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February 2006
John Eglin and Catharine Dods
1814 likely the town of Benson Hamilton County
Alanson Mason maybe about 1835 likely Town of Hope Hamilton County New York
12 August 1853 age 39 years 2 months and 3 days
as the wife of Alanson Mason in Clarksville (Clark School House) cemetery on Tennantville Road, Town of Edinburg Saratoga County N.Y
Ages from 1850 census of Town of Hope Hamilton County
#2.11.1* Lurancy Mason born 1836 age14 in 1850 census (Lorancy)

#2.11.2 * Polly A. Mason born July 1838 age 12

#2.11.3 John Mason born about 1840 age 10 John has not been identified in 1860 census or later
Just too many John Masons that could be this John.

#2.11.4 *Thomas M. Mason born 3 February 1842 age 8

#2.11.5* Katharine Mason born about 1844 age 6

#2.11.6 *Silas B. Mason born 16 May 1847 age 3 likely town of Edinburg Saratoga County

        Alanson Mason was born 3 February 1808 in New York and died 12 December 1895, age 87 and was buried in Clarksville Cemetery as husband of Naomy Mason born1824. He remarried before 1855 to Naomi Culver who was born 1824 and died 9 August 1883, age 58 years 8 months and 11 days who was also buried Clarksville cemetery as wife of Alanson Mason.
        Alanson and Angelica Mason baptized 25 October 1840 at Northville Baptist Church. The Church was founded in 1802. The family were listed in the 1840 census of the Town of Hope as one male under 5 years, one male between 30 and 40 years, two females under 5 years and one female between 20 and 30 years old.
        Alanson was listed in the 1850 census of the Town of Hope with no wife but with his children Lurancy age 14, Polly age 13, John age 10, Thomas age 8, Katharine age 6 and Silas age 3.
        In 1850 Alanson was in the Town of Hope Hamilton County perhaps in the present Mason Road area just north of Northville but by 1855 had just moved to the Town of Edinburg, Saratoga County and was living near his son in law William Partridge in present Sinclair point area (The reservoir did not yet exist and this was prime farm land).
        Alanson remarried before the 1855 state census to Naomi Culver. He was listed as "Alansing" Mason in the census of the Town of Edinburg as age 38, born Hamilton County, 2 months in Saratoga County. wife Naomy, age 30 born Saratoga and son Thomas Mason age 13. Also with them was Naomi's mother, Phebe Culver, age 72 born and Saratoga and lived there for 72 years and a child Mary Ann, no age given (Was this child the Polly of the 1850 census?)

        Alanson Mason has not yet been found in the 1860 census. His wife Naomi Mason age 35 and children Daniel age 3 and George age 1, were living with her mother Phoebe Culver (Family #431 of the Town of Edinburg on real estate valued at $1800 and with chattels valued at $275). With them were 2 farm laborers.. Catherine Mason age 15 and Silas Mason age 13 were living with the family of their sister, Lorance Partridge. age 24, her husband William 28 as were her Partridge children, Charles and William. Alanson's son, Thomas Mason had gone to Indiana. Polly Mason had married Wesley Wood and was living nearby in the Town of Northampton, Fulton County. Alanson's son John has not yet been identified in the 1860 or later census.
        The 1870 census of Edinburg, family 309 lists Alanson Mason age 62, farmer wife Namoi with sons Daniel age 13 and George age 11 both at school. Silas had also gone to Indiana,
        Alanson was listed in 1871 Saratoga County Business Report as being a farmer of 90 acres with Northampton (Fish House) Fulton County Post office address. Alanson and his wife Naomi and son George age 21 were still in Edinburg for the 1880 census as family #152. Family #159 was Henry Eglin, his wife Theda and their son Burdett. Henry was the son of Bathlomeus Eglin who was an older brother of Angelica Eglin Mason who were living on the outskirts of Northville.
        Silas Mason obit of July 1908 notes that his half brother, Daniel Mason was living in Edinburg and George Mason living in Gloversville Fulton County


LORANCY (Spellings) MASON #2.11.1

Angelica Eglin #1.11 and Alanson Mason
1836 (G/S) age 14 in 1850 census 19 in 1855 census age 24 in 1860 census
1853 to William Partridge (1855 census)
31 July 1874 age 38
Partridge (Abbott) cemetery at Sinclair Point Town of Edinburg
# Charles L Partridge born about 1853 age 7 in 1860 census
The 1880 census of Town of Edinburg, family #163 lists Charles L. Partridge, age 26, farmer wife Aurilla, age 22, born New York.

# William Partridge born about 1855 age 5 in 1860 census
He was listed as Lathrop Partridge age 17 in the 1870 census living with his a parents.
The 1880 census of Town of Edinburg, family #149 lists Lathrop Partridge 24, occupation day laborer, 5 months unemployed in the past year, wife Nellie age 20 and children Coria age 1(Daughter) and Edward age 11 months, born February 1879.

# Angelica Partridge died 25 March 1859 age 3 months and 19 days buried Partridge Cemetery

# Seymour Partridge born August 1860, age 19 in 1880 census
Seymour was listed in the 1900 census of the Town of Northampton Fulton County as family #40, Seymour A Partridge born August 1860, farmer, wife Cora, born June 1870, married 11 years with 2 children both living , Irene born December 1889 and Florence born July 1892.
The family not yet found in 1910 census.

# Minnie Partridge born about 1868 age 12 in 1880 census

# Jennie Partridge born 1869 died 9 June 1873 age 4 years buried Partridge Cemetery

        William Partridge was the son of James Partridge Jr who was born 3 December 1798 in the Town of Edinburg and his wife Clarissa Colson married 28 March 1819 (William was one of 13 children who grew to adulthood. See pages 334/5 of "Saratoga County Heritage".
        The family is listed in the 1860 census of the Town of Edinburg (#421) as William Partridge age 28, farmer, real estate worth $2000 and chattels with $1000, wife Lorance, age 24 and children Charles age 7 and William age 5 and also Lorance's siblings Catherine Mason age 15 and Silas Mason age 13.
        The family was listed in the 1870 census of the Town of Edinburg as #59 William Partridge, age 37, farmer, real estate worth $3000 and chattels worth $2500, wife Lorancy age 34, keeping house. children Charles age 17, farming, Lathrop age 15, farming, Seymour, age 10 at school, Minnie age 3 and Jennie age 1. Family #65 in Edinburg was Bartholemew Elgin age 77 and his wife Jane age 69 who were Lorancy Mason's uncle and aunt,
        William remarried between 1875 and 1880 to a Susan U/K who was born November 1854 in New York The 1880 census of Edinburg family #143 .lists William Partridge age 45, wife Susan age 25 and children Seymour age 19, farm laborer, Minnie age 12 and Lorancy age 4 (likely child of William and Susan)
        The 1900 census of Edinbug lists as family #192 William Partridge age 61, born July 1838 wife Susan age 45, born November 1854, 3 children all living. Only child in the census at home listed was a daughter Ethel, born August 1888 age 11.

POLLY A. MASON #2.11.2

Angelica Eglin #1.11 and Alanson Mason
July 1838 Town of Hope Hamilton County
Wesley Arnold Wood in 1855
after the1920 census likely hamlet of Northville, Town of Northampton Fulton County New York
all likely born Town of Northampton

# *Aseneth Wood born about 1856

# Leroy W. Wood born about 1859 married at age 25 and a widower by 1920 still living in1930. Not yet identified in the 1900 or 1910 census.

# * Emma F. Wood born about 1862

# William Walter Wood born abt 1867, age 3 in 1870 census,
Obit died at Northville N Y., of diphtheria July 11 1876, William Walter , youngest son of Wesley A and Polly A Wood in the 11 year of his age after a short illness of 4days (from Fulton County obit collection)

        Polly Mason Wood was noted in her brother Silas Mason's obit of 9 July 1908 in the Broadablin (Fulton County) Herald newspaper as surviving Silas and being Mrs Wesley A Wood of Osborn Bridge
        Polly is listed in the 1850 census age 13 of the Town of Hope with her parents, Alanson and Angelica Eglin Mason .

        The Wood family is listed in the 1860 census of the Town of Northampton, Fulton County as family #151 Wesley Wood age 22, a laborer with no real estate or personal property, wife Polly A., age 21 and children, Asceneth age 4 and LeRoy age 1.
        The family are still in Northampton for the 1870 census as family #342, census taken 25 August 1870, as Wesley Wood age 32 , a farmer, real estate worth $1500, personal property worth $450 and living with Lewis Slocum age 56 also a farmer, Wesley's wife Polly age 31 keeping house and children Asceneth age 14, LeRoy age 11, Emma age 8 and William age 3 with them was a farm laborer, Charles Sweet . The next entry in the census was Alvin Wood age 71.
        The 1880 census Town of Northampton page 279A. the Wood family was Wesley A. Wood age 43, born New York, farmer, parents born New York wife Polly A age 41 born New York with parents born New York and keeping house. children Leroy W. age 21 works on farm and Emma F, age 18 at home.
        The 1900 census of the Town of Northampton, family # 165, lists Wesley A Wood born August 1837, farmer, wife Polly born July 1838, 4 children of whom 2 were still living. (Leroy and Emma)
        Wesley died 15 November 1901 at his residence on Houseman Street Northville.
His obit reads in part
Wesley Arnold Wood aged 64 years 2 months and 16 days died suddenly Friday morning Nov 15 1901 at his house on home on Houseman Street. Mr Wood had been in failing health for two years and the end came peacefully while sleeping, Deceased was a son of Arnold and Olive Wod and had lived on the farm where he died since his marriage in 1855 to Polly A Mason ,daughter of the late Alanson Mason,
He is survived by his wife and two children LeRoy Wood and Mrs W.E. Flynn of Osborn's Bridge.
Two of his children had preceded him, William who died about 20 years ago and Mrs Chas. Sweet who died about two years ago. He also leaves one sister Mrs Covil Rhodes of Broadalbin and one brother of Stockton Cal. and one half brother J.G Wood of Portsmouth Ohio .
In another issue of the paper in part
Mr. Wood had been for many years been engaged in the lumber business, having many jobs of cutting and drawing logs at different points in the Adirondacks and he employed many men to work for him.
He enjoyed being in the lumber camp very much until health began failing him. Mr Wood had been a christian for many years and had a host of friends. He had been for many years one of the leading members of Gifford's Corners Christian Association of which his son-in-law Mr Charles F Sweet is at present president. The association choir attended the funeral with the organist and Mr. Armstrong of Cranberry Creek very impressive. The bearers were Messrs Samuel Sweet, Leander Sweet, Edwin King, Marvin King, Henry McCuen and F. R. Chartier. Interment at Osborn's Bridge.(when the Sacandaga Reservoir was created interments from Osborn Bridge Cemetery were relocated to a number of other Cmeteries including Kings Cemetery in the Town of Northampton)
        The 1910 census family #211 of Northampton lists Polly Wood age 71, widow own house and with her is living Samuel and Nellie Conklin age 30 and married 11 years and their 3 children.
Samuel was a farmer working out and Nellie, a glove maker working at home.
        The 1920 census of Northampton lists Leroy Wood age 61 widower, farmer on a general farm living on Friuithome? Road With him was Polly A Wood , age 81 a widow and his mother.
        The 1930 census of Northampton Family #66 living at 65 Maple Street was Leroy Wood, age 71 widower married at age 25 no occupation (Farmer crossed out)


Angelica Eglin #1.11 and Alanson Mason
Likely in Town of Hope Hamilton County New York on 3 February 1842, age 8 in 1850 census age 13 in 1855 census and 38 in 1880 census
Lydia Fleming on 24 March 1861 likely Porter County Indiana

2nd to Clarissa Trumble 13 October 1882 in Porter County Indiana

The name is given as Elaricissa the Porter County death record of her son Dwight Mason
28 January 1912 tho an other record is given as 8 September 1922 ( not listed in Porter County death records on Genweb) either Thomas or Clarissa yet found in 1910 census.
with Lydia Fleming
ages from 1880 census all children born Porter County

# * John McClennan Mason born 18 June 1863 (1880 census age 17 works on the farm)

# Silas T. Mason born about 1866 (1880 census age 14 works on the farm)
The 1910 census of Precinct 14 of Los Angles lists a Silas T. Mason, age 43, born Indiana. father born
New York and mother born Indiana, married 16 years but no family listed occupation, china packer with a wholesale dinnerware store.
        The Porter County death records list the death of a Genevive Mason age 6 days on 12 August 1923 in Center Township ,the daughter of Silas T. Mason and Flora Chistrom (born Sweden)
Buried Fleming Cemetery Boone Township. No Silas Mason found in 1920 census of Porter County so it is difficult to say what Silas Mason was the father.

# Robert S. Mason born September 1871. age 8 in 1880 census
1900 census of Boone Township Porter County list a Robert Mason age 28, born September 1871, single farm laborer living with family #303. Not yet found in 1910 or 1920 census.

# Frederick Mason born 1880 (age 10 months in 1880 census)
A Fred Mason was listed in the 1900 census of Hammond, Lake County Indiana as a boarder and a laborer "streets"?. The 1910 census of 9th ward of Portland Oregon, Family #53 lists Fred Mason age 30 born Indiana, father born New York, mother born Indiana, retail market grocery, wife Grace age 26, grocery clerk, born Texas. Married 10 years, no children living or dead.
They are still in Portland for the 1920 census living at 1066 Washington Street, Fred Mason, age 40, Retail market grocery, and wife Grace age 37 .
        Fred died in Portland 2 March 1940 (Oregon death records) . Grace died on 5 (month?) 1947 also in Portland

Children with Clarissa Trumble (Folsom Etc)
all children born Porter County
# Thomas E Mason born October 1883

# Dwight Dorsey Mason born 30 April 1888 married 10 April 1912 in Porter County to Irma Chael . He died 17 September 1916, age 28 and was buried at Luther Cemetery Kouts, Pleasant Township Porter County. His wife was listed as Ermie and his parents as Thomas Mason and Elaricissa Bell. (Porter County genweb deaths)
        The 1920 census of Pleasant Township lists Erma Mason, age 27. widow, no occupation living a rented house with children Lola age 5, Donald age 4 and Violet age 3.

# Child Mason born and died before 1900 census when Clarissa stated she had 3 children of whom 2 were living in 1900
        In the 1860 census Thomas, age 18. single, was a farm laborer in Porter Township Porter County family #1055, Post Office was Valpariso. The1870 census of Boone Township Porter County lists Thomas Mason. age 27. farmer, real estate worth $500 and chattels worth $300, wife, Lydia age 27, keeping house, sons John age 6 and Silas age 3.
        The 1880 census lists Thomas Mason in Boone Township Porter County Indiana page 551C film T-90305 Thomas Mason age 38, farmer, born New York, widower, children all born Indiana, John age 17 works on the farm, Silas T. age 14, works on the farm, Robert S. age 8, Frederick age 10 months.
        Lydia Fleming was born 13 June 1843 at Valpariso Porter County In. and died 17 October 1879. She was the daughter of Robert Fleming who was born 6 December 1814 in Hampshire County Virginia and who died 15 March 1888 in Porter County. Lydia 's mother was Margaret Ann Saylor born 2 December 1820 in Porter County and who died 13 May 1890 in Porter County.
        Robert Fleming was the son of John Fleming born 1776 and died 15 November 1843
John married Mary Wells born 1778 in Culpper County Va. and who died 27 May 1826 in Henrico County Va.
        In the 1900 census of Boone Township, family #300. Thomas Mason age 58 born February 1842 New York, married 19 years, farmer owns farm free from debt, wife Clarisa age 39 born January 1861 in Indiana, 3 children with 2 living , children Thomas E. born October 1883, age 16 and Dwight born April 1888, age 12.
        The 1910 census of Pleasant Township Porter County lists Thomas Mason age 62, second marriage, 28 years. has livery stable, wife Claricy, age 48, 3 children 2 of whom were living, son Dwight, age 21 driver for livery stable.


Angelica Eglin #1.11 and Alanson Mason
March 1844 in Hope Township Hamilton County N.Y
James T. Rogers between 1870 and 1880
16 June 1884 in Edinburg Saratoga County N.Y. aged 40 years and 3 months
none found

        Catherine was listed as Katherine age 6 in the 1850 census of the Town of Hope with her father Alanson Mason and her siblings. In the 1860 census of the Town of Edinburg, Saratoga County, she was listed as Catherine Mason age 15 living with her sister Lorancy Partridge.

        The 1871 census of the Town of Edinburg family #57 lists her as Katies Mason age 21, housekeeping in family of John T. Rogers age 52 ,farmer, real estate worth $2700 and personal property valued at $1700. Also in the household was Roby Hamilton age 74 female, also housekeeping.
(Catherines sister was listed as Lorancy Partridge in family #59)
        The 1880 census of Edinburg , family #145 lists John Rogers age 64, farmer, born New York as were his parent, wife "Catherin", age 36, Keeping house and Rhoda Rodgers, mother, age 64, born New York as were her parents.
        Her obit (Likely in the Northville Fulton County Newpaper) reads
        In Edinburg Saratoga county June 16 1884 Mrs. Catherine E Mason "Roggers" wife of Mr John "Roggers" aged 40 years 3 months, last sister of Mrs Wesley A Wood (Polly Mason).
Mrs "Roggers" was a great suffer through her illness yet she bore it with christian grace until the end.
Mr Rogers has the sympathy of the entire community in his bereavement. She has gone to the world of peace and love and who our loss can tell?

SILAS B. MASON #2.11.6

Angelica Eglin #1.11 and Alanson Mason
16 May 1847 in Hope Township Hamilton County N.Y (Ref Obit)
1869 in Porter County Indiana to Alice Fleming ,a sister of Lydia Fleming who married Silas' brother Thomas
7 June 1908 at Valpariso of a sudden heart attack (Ref Porter County death records give his father as Alonzo)
Fleming Cemetery Boone Grove Township Porter County
# Myron Mason born 29 August 1869 Porter County Indiana
died 1 November 1893 buried Fleming cemetery

# Arabell Mason born 25 June 1873 died 23 August 1887

# * Margaret Mason born 21 May 1875 and died 25 March 1962
        The 1870 census of Washington Township Porter County lists as family #41, Silas B. Mason age 23, works on farm, wife "Olive"age 18 and son Myron age 1.
        The 1880 census Union Township Porter County Indiana, page 443D Film T9-0305, lists Silas Mason age 33, farmer, born New York, wife "Allice" Mason age 28. born Indiana, keeps house, children born Indiana, Miron Mason age 11 at school (male), Arabell age 7 at home, Margaret, age 5 at home.
        The 1900 census of Union Township Porter County dwelling #188, lists, Silas W. Mason born May 1847, age 53, born New York , widower, occupation day laborer.
        Alice Fleming was a sister of Lydia Fleming and as born 9 January 1852 in Porter County and died 1 November 1893 and was buried in Fleming Cemetery.
        A descendant say that their Grandmother Barbara Munster says Silas was the type of man who believed in the whip, all the kids (her parents) were scared of him.
        Obit in Broadablin Herald (Fulton County N.Y) of 9 July 1908 (From Hamilton County Genweb ) Silas W Mason aged 61, a former resident of this section died suddenly of apoplexy in Valpariso Ind recently. The deceased was born at Hope and was a son of the late Alanson and Angelia Elgin Mason
He is survived by one daughter Mrs Maggie Wuster (Muster) of Valpariso, one sister, M rs Wesley A. Wood of Osborn Bridge. one brother Thomas Mason of Boon Grove Ind. and two half brothers Daniel Mason of Edinburg and George Mason of Gloverville .Mr. Mason served as drummer boy three years in the Civil War receiving an honorable discharge at the close of the war.



Polly A Mason #2.11.2 and Wesley Arnold Wood
1856 likely in Town of Northampton Fulton County N.Y.
Charles F Sweet in 1871
24 November 1899 at Littauer hospital in Gloversville
Kings Cemetery (At Osborn's Bridge? Now covered by the reservoir)_
#* Burdell (male) Sweet born March? 1872

        Aseneth Wood was listed age 4 in1860 census age 14 in1870 census with her parents in Town of Northampton. In the 1880 census of Northampton, the Sweet family is listed as Charles F Sweet age 27 born New York, occupation laborer, wife, Asenth age 23 and son Burdell age 8. (In the 1870 census of Wesley Wood family Charlie Sweet was listed a hired man!)
        In obit and the memoriam of Aseneth's father, Wesley Wood in November 1901 it was noted that Mrs Chas Sweet died about 2 years ago (ie 1898/9) In November 1901, Charles Sweet was president of Gifford Corners Christian Association in which Wesley Wood had been a leading member of.
        In the 1900 census of Northampton, Charly Sweet is listed as born May 1853, age 47, a widower, occupation laborer, and was living with his brother William Sweet, family #140.

Aseneth's obit of 30 November 1899 in the Northville ? Newspaper reads in part
Mrs Charles Sweet
Aseneth C. wife of Charles F. Sweet of this place died at the Littauel hospital in Gloversville on Friday November 24 1899 at 1 o'clock a m. Death came during a collapse following an operation.. Her illness extended over a period of nearly two years. Mrs Sweet was forty three years of age and a daughter of
Mr and Mrs Wesley Wood who live southwest of this village. She was united in marriage twenty eight years ago. She is survived by her husband and one son Burdell Sweet of Gloversville, also by her parents, one brother LeRoy Wood and one sister Mrs Wilbur Flinn of Osborn's Bridge. Deceased was a member of the Northville M. E. church and also of the Gifford Corners Christian Association. She was very active in church work and a close student of the bible. Funeral was held at her home on the west side of the river ( Sacandaga) on Sunday. Interment in Kings cemetery.(Town of Northampton)


Polly A Mason #2.11.2 and Wesley Arnold Wood
about 1862 likely in Town of Northampton Fulton County N.Y.
Wilbur E Flynn by 1882 or before
between 1910 and 1920 census likely Northampton
# Nellie Flynn born February 1883 living in1910

# Child Flynn died before 1900

        Emma Wood was listed with her parents in the 1880 census of Northampton as age 18.
The 1900 census of Northampton family # 185 shows that Emma was married and had 2 children one of whom was living. daughter Nellie "Flinn" born February 1883 who was a sewing machine operator making gloves. Also listed with the family was a Philip Wadsworth age 21 a day laborer.
        In the November 1901 obit of her father, Emma is noted as Mrs W.E Flynn of Osborn's Bridge.
The 1910 census of Northampton, family #275, lists Wilbur Flynn age 50, married at age 21, a dealer in (unreadable) ,wife Emma age 47, a glove maker, married at age tho it looks like 29.( I, RGM am sure it should be 19, two children one of who was living.)
        The 1920 census of Northampton family #194 lists Wilbur E. Flynn, age 58, widower, owner, general farm. With him was a housekeeper, Sharlotte King age 68 a widow.


Thomas Mason and Lydia Fleming
18 June 1863 Porter County Indiana
1 to U/K marriage by 1888 in Nebraska with a son Royce

2. to Ida Belle Countney born 29 December 1871 at Powersheik Iowa. She died 28 December 1897, likely at Portland Oregon

3. to Olive U/K maybe about 1900. In the 1910 census both Olive and John said they had been married 10 years . She was born 12 October 1870 (Ref Porter journal)
She died 22 May 1947 age 77 in Pierce County Washington (Washington death records)
after 1910 and before 1930 when Olive was a widow
birth dates from Harry Porter journal
with U/K wife in Nebraska
# Royce Mark Mason born 25 February 1889 in Nebraska
        The 1910 census of 3rd ward of Vancouver Clark County Washington State lists Royce Mason age 21, occupation lathe grader at a saw mill, born Nebraska, wife Pearl age 18, married 0 years, both roomers with family #81. The 1920 census of Portland Or. lists family #141, Royce Mason age 31 , rents house, Electrician (Inside), father born Indiana , mother born Nebraska, wife Pearl M. and daughter Beatrice L age 4 years and 4 months.
        In the 1930 census of Portland. he was listed as Royce Mark Mason age 41, electrician born Nebraska. owns house at 5606 57 th Ave. value $4000. married age 21,.wife Pearl Margarette age 35 married at age 15. daughter Betts Leona age 14. He later divorced Pearl and married Minnie Clark. Royce died February 1941

with Ida Belle Courtney
# Flossie Ann Mason born 28 July 1891 born Washington State not found in 1910 census
She died young.

# Grace Myron Mason born 19 March 1894 born Washington State not found in 1910 census
She also died young.

# * Ethel May Mason born 15 May 1896 Gladstone, Oregon

# Clarence McClellan Mason born 4 April 1899 but who was his mother if Ida died Dec 1897

with Olive U/K
# Marie Mason born 4 April 1903 ( Harry Porter's journal)
Not listed with family in 1910 census presumed daughter of Olive in spite of fact that Olive said she had
5 children at time of 1910 census and all were living.

# John Mason born 1 November 1908 (Ref Porter journal)

        Ida Bell Courtney was the daughter of Daniel Counrtney and Elizabeth Maddy who were married on 10 January 1853. Daniel was born 2 October 1834 at Morgan West Virginia and died on 11 December 1912 at Yacoli, Clark County Washington State. Elizabeth was born in Henery County Indiana on 29 July 1825 and also died at Yacoli on 4 April 1919.

        John Mason was listed in the 1900 census of Portland Or., Ward #7 with family #127 Edwin Linsott born 1862 born Maine and his wife Lydia E, born January 1868 born Iowa and their four children, {Blanche, Hazel, Cleave Pearl (Son)} John was listed as "brother in law" born 18 June 1863 in Indiana. Both John and Edwin were listed as "lathe makers". Also with the family was a Royce Mason born February 1889 in Nebraska who was listed as nephew ( son of John by a marriage prior to his marriage to Ida Courtney)
        The 1900 census of Ward 7 of Portland at 880 Corbett Street lists as "Wards" the Mason girls, Flossie born July 1891, age 9, Grace M. born March 1894 and Ethel born May 1896. Flossie and Grace were "at school",
        John Mason was in Vancouver Washington State for the 1910 census, Dwelling #134 living at 810 Nifch (?) Street .age 46 born Indiana, married 10 years mill worker in lathe mill, wife Olive, age 40, her second marriage 10 years born Kansas, 5 children all living. Children in the census listing were Olive, daughter age 15 presumed a daughter of Olive and her first husband, also a son John Mason age 1. John has not yet been found in 1920 census,
        In 1930 census, Olive Mason age 60 widow, born Kansas rents at $15 per month family #49 at Bothell King County Washington. Son John Mason age 21 single father born Indiana, mother born Kansas, work as electrician for Light and Power Company. Olive died 22 March 1947 age 77 in Pierce County Washington.


Silas W Mason # and Alice Fleming
21 May 1875 in Union Township Porter County Indiana
Albert Muster on November 11, 1892 in Valparaiso, Porter, Indiana,
25 March 1962
# Deforest Harold Muster born 30 October 1896, Valparaiso, Indiana;
died 2 February 1969, Chicago, Illinois.

# Helen Irene Muster born 21 February 1898, Valparaiso, Indiana;
died 24 December 1982, Ypsilanti, Michigan.

# Albert a Rae Muster born 2 July 1905, Valparaiso, Indiana;
died 2 October 1968, Valparaiso, Indiana.

# George Mason Muster, born 6 August 1907, Valparaiso, Indiana;
died 7 January 1982, Danville, Illinois.

# John Raymond Muster, born 6 November 1909, Valparaiso, Indiana;
died 29 July 1959, Laporte, Indiana.

# Margaret Arene Muster, born 7 February 1912, Valparaiso, Indiana;
died 9 September 1987, Saint Petersburg, Florida;
m.(1) Dewight Tilling on 31 August 1935;
m. (2) Gilbert Bryan on 30 July 1940, Saint Louis, Missouri;
m. (3) Earl Wasson on 27 January 1963;

# James Rudolph Muster born 12 July 1914, Valparaiso, Indiana. twin

# Robert Adouphe Muster born 12 July 1914, Valparaiso, Indiana; twin
died. 12 July 1992, Tucson, Arizona.

# Barbara Alice Muster born 16 June 1916, Valparaiso, Indiana.

# Mary Estelle Elizabeth Muster born 17 October 1920, Valparaiso, Indiana;
died. 5 September 1960, Merrillville, Indiana.
        Albert Raymond Muster( son of John Muster) was born 20 May 1872 in Morgan, Porter County, Indiana, and died 4 December 1960 in Valporaiso, Indiana.
        The 1900 census of 1900 of Valpariso, Porter County lists family #76 Albert Muster age 28 born May 1872, born Indiana, a grocery salesman in a rented house, married 8 years with wife Maggie born May 1875 , and children Harold D. born October 1896 and Helen D. born February 1899.
Family not found in 1910 or 1920 census other than Harold D Muster age 23 lodger and laborer at a steel mill in Gary Lake County Indiana in the 1920 census



        Aseneth Wood # Charles Sweet
        March? 1872 likely Town of Northampton Fulton County New York
        Lillian (Chapman?) about 1893
        between 1920 and 1930 census likely Gloversville Fulton County New York
        # Baby Sweet who died before 1900

        The Sweet family were listed in the 1900 census of Gloversville (Bad film) as "Bart" Sweet, born March (?)1872 age 28, a glove cutter, married 7 years, wife Lilian age 26, one child who was not living in1900. In the 1910 census they were living in fourth ward of Gloversville, Family #248 living at 25 Spring Street, Burdell Sweet age 38, married 17 years, ice dealer in city , wife Lilie age 35. Occupation home work .
        At the time of 1920 census, they were in the Town of Northampton family #166 on Fifth? Street
        Burdell Sweet age 46 ,occupation illegible, wife Lillian age 45 a glove maker at home.
        In the 1930 census Family #337 Gloversville, Lillian Sweet was at 328 Fifth Street ,owner of residence value $4000, age 55 , a widow married at age 19 and a glove worker at home, With her was Angeline Chapman age 78 a widow who was married at age 19 and who was listed as mother to Lillian who was listed as head of the household.


John McClennan Mason # and Ida Belle Courtney
15 May 1896 Gladstone, Oregon
18 August 1914 to Harry Porter who was born 3 October 1889 at Kingsley, Plymouth County Iowa. Harry died 23 June 1973 at Canby Oregon. He was the son of Charles Henry Porter and Mary Lucetta Hunt
31 July 1975 at Canby, Oregon
# Harold Royce Porter who was born in 1916 (age 3 years and 5 month in the 1920 census)
he married 3 times.
1. Margaret McPherson married 15 Jul 1939. (CW has no further information of her.
There were no children.

2. Sarah Amelia Rounds. Married 6 Apr. 1947 at Las Vegas, Nevada. She had been married before and had three children Vivian, Maxine, and Una. No children with Harold Porter.
Her father was William Henry Rounds and her Mother. was Emma Louise Beach , both born in Utah

3. Lauretta Hundley Webb married 30 Mar 1974. She had previous marriage to Chester Webb and had 4 children. No children with Harold Porter.

# Lauren Daniel Porter born 20 October 1921
# Louise Darlene Porter born 25 July 1923

        In the 1920 census the Harry Porter family was in Portland Oregon ,family #47, Precinct #98 renting at 86 Florida Ave and was Harry Porter age 39 born Iowa and a boiler maker in the shipyards, wife Ethel age 23 born Oregon and son Harold.

From Harold R. Porter's journal.
        The story is that Ethel Mae was raised in a foster home by a family called the Gardners.
The family mystery is why was she in a foster home. Her mother died when she and her sisters were young and perhaps her father couldn't raise the girls. Ethel assumed she was adopted and used the Gardner name all of her life. But she had not been adopted. She went to the Tervilliger and Fulton Schools and moved to Barlow, Oregon with the Gardners. She had two older sisters who both died at an early age. Her brother Royce was 7 years older and was not at home when their mother died.
Royce died in Feb. 1941.


        The Gardner family was a mystery. Somehow they knew the Masons and somehow the Mason kids were separated or died. The Gardners were called grandma and grandpa but they were not really family. The Gardners had a son named Leon, and a son Harry, and a daughter Thelma, who was Leon's girl. .

Gardner Family info by RGM
        1900 census of Ward #7 of Portland Oregon second family after family of John Mason #
Family #129 Charles Gardner born March 1854 Michigan. occupation blacksmith, wife Mary E. born March 1862 in New York married 19 years, 2 children both living, sons Leon J born February 1885 and Harry R born June 1887 both in Michigan.
        1910 census of Portland ward #6, Charles Gardner age 56, Blacksmith shop wife Mary E. age 48 2 children and both living, Son Leon J. age 25, single, son Harry E. age 23 married wife listed as daughter in law, name unreadable age 22, daughter Thelma, age one year and 2 months. Also in the family adoptive daughter, name unreadable, age 15, born Oregon.

PORTER FAMILY Info from Harold Royce Porter Journal
Harry Porter's father was Charles Henry Porter was born Vinton, Iowa 21 May, 1862. He was married 3 times. First to Mary Lucetta Hunt who was b. 3 July 1860 Chittendon County, Vermont.
They had 5 children and Harry Porter was the only boy. Mary Hunt died 6 August 1895.
He then married a lady whose last name was Holther She had 1 boy and 1 girl by a previous marriage and they had 1 daughter together. This wife died and he married another whose name is not listed.
He passed away in 1943.
        Charles Henry lived in the Black Hills of South Dakota and worked in the mines.
Harry Porter was born in Kingsley, Iowa 3 Oct 1889. When he was young the family moved to Oregon City, Oregon. When he was a teenager, he returned to South Dakota (Black Hills).
In 1907 he returned to Oregon and worked on a fishing boat on the Columbia River.
He married Ethel Mae (Gardner) Mason.
        Harry Porter's oldest sister Daisy was married twice. Once child, May, born in 1899. Daisy then married Ben Bullock and had a daughter, Ada and 6 boys.
        Jennie Porter married a Marvin. She had two children, Margaret and Merlin. Margaret was born in 1911. Belle Porter b. 24 July 1895 married William Yapp on her 16th birthday, 24 Jul 1901.
She had 4 sons and was the Postmistress in Cushing, Iowa.
        Bertie (Alberta) Porter was married 3 times , first to James Wilson who died early.
Next she married Francis Nelson, and then to Robert Funk. She had 6 children, 5 boys and 1 girl.
Sometime in 1921 or 1922, Bertie bought a home from insurance money as a result of her husband Jim's death. She was in Canby, and had 3 children Roberta, Charles, and Arthur.
1. John Mason born 18 June 1863

2. Ida Belle Mason born 29 Dec 1871

3. Royce Mark Mason born 25 Feb 1889_ married (1) Pearl, had daughter Bette. Lived in Portland. Divorced Pearl. Married (2) Minnie Clark

4. Flossie Ann Mason born 28 Jul 1891

5. Grace Myrom Mason born 19 Mar 1894

6. Ethel May Mason born 15 May 1896

7. Clarence McClellan Mason born 4 Apr 1899

Olive Mason born 12 Oct 1870
Marie Mason born 4 Apr 1903
John Mason born 1 Nov 1908

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