Lot #34 in the Glen, Becker and Lansing Patents 11 acres

Land transactions Hamilton County

C. recorded June 22 1836 purchase to Thomas EGLIN from William L. & Marcy Compt ?
Book 2 page 253 sale from Thomas EGLIN to Wm. L. & Marcy Comfit ? book 2 Page 253
(This may have been some kind of an agreement)

D. recorded July 8 1846 From Thomas EGLIN to Elatus C. Anibal Book 2 1/2 page 525

E. recorded 2 February 1848 To Thomas EGLIN from Peter Kimball Book 3 page 154

F. Recorded 18 March 1851 To Thomas EGLIN from Theodore P. Bullen Book 3 page 422

(Thomas Eglin was a resident of the Town of Benson in the 1860 Federal census and living with his sister Mary Wells) as were the Gifford and Brownell families)

G. Recorded 29 July 1862 From Thomas EGLIN To John L. Gifford Book 6 page 392

H. Recorded 6 April 1865 From Thomas EGLIN To Lewis Brownell Book 7 page 173



A. Recorded 17 June 1840 To Peter D. EGLIN from Robert Ray and wife Book 1 1/2 page #250

B. Recorded 6 July 1840 (sold 20 June 1840) From Peter D. EGLIN to Nathan R. Lobdell Book 1 1/2 Page #253 that Lot that he acquired from Robert Ray amount $60 being the equal 1/2 of the North 1/2 of Lot #118 in the Benson Patent in the Town of Hope signed "Peter D. Eglin" (now Town of Benson)

Montgomery County Records
C. book 80 page 182 Town of Amsterdam recorded 4 Jan 1866 Sale by Sheriff of Montgomery County of 74 acres owned by Peter D Eglin to Jonas H. Crane for $427. There was an execution writ filed on 29 August 1864 and the property sold in October 1864. The suit against Eglin was filed July 1861

D. Book 88 page 324 Ann Eglin to Giles Eglin (12 March 1872) $500 paid to Giles by Ann Eglin
One might assume this was the payment to Giles for his share of his inheritance from his father Peter Eglin's will released his right on the property Ann had. (Town of Amsterdam

E. Book 90 page 112 Ann Eglin to Frances Emma Eglin (31 March 1873) $500 paid to Emma by Ann Eglin. One might assume this was the payment to Emma for her share of her inheritance from her father Peter Eglin's will released his right on the property Ann had. (Town of Amsterdam)

F. Book 90 page 113 Town of Amsterdam dated 21 March 1873 Sale of 75 acres (plus a parcel of 3 acres) by Ann Eglin to Quackenbush for $1 (one wonders if Ann Eglin got title back to the 74/75 acres acquired by Jonas Crane from the Sheriff)

G. Indenture made 4 November 1872 (tho more of a quit claim) on the Property of Ann Eglin 75 acres plus parcel of 3 acres in the town of Amsterdam William Quackenbush paid $600 to those parties named and presumed to be children or spouses of children of Peter D Eglin named Hannah Sliter, wife of John Sliter of Lansingburg, Rensselaer County (Signed Hannah E. Sliter) W. G. Lobdell and Kimma A Lobdell, his wife of Hope Center Hamilton County (signed W. G Lobdell and Kimma A. Lobdell),
John Eglin and Susan Eglin his wife of Hope Center Hamilton County (signed John Eglin and Susan Eglin) Wm Bass and Catharine Bass his wife of Borodino Onondaga County. (signed Wm Bass and Catharine Bass) Isaac Eglin and his wife Elizabeth Eglin of Borodino Onondaga County (Signed Isaac Eglin and Elizabeth Eglin) Byron Cole and Amelia Cole his wife of Northville Fulton County (signed Amelia Cole) (I RGM still do not know how she fits in see Peter Eglin history)
Wm F Krouse of Northville Fulton County (widower of Mercy Eglin?) (signed W. F. Krouse)
Marietta Eglin wife of Giles Eglin of Perth Fulton County (did not sign document and had to sign release 12 August 1873)

H. Book 91 page 1 dated 12 August 1873 Quit claim signed by Marietta Eglin wife of Giles Eglin on the 74 acres sold by Ann Eglin to William Quackenbush. Although Marietta was named in deed of 4 November 1872 releasing claim on property of Ann Eglin to William Quackenbush,
Marietta Eglin never signed the release

I. Book 122 page 201 dated 7 March 1890 Ann Eglin sold property to Jonas H. Crane

Hamilton and Montgomery County records
A. recorded 28 June 1846 To Silas W. EGLIN from Hiram W. Wells Book 2 1/2 page #519
(Hiram's wife was Mary Eglin a sister of Silas')

B. recorded 11 February 1847 To Silas W. EGLIN from Jacob Armstrong dec' d by executors
Book 3 Page 38

C. recorded 4 April 1849 To Silas EGLIN from Gesfie Beecher Book 3 page 290 Part of Lot 8 Benson Tract

D. recorded 8 May 1851 To Silas EGLIN from Chandelous Woolcut Book 3 page 493
Lot 7 Benson Tract Town of Hope (now Town of Benson)

F. recorded 10 May 1851 From Silas W EGLIN and wife to Chandelous Woolcutt Book 3 page 493

G. recorded 24 October 1865 From Silas W Eglin and wife (Betsy) to Philo Hanibal
Book 7 Page 277 Part of Lot 8 Benson Tract (Now Town of Benson)

H. from Silas Eglin To Mary Jane Eglin Book 12 page 27 and recorded April 1875

I. from Silas W Eglin to William T. Eglin April 1875 and recorded April 1883 Book 16 Page 238 part of Lot 7 in the subdivision of Great Lot 8 Benson Tract in Town of Benson containing
90 acres Consideration $ 60 ? (hard to read)

JOHN EGLIN (Likely son of Peter)
A. recorded March 22 1852 From John EGLIN to Warner Johnson Book 3 page 598


A. recorded 11 September 1861 William T. EGLIN to Asa Tiffany et al Book 6 page 317

B. recorded 13 March 1872 From William T. EGLIN to Ruel Washburn Book 10 Page 472

C. recorded 11 April 1873 From William T. EGLIN to John Dingman Book 11 page 113

D. recorded 17 1873 From William T. EGLIN to Thomas Godfrey Book 11 page 280

E. From William T. Elgin and his wife Louisa V. Eglin to Emmett S. Eglin June 1917 (Book 52 page 220) for $1 70 acres in Lot 71 Benson Tract Town of Benson (about 1 mile north of Intersection of Fulton County Road #125 and Hamilton Road #6 at Benson Center

Hamilton County Land Records

Abstract of Property where Middle Benson Cemetery is located Lot 6 Benson Patent Town of Benson South side of Hamilton County Road #6 slightly west of North Street (Middle Benson Cemetery located on property) (early owners from Chester Jones, local resident) Sept/94 approx 132 acres
owner 1950's Robert GAY Gay sold to William Sedan of Gloversville
Sedan sold to Petrucci from Schenectady N.Y. who owned the property for about 20 years.
Book 189 Page 692 30 November 1985
Grantee Bruce Van Buskirk Grantor Petrucci
Consideration Approx $28,000
Book 190 Page #815 31 July 1986
Grantee Pepsi Cola Utica Bottling, 1400 Broad Street Utica N.Y.
Grantor Bruce Van Buskirk of Cobblestone N.Y
Consideration appox $37,00
Present Owner (2002) is Frank Fernandez, 19 Lee Avenue Rexford N.Y 12148-1209
(May have built a house on property by 2005)

Saratoga County Land Records Registrar of Deeds Saratoga City Ballston Spa N.Y

1. Book #58 page 347 1850 to Bartholomew Eglin from Samuel A Cheadle For $500 6 acres
See book 157 pages 596 and 597 for description

2. Book 83 page 337 2 May 1859 page 337, 12 acres along side the 6 acres previously purchased from Joseph Corell

3. Book 157 pages 596 and 597 sale by Bartholomew Eglin and wife Jane to Theda Eglin of 12 acres parcel of land for $500 dated 29 November 1878
Signed by Jane Eglin, Bartholomew Eglin his mark "X"

Cranesville Dutch Reformed Church Records Volume #1 (Town of Amsterdam Montgomery County)
Member admitted Mrs Ann Eglin on 6 June 1891 had been a member of the Presbyterian church of Manny's Corners which had dissolved 22 Jan 1892 Mrs Ann Eglin Deceased

Revolutionary Census of New Jersey by Kenn Stryker-Roda Republished by Hunterdon House Lambertville N.J. 1886 (missing 3 Townships in Sussex County including Hardwick
List #1 Tax Rateables 1773-4
Eglington, Eglinton
Ebeenzer, John and John Jr. Greenwich Township Gloucester County

Various census New York State

Accelerated Indexing system of U.S. census LDS Microfiche Nov/90 (needs checking)
Period #1 1607-1819 no Eglins indexed in Mass or New Hampshire
Period #2 1820-1829 nil
Period #3 1830-9 (1830 census)
Eglon Peter D. Town of Hope Hamilton County
Eglon Silas W. Town of Hope

1825 New York State census Town of Hope Page #4 Line #5

Eglin Peter D. 3 males 4 females 1 male subject to military duty
1 male entitled to vote, 1 married female under 45, 2 unmarried females under 16
He was living near Ever, Ocker Geoff, Frances Day, Samuel Sly, Jacob Vanhosen, Josiah Wadsworth

1840 Federal census page 245 Hamilton County census
Jane, Town of Hope 1840 (Likely wife of Bartholomew Eglin, but then where was he ?)
Peter D., Town of Hope page 245
Silas W., Town of Mayfield Fulton Co, page 340
Sarah, Town of Amsterdam Montgomery Co (not as yet "placed") page 281
John, Town of Candor Tioga County page 33

1850 census Hamilton County Town of Gilman (Hamilton City Genweb page) age as of 1 June 1850
dwelling #234 family # 239 (County)
Eglin John 32 born New York , farmer can read and write
Susan 43 can read and write
Susan A. 3

Federal Census 1850: NY, Saratoga County, Town of Edinburgh;
pg 403 household #69
Bartholomew Eglin, 54, blacksmith, b. NY Jane, 49
Henry, 27, hotel keeper Catherine, 21, Theda, 20, Charles, 19, labourer, Emily, 7,
Ellen Smith, 2

pg 406 #121
John Olmstead, 30, cabinet maker, $500
Rouama, 27
Annis, 3 Susan, 1, John, one month

pg 409 #161
Thomas Olmstead, 65, farmer, $1000 b NY
Adelia, 50
Allen, 22 , Mary 21, Ansel 18, Louisa 15, Susan, 11

Joseph Olmstead, 92, $700, b. Conn, Huldah, 60, farmer, b. NY
Abigail, 59, b, ? , Polly, 45, b. NY, Chloe, 45, b. NY

Federal Census 1850: Montgomery County , Town of Amsterdam

pg 127 #288 John Olmsted, 43, farmer, $1000, NY
Cornelius, 28, Maria, 12, Jeremiah, 10

pg 129 #299
Peter Eglin, 53, farmer, $2310, NY
Ann, 43
Giles, 2 (m), Emery, 11/12 (f) (actually Emma)
Thomas Wooster, 21, labourer
Margaret Crane 30, Mary Crane, 72

1850 Census Greene County Town of Greenville
index shows Jacob Eglin page 201
1850 Census John Eglin index Oswego County page 171 Oswego City 2nd Ward
1850 index New York City Ward 6 page 101 Jacob Eglin

1855 New York State Census Index at New York Genealogical Library Cooperstown
Greene County New York
Town of Greenville Family #57
Jacob Eglin blacksmith age abt 42 lived in Greene County 18 years
wife Helen 42 lived Greene County 18 years may have come from Rensselaer County
(note says see Edward H. Powell family #58 but no real clues in Index re Powell)

1855 New York State Census Montgomery County taken 20 June 1855
2nd district Town of Amsterdam
Family #270 Dwelling #234
Family found on page 32 of census books in Montgomery County Clerk's land records of Montgomery County at Fonda (May 2001) Value $250
Peter D Eglin 61 lived Montgomery County 10 years
Ann 41 (S/B 51) lived Montgomery County 10 years
Giles 7, Emma 6
Polly Crane ,76, mother from Renssalear County, 55 years in Montgomery County
Margaret 35 sister, 35 years in Montgomery
(note family #284 value $1200 was John D Dodd (Dods) listed in Dods family references

Sarah Eglin Not checked 1855 census Town of Amsterdam page 20 line 9

Federal Census 1860: Saratoga County, Town of Edinburgh
pg 192, hshld #380
Chloe Olmstead, 57, domestic, property $600, personal property $100

hshld #381
Thomas Olmstead, 72, farmer, property $1500, personal property $300
Ardelia, 62

pg 198 #438,
B. Eglin, 67, farmer, property $1400, personal property $100
Jane, 59. domestic
Emma, 18

pg 199 #441
Henry Eglin 37, hotel keeper, property $3200, personal property $525
Theda, 29
George Anne, 3 (f) (Georgie Ann)
Ansel Olmstead, 26, farmer
Moriah Mellen, 21 (f) domestic

pg 201 #464
John Olmstead, 40, cabinet maker, property $1000, personal property $100
Ruama, 37, domestic
Annis 13, Susan, 11, John 7, Emma, 4, George 3, Jessie Estella, 1
John McCarther, 70, cabinet maker

1860 Federal Census of Montgomery County Town of Amsterdam
amended May 2004
page 531 House #224 Family #227
Peter Eglin farmer 65 born Amsterdam N.Y
Ann 54 wife born Amsterdam
Mary Crane 82 born Vermont (Ann Crane Eglin's widowed mother)
Charles 12 (likely Gilles) born Amsterdam
Emma 11 born Amsterdam
Margaret R Crane 38 Female born Amsterdam (of of Ann's sisters)
in same household
Nancy Dodds 20 Children of John Dodds numbered as 2.5.6 in Dods history
Cornelius Dodds 15
Esther Dodds 12 All born Amsterdam

1860 Census of Onondaga County
Roll 828 page 729
Town of Spafford Dwelling #694 Family 149
Isaac Eglin age 36 farmer real estate $4500 personal Property$1000
Elizabeth Eglin 33 born New York
Adelbert age 7
and a farm labourer

Dwelling # 693 Family 148 (next to Isaac Eglin)
W J Dedrick 36 farmer real estate $700 personal property $700
Elizabeth 27
Theriza Dedrick 64 (mother of Elizabeth Eglin) real estate $1000 personal property $200

page 728
dwelling 721 family 177
James Olmstead age 26
Catharine 23
Cordelia 4, Sarah 4 months

dwelling #737 family #193
Isaac Olmsteda 52 farmer
Eunice 50 (she was a "Case")
George Case 17
Family #194
Jeremiah Olmstead 24
Melvina 22
Frank 2, Ezra 1

1860 Federal census of Hamilton County
page 19 Town of Wells
John Eglin 40 farmer born New York Post Office Wells Real estate of $187 Personal property $370
Susan 50 born Vermont
Susan A. 15 domestic born New York attended school within past year
Abram 8 born New York attended school within past year

page 75 Town of Benson
Thomas Eglin 55 male farmer Real estate worth $2000 post office Benson
no indication of any marital status of anyone in census
living with family #563 house #534 Horace Wells 64 farmer (Hiram) wife Mary 57
Harriet 31 female
Angeline 22

Page 75 Town of Benson (next entry after Horace Wells and Thomas Eglin)
family 564 house 535
Silas H. Eglin (initial double checked) 54 farmer born New York, post office Benson
Real estate $1800 personal property $725
Betsy 50 born Vermont
Mary Jane 27 born New York

next entries
Lewis and Hannibal Annibal

page 78 Town of Benson
Family 587 house 558
William T Eglin age 23 farmer born New York Real estate $800 Personal property $550
post office Benson
Mary C 17 born New York
Mary V. 8/12

Next family was that of Miles Parmenter

page 71 Town of Benson
family 540 house 512
Elaphalet Washburn age 60 farmer Real estate $2000 personal property $1095
Catherine 31 and others

1860 Federal census of Fulton County New York
Town of Northampton page 534
William F Crouse age 34, tailor born Saxony Germany
Emily age 31 born New York
Amelia age 9 born New York

1870 Federal census of the Town of Benson Hamilton County New York
Census, taken 12 July by Adolphe Raux, Post Office: Morehouseville pg 413[b],starting line 34, continues onto next page Morehouseville is some 25 miles as the crow flies across the mountains
(akin to us doing a census in the outback of Australia!!)

England, (Eglin) Silas, 64, m, w, farmer, b. in NY, male citizen over 21 yrs old
Betsy, 60, f, w, keeping house, b. in VT
Jane, 37, f, w, keeping house, b. in NY
Brownell, Elisabeth, 40, m [yes this is what it read], w, b. in NY (Widow of Jacob)
(Enrilla?), 17, f, w, b. in NY (correct name was Eurette)
William, 13, m, w, b. in NY
Warner, Samuel, 30, m, w, farmer, $1000 / $300, b. in NY, male citizen over 21 yrs old
Nancy, 30, f, w, keeping house, b. in NY
Edward, 10, m, w, attended school within the year, b. in NY
Ida, 8, f, w, attended school within the year, b. in NY
Warren, 1, m, w, b. in NY

1870 Federal Census, Town of Benson, Hamilton County, NY
Taken 13 July 1870 by Adophe Raux, pg 414[b] starting line 28

Eglin, William, 33, male, white, farmer, b. in NY, male citizen over 21 yrs old
Mary, 25, female, white, keeping house, b. in NY
Alice, 11 [or 10?], female, white, attended school within the yr
William, 7, male, white, attended school within the yr

1870 Federal Census, Town of Hope, Hamilton County, NY Roll #941
taken 11 July 1870 by Adophe Raux, page 423[a], starting line 32, continues on next page

Eglin, John, 51, male, farmer, b. in New Hampshire, male citizen over 21 yrs old
Susan, 61, female, keeping house, b. in New Hampshire
Hor(tect?), 11, male, attends school, b. in New Hampshire ( I think Herbert is the correct name)
same family
Mitchell, Pat, 37, male, farmer, $5000/$1000, b. in Ireland, male citizen over 21 yrs old
John, 48, male, b. in Ireland, male citizen over 21 yrs old
Hugh, 35, male, b. in Ireland, male citizen over 21 yrs old
Kane, Mary, 33, female, keeping house, b. in Ireland
Anna, 10, female, attended school within the yr, b. in Ireland
Jackson, John, 66, male, teacher, b. in Scotland, male citizen over 21 yrs old
Davis, John, 25, male, farmer, b. in Wales, denied voting rights
Anne, 20, female, keeping house, b. in Wales
William, 6 months, b. in NY, b. in January

1870 Federal census Fulton County New York
Town of Northhampton
Roll #938 page 289, County number
page 44 Town of Northampton
Dwelling #355 Family #399
Marietta Eglin 24 female keeping house with family of William Stark age 38 farmer and his son Willie age 8 Her husband Giles Eglin not found in 1870 census index
Town of Northampton
Family #268 Household 231
Byron Cole age 21 Harness maker
Amelia Cole 19 Keeping house
They were living with Family #267 (Household #231)
Mary Burnett 58 tailoress
Charlotte Burnett 26 keeping house

Town of Northampton page #280
Family #233 household #200
Henry Eglin 47 Druggist, real estate worth $2500, personal property worth $500
Theda Eglin age 41
Georgie Ann Eglin age 13
Burdett Eglin age 3

Town of Mayfair (Fulton County) roll #938 Page #241
Dwelling #35 Family #36
Adelia Eglin age 20 School teacher
living with Nathaniel Meade age 74 farmer
Mary Meade 33
Joseph Meade 27

1870 Census of Onondaga County New York
Roll #1061 Town of Spafford page 715
Dwelling #108 family #113
Isaac Eglin 46 farmer real estate $9040 personal property $1400
Elizabeth 44 keeping house
Adelbert 17 farm labourer attended school within one year
Theresa Dedrick 75 (mother of Elizabeth)

Town of Spafford page 713
Dwelling 69 Family #78
We Bass 54 farmer real estate $7360 personal Property $1100
Catharine 49 (maiden name Eglin sister to Isaac Eglin)
John 21 Farm labourer
Eveline 15

Town of Spafford
dwelling #67 family 72
Isaac Olmstead 60 retired farmer real estate $3300, personal Property $4000 (looks a little strange but that what was recorded)
Eunice 57 (Case)

Town of Spafford
dwelling #73 family # 68
Jeremiah Olmstead 34 farmer real estate $10,000 personal property $1500
Lavina 36
Eva 8, Ada 5, David 7, Isaac 4, Sazz? 7/12

1870 census index CD Rom at New York Genealogical Society library Cooperstown N. Y
Following not followed up
Eglin Ann age 57 roll #1088 Page 8 Town of Ballston Saratoga County
Eglin Jacob Roll #940 page 255 Town of Greenville, Greene County
Lobdell W.G age 54 page 423 Town of Hope Hamilton County


page 2 District #18 Dwelling #12 Family #14
Eglin, Silas 74 widower born New York Parents born New York
Henry J. Graydon age 60 son in law farmer born Ireland , parents born Ireland
Mary J. Graydon daughter 47 Keeping house born New York, parents born New York

Page 4 Dwelling 26 Family #31
Elizabeth Brownell age 50 widow keeping house born New York, parents born New York
William Brownell age 20 farmer born New York, parents born New York

Page 9 Dwelling #73 Family #81
All born New York with parents born New York except Fanny Tiffany
William T. Eglin age 42 widower ,farmer,
Alice W, 20 dau keeping house
Willy 17 at home
Bessie 5 dau
Katie 5 Dau
Grace E. Bowler age 23 Boarder Divorced
Fanny Tiffany age 78 Female widow Boarder Born N.Y.
Fanny's parents born Conn
page 9 Dwelling #74 Family #82
CRAYNER John 52 Farmer Born Prussia Parents Hessians
Mena F keeping house
family George 18, Lizie 12, Amelia 10, Louise Granfull 24 dau,
Loue Barlow 3 grandson,
pages 1-9 Town of Benson
80 Dwellings, 88 families

page 11 Dwelling #94 Family #106
John Eglin age 60 Farmer Born N.Y. Parents born N.Y.
Susan age 70 born Vermont Parents born New Hampshire
Adeline dau 31 Teacher born N.Y. parents born N.Y. and Vermont
Herbert son age 21 "at home" born N.Y.

Page 397 of Hamilton County LDS index
Lobdell, Westley 64 mar born N.Y
Kimea A. 60
Katie Williams 18 Daughter widow
Victor L. Massa 8 grandson
page 268
Samuel Lobdell 23
Eliza Lobdell age 20
no children listed

page 397
Benjamin Lobdell 36
Cordellia 23 wife
Mariah L. 5
Robert G 3

page 269B
John Lobdell 49 (maybe younger brother of Westley
Ann 47
Belle 12


page 268C
William F Krouse 55 born Saxony (Germany)
Emily 50 wife
no children listed

Page 268C
Cole, Byron 30
Amelia 28 wife
Fredric 8
Edna 1


Eglin Henry 54
Theda 49
Burdett 13
Eliza Kennicott aunt 69 listed as single (seems like Theda's mother's sister RGM)


Eglin Giles 32
Mary 33 wife
Fredie G 7 son
Eva J 5 daughter

Eglin Mary widow born 1847 (recheck using neighboursof Giles)
Is this Mary widow of Giles??/


Bass William 62
Catharine 59 wife
William H Bass 29 son married
Libbie 26 daughter in law
Borodino Film #T-0906 page 315A
Eadie Frank 28
Eva A. 24


Eglin Jacob 72, widower
with Family of Isaac Schermerhorn 66
Hannah 65 wife
Alvin Jennings 41 Son in law
Mary Jenning 26 Daughter


John Eglin 22 single called "other"
with family of Frederick McCord 52
wife Ida McCord 25
Emma McCord 19 single
William Barker 18 "other"
Alosn Van Voris 55 widower

"Eglan" of Syracuse were blacks


1892 New York State Census Hamilton County

A. TOWN OF HOPE, enumerated 16 Feb 1892
not divide into families (listed on Hamilton County Gen web)
page 1
Lobdell W.G age 76 farmer
Kimina 74 (Kimma)
Eglin Susan 87
Eglin Adellia 46

page 4
Brownell William 35 farmer
Ella 34(no children and none listed in 1900 census either)
It appears that this William Brownell born abt 1857 is likely the son of Jacob Brownell and Elizabeth Eglin as the other William Brownell born 1856 and son of Orra Brownell Jr and Elizabeth Ketchum)
married Caroline Synder (ref Marcia Buffett)

1892 census again families are not separated
Part #1
Eglin William T 55 farmer
Eglin Bessie 17
Eglin Willie 29 farmer
Sarah 23
Charly 2
Sarah 4
Part #3
Gradam Mary 58 (Graydon)
Browneel Elizabeth 62 (as listed)


transcribed from LDS film Jan 2003


House 55 Family 58
Garrett head age 84 born April 1816 married 61 years farmer
Kimey wife age 81 born November 1819
9 children 7 living

For some reason no spouses or children listed with their family nor does there appear to be a listing of them in either Town of Benson or Hope. One might wonder if they just listed their living children for the census taker

Elias J Lobdell son born August 1839 age 60 married 35 years farmer
Benjamin son born September 1843 age 56 married 26 years , farmer
Clorenda daughter born April 1849 age 51 married 30 years
Peter son born November 1850 age 49 married 27 years day labourer
Samuel A born February 1852 age 48 married 24 years day labourer
Charles H born February 1854 age 46 married 20 years day labourer
Kate daughter born June 1862 age 38 married 20 years

House #74 Family # 77
William Brownell age 43 born April 1857 married 20 years
Ella V wife born Dec 1859 age 40
no children
boarder Frank May age 23 born May 1877

House # 127 Family #132 (page 8 Benson)
William born February 1837 age 63 married 7 years farmer
Louisa born September 1859 age 40 sewing machine operator
Emmett born May 1894 age 6
Edna born December 1895 age 4
Ethel born May 1899


1900 Federal census FULTON COUNTY
Census taken June 1900
page 8 Dwelling # 124 Family 179 living 5 North Street
William Eglin age 36 Born March 1864 Married 14 years
labourer ? store Born N.Y. parents Born N.Y. Can read and write

wife Sarah age 31 Born Oct 1868 (illegible) Married 14 years 5 children 4 living, Born N.Y.
parents born N.Y. can read and write Sewing machine operator, gloves
Leah Dau age 12 Born March 1888
Charles S. age 10 Born April 1890
John age 9 born April 1891
Irene age 3 Born 1897 (Month illegible)

census taken 19 June 1900 Dwelling #434 family #453
Eaglin Burdett (no really legible) age 33 Born May 1867 born N.Y. parents born N.Y. married
6 years bank Cashier Can read and write
wife Carrie age 26 born Dec 1873 N.Y no living children has had no children
Theda (Eaglin) mother age 69 born May 1831 6 children, 1 living


page #1 Family #3
Eglin Emuth (unreadable but presumed to be Emment) age 25 farmer
( indexed the name as Canneth S.)
Loretta D age 19
Martha M 3 months

page 4A Roll T625-1113 family #106 Northville ED#40
Burdett age 53 head
Caroline 46 wife

page 8A roll ED #39 RollT625-1113 Town of Northampton
Charles 29
Elizabeth 26
Marion 8
Marguerite 6


Roll T625-1113 Page 6B

William 83 listed as Father in law
Howard 30 head
Edna 24 wife. Ethel 8, Willard 4 9/12, Arthur 2 3/12, Howard Jr 3/12

page 6B ED23 Film #T625_1113
Eglin family 3149
Charlotte 43 (indexed as 40) born New York Mother in law
family name Fargarant??
Albert C age 29
Ellen 25
Albert Jr 3 month

film roll T625_1113 page 2B ED #34 family #31
Louisa 59 servant in house of Jack Portel age 62 (no others in house)

Film Roll T625-1126 ED 59 page 2B Family #43
Herman n age 37 single brother in law
in household of Alfred H Palmer 44
Jennie Palmer 44


Roll# T625_1246
page 3B family #76
Bass Glenn 30 farmer
Maude 26
Elena daughter 2 yr 6 months

page 5A Family 3115
Bass Ray 38 occupation general farmer
Elsie 38
Stanley 10

Fulton County
Town of Broadalbin
Roll T626_1439
page 3 House #11 Family #11
Emmett S age 35 renter and manager of a general farm
wife Loretta age 29 glove fitter at home
Martha M age
Virginia E age 9
Kenneth E age 17
Emmett W age 4 years and 3 months

from the "Garland" newspaper of 28 Oct 1837 published where?
Eglin, Peter D. of Hope died in Hope, Montgomery County (This was really a reference to the Death of Peter's wife Synthia rather than the death of Peter). Abner in the history of Hamilton County Page 360 states she died 19 October 1837 and is buried in the Willard Cemetery at Hope.

Dec/94 Helen Cole (3 West State Street Gloversville) advised that she was an Eglin born 1913.
Her father was Charles Eglin born 1892, died 22 November 1944 age 54 Buried Ferndale Cemetery Johnstown. Her mother was Elizabeth Rolls . Charles had brothers John Eglin died 31 May 1967,
no children buried Ferndale Cemetery Johnstown. Charles father was William and died young.
Charles' mother was Sarah Woodrick (I RGM I have found that she and Sarah Palmateer were one and the same.) Charles had 2 daughters Helen (Cole) and Marian (Howland, sp ?)
Marian Howland died 16 September 1982 and is buried in Ferndale Cemetery Johnstown.
Marian had 2 children Gary Holland married 2 children, Janet Howland married ? U/K Luss no children Husband is dead.
Helen Cole's husband was John. She was born 1914 and married over 55 yrs in 1994
(1 July 1939) Daughter Donna Cole, married James Getman Resides Meco. Town of Johnstown Fulton County NY. Getmans have 2 children Robert and Kim Dorman. Kim Dorman has a son Joseph Jr.

Fulton County N.Y. "Republican"
(info to David Avery From Mrs Gail Rathburn of 1 Knox Ave. Johnstown N.Y. on March 25 1985 Under date of 27 December 1879 (tho I wonder if the date should not have been February

"Eglin aged father of Henry died 23 Feb (1879) "
also 26 Dec 1878 "Eglin, mother of Henry died Thursday, services held at Edinburg"

New Jersey Marriages 1665-1800 by William Nelson pub 1973 by Genealogical Publishing Co of Baltimore Md. page 130 married by License
Elizabeth Elginton of Salem to Samuel Read of Salem May 24 1827

Directory of Ancestral Heads of New England Families 1620-1700 by Holmes Pub 1984 by Genealogical Publishing Co of Baltimore
W. Eglin was at Boston c 1667

Feb/95 via Gail M. Cramer, Town Historian of Northville
a. Obit of Theda J. Eglin (who died 17 July 1900) Newspaper Obit from a local Paper Which One ? (not in complete detail) Mrs. Theda J Eglin age 69 years widow of late Henry Eglin passed away at home of her son Burdett Eglin with whom she resided on Tuesday. Death due to Heart Rupture.
She had not been in good health for sometime. She was daughter of Thomas and Adelai Kennicutt Olmstead and was born in Edinburgh Saratoga county . Married to Henry Eglin who had been identified with the drug trade in Northville for a number of years. They later moved to Edinburgh where he died 10 November 1882. 12 years ago Mrs Eglin returned to Northville.
Survived by son Burdett Eglin, cashier of Northville Bank. 3 brothers David Olmstead of Broadalbin, Allen and Ansel Olmstead of Edinburgh, 2 sisters Mrs. Mary A. Stimson of Day Center (Town of Day, Saratoga City.) and Mrs Susan A. Wells of Ballston Spa (Town of Milton, Saratoga City. ) Funeral from her late home by Rev George K. Fraser of Northville Presbyterian Church of which she was a member. Burial Clark Cemetery Edinburgh

B. pages from family records perhaps complied by Theda Olmstead

April 26 & 27 & 28 1902
Mrs Mary Jane Eglin GurDon (here?) (Mrs. Henry Graydon )
Uncl Silas Eglin born 1806 Died age ?
Aunt Betsy born 1810 died age 62 years
Cozon Elizabeth Eglin Brownil born 1828 (Brownell )
died aged 67 ? (Copy Too faint to read)
Cozon Mary Jane GurDon born 1833
Coz Wm. Eglin born 1837
Mother Angelico Mason Grandmother was Scotch and her mother Dutch
In 1851 Uncle Cornelos' Eglins sons came hear to visit all of uncle relatives. they had been to California & coz John had $5000 and Coz Thomas had $3000. They ?? made in money in N.Y. City
They carried it in a belt around ? (RGM speculation Gold fields of Sacramento area)

Info from Donald Keefer 2107 West Glenville Road R.R. #3 Amsterdam N.Y 12010

A. New York Marriages prior to 1784 page 123
Marriage license issued to John Eaglin and Ann Howell dated 4 April 1770

B. Baptisms
Records of Children baptised at St George Anglican Church Schenectady N.Y as indexed by
Willis T. Hanson in 2 Volumes 1919 (copy of Baptismal records etc available at Montgomery County Archives at Fonda)

Volume 2
page 1, Thomas Eaglin Parents John Eaglin and Ann Eaglin nee Howell baptized 23 June 1771 by Rev Harry Monro
page 15, Mary dau of John and Ann Eglein bpt 11 Sept 1774 born 25 August 1774

C. Mary Stevens Register of Births (she was a mid-wife in Schenectady)
a. Ann dau of John and Ann Eglington born 28 July 1773 at 3 in the morning
b. 25 August 1774 Ann Eglinton was deliver'd of a daughter Baptized Mary

20 August 2000 Marcia Buffett Gloversville Fulton County N.Y email
Kimma Eglin daughter of Peter D Eglin and his wife Synthia Olmstead
Kimma's birthdate (1819) is taken from a census

Descendants of Jacob Elias Lobdell
Generation No. 1
1. JACOB ELIAS1 LOBDELL (CALEBA, JOHNB, JOSHUAC, SIMOND) was born June 30, 1789 in Columbia Co., NY, and died October 12, 1842 in Northampton, Fulton Co., NY.
He married RACHEL VAN NESS September 2, 1810 in Northville Methodist Ch., Northville, NY, daughter of HENRY VAN NESS and EVE (VAINNESS).

2. i. SIMON VAN NESS LOBDELL, b. January 29, 1812; d. March 30, 1900, Taber, Oneida Co., NY.
3. ii. LYDIA LOBDELL, b. June 30, 1814, Northampton, Fulton Co., NY; d. September 19, 1901, Hope, Hamilton Co., NY.
4. iii. WESLEY "GARGETT" LOBDELL, b. April 23, 1816.
        iv. OFFIE LOBDELL, b. February 12, 1818; m. EDWARD WOOD.
        v. MARY LOBDELL, b. August 9, 1822; m. CLARK CARPENTER.
        vi. CLARINDA LOBDELL, b. July 18, 1824; d. 1848; m. WILLIAM LAWTON.
        vii LADY LOBDELL, b. July 29, 1826; m. HAMILTON MASON.
        viii SARAH LOBDELL, b. June 11, 1828; m. JOHN WARD FIDDLER.
        ix. SAMUEL LOBDELL, b. 1834; d. 1851.
5. x. MATILDA R. LOBDELL, b. May 1, 1837; d. 1901, Northville, Fulton Co.,
        xi. JOHN LOBDELL, b. May 20, 1830; d. 1902, Northville, Fulton Co., NY; m. ANN POTTER.
        xii. LAURA LOBDELL, b. July 22, 1832; m. AUGUSTUS P. HULL.

Generation No. 2

2. SIMON VANESSA LOBDELL (JACOB ELIAS, CALABA, JOHN, JOSHUA, SIMON) was born January 29, 1812, and died March 30, 1900 in Taber, Oneida Co., NY.
He married (1) OLINDA DUBOIS. He married (2) MARY JANE GILBERT October 22, 1834.

        I. FRED W.3 LOBDELL, b. January 31, 1857, Annsville, Oneida Co., NY; m. MARTHA M. BAKER.

        ii. ACENATH CAROLINE3 LOBDELL, b. September 24, 1835; d. August 29, 1872; m. ANDREW J. BACON, September 28, 1855.
        iii. HELEN LOBDELL, b. October 15, 1837; d. May 8, 1864, Chicago, Cook Co., Ill.; m. TIMOTHY D. POWERS, March 25, 1858.
        iv. SIDNEY ALEXANDER LOBDELL, b. September 30, 1839, Northville, Fulton Co., NY; m. ELIZA J. MINNERLY, October 13, 1864, Princeton, Bureau Co.,Ill..

3. LYDIA2 LOBDELL (JACOB ELIAS, CALABA, JOHN, JOSHUA, SIMON) was born June 30, 1814 in Northampton, Fulton Co., NY, and died September 19, 1901 in Hope, Hamilton Co., NY. She married BENJAMIN SCRIBNER, son of ROBERT SCRIBNER and HANNAH HEWITT.

        I. HANNAH3 SCRIBNER, b. 1835.
        ii. JOHN D. SCRIBNER, b. 1842; d. 1931, Hope Cem., Hamilton Co., NY; m. LAURA B. FOUNTAIN.
        iii. MARY A. SCRIBNER, b. 1844.
        iv. DETOLA SCRIBNER, b. 1847.
        v. ROBERT SCRIBNER, b. 1848.
        vi. EMILY SCRIBNER, b. 1850.
        vii SARAH SCRIBNER, b. 1852.
        viii. ALICE E. SCRIBNER, b. 1853; m. MANVILLE S. WILLIAMS, December 25, 1872, Methodist Ch., Northville, Fulton Co., NY.
        ix. HIRAM SCRIBNER, b. 1859; d. 1936, Gloversville, Fulton Co. New York; m. HATTIE ANIBAL.
        x. EVA SCRIBNER, b. 1859.


        I. CYNTHIA LOBDELL, b. 1842.
        ii. BENJAMIN W. LOBDELL, b. 1844.
        iii. JOHN E. LOBDELL, b. 1846.
        iv. CLARINDA LOBDELL, b. 1848.
        v. PETER E. LOBDELL, b. 1850.
        vi. SAMUEL A. LOBDELL, b. 1852; m. ELIZA A. ELLSWORTH.
        vii. CHARLES H. LOBDELL, b. 1854.

5. MATILDA R.2 LOBDELL (JACOB ELIAS, CALABA, JOHN, JOSHUA, SIMON) was born May 1, 1837, and died 1901 in Northville, Fulton Co., NY. She married JULIUS FRARY BOWMAN April 8, 1857, son of ISAAC BOWMAN and SUBMIT FRARY.

        I. WARD MYRON3 BOWMAN, b. July 4, 1859; m. ELIZABETH (LIBBIE) AMES.
        ii. ISAAC ELIAS BOWMAN, b. June 4, 1861, Northville, Fulton Co., NY; m. (1) JENNIE MCKNIGHT, September 2, 1883; m. (2) MARGARET SHIPMAN, 1899.

10 Oct 2000 Jean Witherington Florida Email jow
Olmstead family book page 404 Descendants of Jeremiah Olmstead (with notes by RGM in brackets)

1 Jeremiah Olmstead b: 06 January 1762 in W Stockbridge, MA
.. +Mercy Wells b: 16 July 1768
......... 2 Timothy Olmstead b: Bet. 1790 _ 1800 in Hope, Hamilton Co, NY
............. +Nancy Vanderhoff b: Bet. 1790 _ 1800
.................... 3 Robert Olmstead b: 16 January 1823
.................... 3 Jabez Olmstead
.................... 3 Hepzibah Olmstead
.................... 3 Mercy Olmstead
.................... 3 Mardula Olmstead
.................... 3 Sabrina Olmstead
......... 2 Dat(hon) Olmstead b: Bet. 1790 _ 1800
............. +Dorrance b: Bet. 1790 _ 1800
.................... 3 Jeremiah Olmstead b: Bet. 1820 _ 1830
......... 2 Jabez Olmstead b: Bet. 1795 _ 1805
......... 2 Almon Olmstead b: Bet. 1795 _ 1805
............. +Eliza Brundage b: Bet. 1795 _ 1810
.................... 3 David Olmstead b: Bet. 1820 _ 1830
.................... 3 Eliza Olmstead b: Bet. 1820 _ 1830
.................... 3 Sabra Olmstead b: Bet. 1825 _ 1835
.................... 3 Joseph Olmstead b: Bet. 1825 _ 1835
.................... 3 Nathan Olmstead b: Bet. 1830 _ 1840
.................... 3 Mary Olmstead b: Bet. 1830 _ 1840
......... 2 Isaac Olmstead b: 17 August 1808 in Hope, Hamilton Co, NY
............. +Eunice Case (b: abt 1813 liv 1870)
(lived 1860 and 1870 in Town of Spafford, Onondaga County N.Y.)
.................... 3 Jeremiah Olmstead b: 21 September 1835
.................... 3 Mary Olmstead b: 23 May 1838
......... 2 Hannah Olmstead b: Bet. 1810 _ 1815
......... 2 Kimmie Olmstead b: Bet. 1812 _ 1820
rgm BORN 5 October 1799 d 14 Dec 1881 at Amsterdam Schenectady County married Abrahma Filkins)
......... 2 Sarah Olmstead b: Bet. 1814 _ 1825
......... 2 Cynthia Olmstead b: (1794)
(died 19 October 1837 and bur Willard Cemetery Town of Hope)
............. +Peter Eglin b: (1794 Mongomery county d aft 1861 Town of Amsterdam)
his second wife was Ann Crane
.................... 3 Kimmie Eglin ( b: 1818 d 1905 mar W. G. Lobdell)
.................... 3 John Eglin (b:1819/20 d aft bet 1880 -1892 mar Susan U/K)
.................... 3 Catherine Eglin (b: abt 1821 d aft 1870 mar William Bass)
.................... 3 Isaac Eglin (b: Oct 1824 d Nov 1904 mar Eliz Dedrick &Alice Case))
.................... 3 Mercy Eglin (may have mar Wm F Krouse and lik d bef Nov 1872)
.................... 3 Hannah Eglin ( living Nov 1872 mar John Sliter)
......... 2 Lucinda Olmstead b: Bet. 1815 _ 1825
......... 2 Mercy Olmstead b: Bet. 1820 _ 1830

1917 Directory of Onondaga County N.Y
via Onondaga County Rootsweb Gen Net

Glen Bass (Maude) farmer, owner R.R. #1 Marietta, Town of Spafford
Ray Bass (Elsie) one child farmer owner, R.R.#1 Marietta, Town of Spafford
William H Bass (Elizabeth) retired Borodino Town of Spafford, owner

see also Ref #39
Mortuary Records with Genealogical Notes of the Town of Spafford , Onondaga County N.Y
By Capt George K. Collins Published by the Onondaga Historical Association 1917
(Copy at Library of New York Genealogical Society, Cooperstown New York

page 92 Eglin
Isaac D. Eglin born October 4 1824 died Nov 22 1904 (buried Borodino cemetery)
he married
1. Elizabeth Dedrick dau of William and Thurzy(McCausey) Dedrick
2. Alice Case dau of Aaron GF and Rebecca (Monk) Case

Elizabeth (Dedrick) wife of Isaac Eglin died April 14 1886 age 58 yrs 10 mon and 25 days
(bur Borodino Cemetery)
Dearest husband !
Thou Dearest friend of my mortal years thou trusted one who tried
Thou art still living in the valley of tears
But I am at thy side

        In her will dated 25 June 1878 and probated July 7 1890, she mentions her husband Isaac D Eglin but no children. She also mentions her brother William J Dedrick of Spafford, her uncle Samuel Dedrick of Rhode Island, her uncle Henry Dedrick of Rhode Island, Tilson Wood and his sister Louise, children of her aunt Harriet Wood late of Rhode Island , her aunt Catharine sister of her father William Dedrick, and Mrs Helen Williams daughter of Charles McCausey of Spafford

Alice Case wife of Isaac Eglin born January 16 1859 Died Dec 14 1905

Lehan Delbert only son of Isaac and Elizabeth Eglin died July 5 1877 age 24 yrs 6 months and 5 days
verse bur Borodino Cemetery

Sweets Atlas of Onondaga County pub 1874 Town of Spafford pages 87/88
I. Eglin Lot 90, Wm Bass Lot 89, J Olmstead Lot 89

1939 Fulton County Guide
Emment Eglin, Gloversville PO

Residents and Businesses of Northampton and Northville Fulton City N.Y 1869/70
Henry Eglin dealer in liquors, spices, coffee, tea, tobacco, cigars etc

Onondaga County Gen web Bios on line from Onondaga's Centennial Family Sketches
pub Boston History Co 1896

vol 2 page 486
Willam H Bass born 16 Jan 1851 Hamilton City N.Y. 5th of 7 children of Wm and Catherine (Eglin) Bass
came to Spafford 1870. Grandson of Zadoc Bass of Hamilton City. Wm is a Democrat and belongs to M.E church . A farmer who started with 92 acres now has 131 acres, Town Supervisor 1888-1890
Town Assessor 3 yrs, Married 1877 Libbie Legg dau of William M amd Minerva (Prindle) Legg
Wm and Libbie, 3 children Ray born 20 Nov 1881, Ortha b 27 Dec 1884 and Glen b 27 May 1889

Vol #2 page 294
Frank Eadie born Spafford 4 Sept 1852 son James and Zeruah (Monk) Eadie. Frank went to Courtland Academy taught school 3 years and clerked store of H.A Olton for 3 and continued with new owner
Mr. Churchill. Frank Eadie purchased business with Edward Churchill and after 10 years bought him out
Carries General merchandise and specialty of butter, eggs and seeds, Town Clerk and temperance advocate Married Eva A Bass dau of Wm and Catherine (Eglin) Bass in 1878.
One dau Linnie born 6 Sept 1885

Business and Residents of Mayfair (Town ) Fulton County 1869/70 from Gazetteer of Montgomery and Fulton Counties 1869-70 pages 255-260

John Eglin (presumed son of Peter) Post office Cranberry Creek, farmer leased 90 acres belonging to William Ashton in town of Mayfield

Fulton County Rootsweb Gen Net Queries and Resposes April 2000 Jill Collins
Brownell Family
Cyrus Hammond Brownell born 11 March 1806 son of Daniel Brownell 1756-1852 and Hannah Hammond
mar Lydia Emily Van Arnum b abt 1809 He died 5 Jan 1863 Bur Main St Cemetery Northville,
Town of Northampton, Fulton County His occ lawyer
7 children
Jacob b 1829, Lucy m b1831, Levi H b 1835, Juliaett born 1835 d 1886 mar Willam Harley Collins in 1862, William B b 1837, John Wesley b 1841, Helen E b 1846

Fulton County Gen web Board
Members of Northville Fire Dept 1891/2 (Town of Northampton Fulton County)
B (Burdett) Eglin

Fulton County Gen web Board

Members of Kingsborough Ave Presbyterian Church 1930
Mrs Charles Eglin, Marian Eglin, Marguerite Eglin


Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 from dmead Historian of Town of Benson Hamilton County New York retired Dec 2002

edition !5 Feb 2002 of the Leader_Herald (Gloversville)
Charlott Eglin: Charlotte Eglin, 79, of County Highway 110, Broadalbin, died Tuesday afternoon (12 February 2002) at St. Mary's Hospital in Amsterdam. She was born on May 9, 1922 in Broadalbin (Fulton County), a daughter of Roy and Pearl Baird Warner and was a lifelong resident. Mrs. Eglin attended local schools. She was employed at the Elmer Little Glove Factory in Johnstown for 19 years and later operated a glue machine at Mohawk Furniture in Broadalbin. Mrs. Eglin retired in 1985.
        She is survived by her husband of 58 years, Emmett W. Eglin, whom she married on Jan. 24, 1944; two sons, William E. Eglin and David L. Eglin, both of Broadalbin.

Another Eglin...
        Schenectady: Jane E. Eglin, 76, of Western Parkway, died February 12, 2002 at St. Mary's Hospital, Amsterdam. Born October 8, 1925 in Gloversville. Survived by her husband, Kenneth Eglin; sons, John, Hoff, and Charles Eglin. Daughters, Sharon Stanton and Carol Wallace.

"Eglin Family History", from the Town of Mayfield(Fulton County), I found a reference of my own particular interest. This item made reference to Adelia Eglin, age 20, school teacher, living with Nathaniel Meade (Mead), age 74, farmer. Along with a listing of Mary Meade (Mead) 33, and Joseph Mead 27. Nathaniel Mead was my gg grandfather and lived along the Mountain Road in the town of Mayfield. About an eighth of a mile up the road from his farm was the little country school that served his rural area. Thus, the reason that Adelia Eglin was boarding with him and his family. Nathaniel Mead was a very unique man, of whom I have so m uch information. In fact, I have two likenesses of him on the walls in my home. He was elected a Deacon in our local Baptist Church in 1821 and served without interruption in that position 'til he passed away 53 years later. His youngest son Joseph, (mentioned in the reference listing) kept diaries from 1861 until he passed away in 1924. Both he and his sister Mary Electra never married and thus his diaries passed along through his brother Charles and now are with me.

July 2004 via Kit Craven 146 Sherman Street Schenectady N.Y 12303-2522 Email

see also ref #2 and Ref #29 Town of SPAFFORD Onondaga County New York mortuary records with Genealogical Notes _ Onondaga Historical Association:
Issac D. Eglin, (son of Peter Doremus Eglin)
b. Oct. 4, 1824, d. Nov. 22,1904. Married (1) Elizabeth Dedrick, d/o Wm. and Thurzy (McCausey) Dedrick and (2) Alice Case d/o Aaron G. & Rebecca (Monk) Case.
Elizabeth (Dedrick) wife of Isaac Eglin, d. Apr. 14, 1886, 58yrs., 10 mos.,25das.
In her will, dated June 25, 1878, probated July 7, 1890, she mentions her husband, Isaac D. G. Eglin, but no children. She also mentions her brother, Wm. J. Dedrick of Spafford; her uncle, Samuel Dedrick of Rhode Island; her uncle, Henry Dedrick of RI; Tilson Wood and his sister Louisa, chld. of her Aunt Harriet Wood, late of RI, deceased; her aunt Sally Reed, of RI; her aunt Catherine, sister of her father, Wm. Dedrick; and Mrs. Helen Williams, d/o Charles McCausey of Spafford.)
Alice (Case) w/o Isaac Eglin. Born Jan. 16, 1859, d. Dec. 14, 1905.
Lehana Delbert, only son of Isaac and Elizabeth Dedrick Eglin, d. July 5, 1877, age 24 yrs.,6 mos.,5 das.

July 2004 via Kit Craven 146 Sherman Street Schenectady N.Y 12303-2522

Records of St. James Lutheran ("Straw") Church, Greenwich, Warren Co., NJ:
Communicant, Oct. 13, 1792 _ Elizabeth Eglin. (That's all nothing else.)

July 2004 via Kit Craven 146 Sherman Street Schenectady N.Y 12303-2522

Church Records of Goshenhoppen, Upper Hanover Township, Montgomery Co., PA, bpts. by Rev. George Michael Weiss: Philip Jacob Egi and Catharina _ J.Georg, Febr. 18, 1759 _ Georg Hellig & wife Elisa Barbara; Leonhardt Eggelin & wife, Anna Catharina Febr. 24, 1759 _ J. Jost Keller & wife. Pennsylvania_German Society

July 2004 via Kit Craven 146 Sherman Street Schenectady N.Y 12303-2522

Vale Cemetery Schenectady N.Y
Section P,. Catherine's head stone has fallen over It has MOTHER on curved top and name & dates on front. The whole plot overlooks a deep ravine, facing north. It appears to consist of 20/21 graves with #'s 6,7,8,17 and possibly 20 empty.
In the front is a large oblong stone marker _ FULLER. Although the Fuller marker is there E.T. Smith is listed as owner. Starting facing left:
#1 _ A. W. Fuller no date
#2 _ E.D. Fuller no date
#3 _ Sara A. Smith Fuller d. Oct. 1, 1906
#4 _ Godfrey W. Fuller d. Feb. 19, 1899
#5 _ Jane Smith d. Mar. 1, 1910
#6 _
#7 _
#8 _
#9 _ Clarence Smith 1877
#10 _ Louisa Smith? This is the way it is on the card.
#11 _ Lottie Smith?
#12 _ Randall Smith?

Back row:
#13 _ Albert Orman d. Sept. 18, 1937. No stone.
#14 _ Maria Smith d. Mar. 1845 *
#15 _ Sarah Wells Smith d. 1882.
#16 _ Edward Smith d. 1867
#18 _ Edward Smith d. 1884 (b. 1830 on card) Evidently he was in a vault from Mar. 4, 1884 to internment May 1884.
#19 _ Catherine Eglin Smith d. Mar. 3, 1906. Catherine d. @85_6_25 in New York City of pneumonia.
#20 _ Sarah M. Smith d. Jan. 19, 1926

* _ #14 also has listed Marianne Fuller Smith d. June 9, 1937. What the story on this one is, I don't know. There wasn't a stone that I could see. Perhaps it was a baby. It also appears that there is a space after #20 for another burial inside plot.
The front row has 12 places for burials, back has 20 and appear to be space for 2 people each, maybe this explains two burials in #14.
I asked to have Catherine's stone reseated. It appears otherwise in good shape.

March 2005
Re Jeremiah Olmstead who was the father of Cythnia Olmsted wife of Peter Eglin of Section D
from Crlton Hommel winters) 5903 Princess Diana Court, Leesburg, FL 34748.
Summers 68 Leisure Lane, Frye Island ,Maine 04071 eail

Jeremiah Olmsted purchased his property in what was then Wells, later Hope, Montgomery Co, later Hamilton Co., in 1793. I copied his mortgage in the Fonda, NY Court House two years ago. On the same page there was another mortgage to Aaron Olmsted, both granted by Jeremiah Van Rensselaer, agent for the State for selling Loyalists's property. This property was along the river. I could not find a discharge of the Aaron mortgage, and in fact there was no other mention of him in the records. Gideon Olmstead came along a few years later. Again there is no other record of him, although it is said he was the first to die in the area. Jeremian's oldest children were born before 1793, but I have no idea where.
Also, could I include your files in an edition of my Newsletter, Jabez Olmsted of Ware? You can see several back issues at

BROWNELL Family Info
Other than Jacob (Includes Orra etc)

This info was been gathered as ,I, RGM was under impression that Orra Brownell Jr 's wife was
Elizabeth Eglin and is added for the use of other researchers.

Northville Main St Cemetery about 3/4 way back and abt 1/4 way from east side
very tall brown sandstone monument (25 feet) cylinder on a pillared base 6ft x 6ft
likely the tallest monument in the cemetery. There is figure on the top of the cylinder
North side
NANCY wife of Orra Brownell (Sr).
Died Feb 1 1866 age 63

West side
Orra Brownell (Jr) died Sept 25 1877 aged 48 yrs
Elizabeth A his wife died Feb 26 1901 age 61 yrs

South side
George Brownell died Feb 25 1901 age 30yrs

East side
Mary died Feb 12 1864 in her 5th yr
Elias died Aug 7 1856 in his 2nd year
Lewis died Sept 10 1874 in his 7th year
Robert died Jan 2 1878 in his 6th yr
Children of O & E Brownell

Hope Falls Cemetery, Town of Hope Hamilton County via Hamilton County Geneweb

Seymour M Brownell b1864 d 1953 (note on transcripts "son of Orra Brownell Jr & Elizabeth Ann Ketchum")
Jennie I Brownell b 12 Feb 1870 died 7/5/06
(note on transcripts " Dau of John A. Williams)

1860 census of Hamilton County
page 50 Town of Hope
family 405 house 375
Orra Brownell 39 farmer 300 Personal Property (no real estate) post office Hope Center
Elizabeth 22
William 3
Margaret 7/12

page 50 Family 402 house 372
Orra Brownell age 65 farmer born New York Real Esate $200 personal property $750
Nancy 60 born Scotland
2 children still at home

family 404 was John Brownell age 27 and family
family 403 was John Russell a hotel keeper

1870 Federal census of the Town of Benson Hamilton County New York
Census, taken 12 July by Adolphe Raux,Post Office: Morehouseville pg 413[b],
starting line 34, continues onto next page Morehousville is some 25 miles as the crow flies across the mountains

1870 Federal Census, Town of Hope, Hamilton County, NY
taken 9 July 1870 by Adolphe Raux, P.O. Morehouseville page 421[a], starting line 39,
and continues on next page

Brownell, Ory L., 40, male, white, tanner, $0/$500, b. in NY, male citizen over 21 yrs old
Elisabeth, 32, female, keeping house, b. in NY
William, 13, male, b. in NY
John, 18, male, b. in NY
(Symon?), 6, male, b. in NY
Louise, 3, female, b. in NY (G/S Lewis)
George, 2 months, male, b. in NY, b. in April
Brownell, Ora, 75, male, none [occupation], $0/$1000, b. in NY, male citizen over 21 yrs old

page 4
S.M Brownell 27 Tanner
George Brownell 21 Tanner

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