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Nov 2005

John Eglin and Catherine Dods
1806 no baptismal records yet found. It appears that his parents were no longer members of the Dutch Reform Church when he was born and he was baptized in a different religion (maybe Methodist)
He was referred to as Uncle Silas born 1806. (Aber and King in the"History of Hamilton County" page 360 says he was born 1804)
Betsey Spears who died 29 February 1872 in her 62nd year Age 60 in 1870 Town of Benson Hamilton County census likely born Vermont. Married maybe 1827/8 . A Timothy Spear is listed in the 1820 census of Town of Hope Hamilton County N.Y. and is no doubt her father.(not found 1830 or 1840 census in Hope)
Likely 5 November 1891 age 85 years 9 months and 25 days more than likely in the Town of Benson
Both Silas and Betsey are buried in Town of Benson Cemetery # 9 located on the North Road approximately 500 feet north of Hamilton County Road #6 It was also known as the Upper Benson Cemetery.

#2.8.1 * Elizabeth Eglin born 1828

#2.8.2 *Mary Jane Eglin born May 1833.

#2.8.3 * William T. Eglin born 19 February 1837

        It is not known what the initial W. stood for in Silas' name (altho the 1860 census lists "H." as his middle initial). His sister Nancy named one of her children Silas Wood Avery and as many of her children were named after members of her family one might surmise that the name "Wood" may have had a family background (Perhaps the maiden surname of John Eglin's mother). Although this avenue has been pursued by David Avery of Ancaster Ontario, an Eglin descendant, nothing has been found.
        Silas was listed in the 1830 census of Town of Hope, Hamilton County (Benson was not formed from Hope until April 1860) as Silas "Eglon" as one male between years of age, one female between years of age and one female child between years.
        Silas was a resident of Albany County in 1832 when his father John transferred title to him of a portion of Lot 5 of Great Lot 8 of the Glen, Beecher and Lansing in the Town of Mayfield. For the property Silas was to provide food, clothing, adequate shelter for John and Catherine for the rest of their lives or in the alternative pay them eight dollars a month.
        Aber and King in their "History of Hamilton County" page 360 refers to Silas W. born 1804 as a son of Peter Eglin, while actually Silas was a brother of Peter's.
        Silas was in the Town of Broadalbin, Fulton County for the 1840 census (which may have included a portion of the Town of Mayfield) one male between 30 and 40 years old (Silas) one female between 30 and 40 (Betsey), 2 females, one between 5 and 10 years old (Mary Jane) and one between 10 and 15 years old (Elizabeth and one male under 5 (William) Also in the family were a male between 70 and 80 and a female between 60 and 70. Were these Silas parents John and Catharine Eglin ? Could be!
        They were still living and somewhere in the area and not found in any other census (Betsy's parents have not been found in the area after 1820)

        Silas was listed the the Town of Mayfield, Fulton County in the 1850 census as Silas "England" #484 age 44 , farmer , wife Betsy age 40. Children Elizabeth age 20 Mary J age 17 and William age 13.
        He was likely living in the portion of Mayfield that became part of the Town of Benson when Benson was created from the Town of Hope in 1850.
        Silas was involved in a number of land transactions in Hamilton County over the years.
        In Aber and King's history of Hamilton County on page 358, Silas is shown living on the south side of present Hamilton County Road 6 just a short distance west of present location of North Street, likely about Lot 6 of the Benson Tract which was once owned by his grandfather Bartholemeus Dods. In as much as he was buried in the North Street Cemetery, he must have lived nearby.
        The 1860 census of the Town of Benson lists, family #564, Silas H Eglin, age 54, farmer, born New York, Benson Post office, with real estate worth $1800 and personal property worth $725, wife Betsy 50, child Mary Jane age 27. He was living next to his brother in law .Hiram Wells (listed as Horace) and his wife Mary (Eglin). Also living with the Wells family was Silas' brother, Thomas Eglin
        Silas Eglin's property is show on a 1861 map of the Town of Benson on page 358 in the Aber and King, history of Hamilton County. His is the next farm west of Hiram Wells on the main east- west road through Benson (Now Hamilton County Road 6) and about 40% of the way from the Town of Bleecker, Fulton County easterly toward the Town of Hope (see jpg of map in Eglin Gravestone Folder).
        In the 1870 census of the Town of Benson, Silas is listed as a farmer, age 64, born New York with wife Betsy age 60, born Vermont, children Elizabeth Brownell and Jane Eglin (see above) and grandchildren Eurette (written as Enrilla) and William. With them lived Samuel Warner age 30 and his wife Nancy age 30 and 3 Warner children.
        Samuel Warner was described as a farmer with real estate worth $1000 and personal property worth $300. (No property listing for Silas)
        Relationship between the Warners and Eglins if any, is unknown . In April 1875 Silas sold his property to his son, William T. Eglin, 90 acres in Lot 7 of the Subdivision of Great Lot 8 in the Glen, Bleecker and Lansing Tract in the Town of Benson. (Hamilton County Land book Book 16 page 238),(see William T. Eglin) (He may have lived on this property in 1861.)
        The 1880 Federal census of the Town of Benson Hamilton County lists Silas Eglin , age 70, widower living with his daughter Mary J. Graydon age 47 and her husband Henry J. Graydon age 60, a farmer.
        Aber and King notes page 373 that a mining claim was filed on Silas Eglin's land in September of 1880 stating there was gold on the property. Although several mining companies were formed nothing seems to have come out of that report.




Silas W. Eglin #1.7 and Betsey Spears
1829 Town of Benson Hamilton County N.Y.
Jacob Brownell about 1851/ 1852
12 February 1897 age 67 yrs 4 mons and 5 days
Main Street Cemetery Northville, Town of Northampton Fulton County N.Y. (Jacob Brownell plot just west of Orra Brownell G/S which is a very high (25 ft) monument
all likely born Town of Benson or Hope Hamilton County

# Eurette J Brownell born about 1852. She died 28 October 1874 age 21 yrs 11 months and 6 days and is buried in Jacob Brownell plot in Main St. Cemetery as wife of Truman H Annabale.
It appears she had no children. Truman remarried to Maria A. U/K and had a daughter Lula Annable born in 1879 in the Town of Northampton Fulton County.

# Alden C Brownell who died Oct 21 1861 age 7 yrs and 2 months and is buried in Jacob Brownell plot in Main Street Cemetery

# *William Brownell born about 1857

        Elizabeth Brownell's property is show on a 1861 map of the Town of Benson on page 358 in the Aber and King, history of Hamilton County. Her property was on north side of the main east- west road through Benson (now Hamilton County Road 6) and nearly to the Town of Hope boundary (see jpg of map in Eglin Gravestone Folder).
        In the 1870 census of Town of Benson Elizabeth Browell was listed with her father, Silas Eglin and mother Betsy (family name spelled as England) age 37 married with daughter Enrilla (sp?) age 17 and son William 13. (she was a widow at this time). The 1880 census of the Town of Benson lists an "Elizabeth Brownell" age 50, widow with a son William age 20, occupation farmer. In the 1892 census of Town of Benson Part #3) Elizabeth Brownell is listed age 62. She seems to be living with her sister Mary Graydon (listed as Gradam) She was noted in the family records as a " cozon" to Henry Eglin, son of Bartholmew Eglin.
        Jacob Brownell was born 1829 and died on May 26 1860 age 31 yrs 2 mons and 13 days and is buried Main Street Cemetery Northville He was the eldest child of 7 of Cyrus Hammond Brownell and Lydia Emily Van Arnum who in 1850 lived in the Northville area. Cyrus was a Lawyer born 1806 and died 1863. Lydia born about 1809. Both buried Main Street Cemetery.
        The 1850 census of the Town of Hope dwelling 206 and family 206 lists Cyrus H Brownell age 45 occupation lawyer property value $1500. wife Lydia E., age 41 and children Jacob, age 21, a farmer Lucy M age 19, Levi age 17, Juliaett age 15, William B, age 13, John Wesley age 9 and Helen E age 4


Silas W. Eglin #1.8 and Betsey Spears
May 1833 born New York State
Between 1870 and 1880 Henry J Graydon born about 1820 in Ireland. It appears that Henry died before 1892
After the 1910 census and likely before the 1920 census as she has not been found in the 1920 census

        Mary was listed age 27 in 1860 census of the Town of Benson, and was living at home. In the 1870 census of Benson, she was listed as age 37, (seemingly single) keeping house and living at home with her father Silas and mother Betsy in the Town of Benson.
        She was listed in 1880 census of Hope Township, age 47 as daughter of Silas Eglin. At that time she was listed as surname was "Graydon", husband Henry J. Graydon, age 60, born Ireland and occupation farmer (no children listed). The married name in family records was "Gur Don".
        She was listed in the 1892 State Census of the Town of Benson as Mary "Gradam" age 58 and appears to be living with her sister Elizabeth Eglin Brownell tho the census does not list families separately. In the1900 census of the Town of Benson, Family #137, Mary J "Gradon " age 67. born May 1833 widow, was living alone, described as head of family, occupation Farmer, no children and thus none living. The 1905 New York State census of Benson listed her as Mary J. Graydon, head. age 72, occupation housework and living on Benson Center road .
        She was listed in the 1910 census of Benson household #89 as Mary Graydon, head , Living alone, age 76 (tho difficult to read) has own income. The next dwelling was occupied by her brother. William Eglin. Mary has not been found in the 1920 census


Silas W. Eglin #1.8 and Betsey Spears
19 February 1837 born New York State
1. By about 1858 to Mary C. U/K, born New York State. When she died on 4 November 1875 her age was given as 33 years, 0 mons and 10 days ie born 1842 (Might she have died in childbirth?) Buried Upper Benson cemetery (G/S not found Nov 1993). In 1979, a listing of the Cemetery gave a stone with initials M.C.E in the same row as the stone of William's second wife Grace. Mary's age was given as 17 in 1860 Town of Benson census but was given as 25 in 1870 Benson census (born about 1845)(census age should have likely been 28)
2. After 1880 and before 1884 to Grace Woodrick (Dowler)
3. About 1893 to Louisa V. Peck (Reference Julie Dorman). The 1900 census of Town of Benson lists William and Louisa as 7 years married.
10 Jan 1921 (G/S Upper Benson Cemetery)
Upper Benson Cemetery (By a big bush with daughter Ethel, inscribed William T. Eglin)
Order of birth of the children still in doubt as of January 2005
With Mary C.
perhaps a child with initials J.K.E. who was buried in Upper Benson Cemetery in same row as Grace Eglin (1979 listing by Fulton County Cemetery Recording Project (listed on Hamilton County Genweb)

# Mary A. Eglin ,age 8 months in 1860 Town of Benson Census, likely died young as she was not listed in the 1870 census with the family

# Alice T. Eglin born October 1861 postmaster of Benson Center from December 1880 to July 1884. Married about 1884 to William Brown of Benson, The 1900 census of Benson family #131 lists William Brown born Scotland born ,January 1848 farmer to the US in 1880 and married 16 years, wife "Allice" E. age 39 born October 1860 , no children. There were living next to Alice's father William Eglin, The 1910 census of Benson Family #90 lists William Brown, age 60, widower, farmer on a general farm and living alone and again next to the William Eglin family. Alice was still living in March 1901 when her brother, William died. William was listed in the 1920 census of Benson (Family #4 living next to Emment Eglin). age 63, widower and a farmer on a general farm living alone.

# * William Eglin born 13 March 1864

# Katie Eglin born 30 Sept 1873, Died 10 January 1881 age 7 years 3 months and 10 days, age given as 5 in Benson 1880 census.

# *Bessie Eglin (perhaps Elizabeth) born October 1874

Children with Grace Woodrick (Dowler)
none identified to date

Children with Louisa Peck
# * Emmett Silas Eglin born 15 May 1894 Town of Benson (age 6, born May 1894 in 1900 census of Town of Benson)

# * Edna A Eglin born December 1895, Age 4 in 1900 census of Town of Benson age 24 in 1920 census (Julia Dorman gives 12 December 1899 (in the Town of Benson)

# Ethel Eglin born May 1899 (1900 Census of Town of Benson) died 30 March 1901 age 1 year 11 months and 26 days

        Property Transactions for William T. Eglin in Hamilton County include, Purchases, April 1873, Book 11 page 113 and Sales June 1873, Book 11 Page #280 .William T. also purchased from his father, Silas W. Eglin in April of 1875 (Book #16 page #238), 90 acres in Lot 7 of in the Subdivision of Great Lot 8 of the Glenn, Bleecker and Lansing patents in the Town of Benson, (property about mile of Hamilton County Road 6 and one mile east of Intersection of County Road 6 and Fulton County Road #125
        William is listed in the 1860 census in the Town of Benson, age 23 as a farmer with real estate worth $4800 and personal property worth $550, wife Mary C. age 17 and daughter Mary V., age 8 months. He is shown as as "Wm Eglin" on a1861 map of the Town of Benson, page 358 of Aber and Kings "History of Hamilton County" He was living north of present Hamilton County road 6 where the County road comes north out of the Fulton County and turns east.

        The 1870 Federal census of the Town of Benson lists William Eglin, (enumerated as Elgin) , age 33 born New York State, farmer, wife Mary keeping house born New York State age 25 (see above), children, Alice, age 10, who attended school in the past year and William age 7 who attended school in the past year.
        The 1880 census of the Town of Benson lists William T. Eglin, age 42, occupation farmer, widower, his daughter Alice W. age 20 keeping house, other children Willie 17, Bessie and Katie both age 5. Living with William were 2 boarders Grace E Bowler, age 23, Divorced. (Chances are she became wife #2) and Fanny Tiffany age 78 (who ever she was)
        Grace E Woodrick (Dowler) was postmaster following William T. Eglin (who was appointed on 1 August 1871) at Benson Center from July 1884 until she died in December 1890 . Benson Center had a population of 39 in 1890! Grace was very likely the Grace E. Bowler listed in the 1880 census of the Town of Hope, who was a boarder at William Eglin's residence.
        She died age 32, on 13 December 1890 in St Luke's hospital, Utica New York of Bright's disease and buried Upper Benson Cemetery. Her obit noted that she was the daughter of I.G. Woodrick of 19 Second Street Gloversville
        The 1892 State census of Town of Benson Part #1, lists William age 55, farmer and his daughter Bessie age 17 (only).
        Louisa Peck was born 12 September 1859 (Julie Dorman) and was living in June 1917 but did not seem to be listed in the 1892 New York State census of the Town of Benson so William and Louise must have married after the 1892 census was taken. Julie Dorman advises that Louisa 's parents were Charles H Peck and Anna Manderville (Anna was buried in Prospect Hill cemetery at Northville) Louisa had a child)(ren) from a previous marriage one of whom Maude Godfrey. Maude married an U./K Dell, and had a son Al Dell (Ref Julie Dorman)
        The 1900 Census of the Town of Benson ( Hamilton County, District 32 Family #132 House #129 (Image 16) lists William Eglin, age 63, born February 1837, occupation farmer, wife Louisa age 40 born September 1859, sewing machine operator making gloves (likely a home industry as a number of people were so listed and the main factories were Johnstown and Gloversville in Fulton County). Children listed were Emmett age 6 born May 1894, Edna age 4 born December 1895 and Ethel born May 1899
        The 1905 census New York State census of Benson shows William T Elgin. age 68. head and a mail carrier. Wife Louisa age 46, housework, children, Emmet age 11 and Edna age 9 attending School district#23.
        The 1910 census of Benson household lists W.T Eglin, age 73. farmer on a general farm, first married at age 18, wife Louisa, age 50, glove maker at home, first married at age 18. with 6 children, 4of whom were living With them were their children, Emmett age 15 a farm labourer on a general farm and Edna age 14 as well as a nephew Herman Tyrett (??) age 5.
        Aber and King's History of Hamilton County gives the following briefs,
        Page #369 William J. Eglin (likely meant to be William T. as no William J. has been found to date), appointed overseer of Road District #2 in the Town of Benson shortly after its formation in 1860.
        Page #373 William T. Eglin was appointed postmaster at Benson Center when it was reopened on 1 August 1871. He was succeeded by his daughter Alice T. Eglin on 13 December 1880 who was succeeded on 8 July 1884 by Grace Eglin (very likely William T's second wife).
        Page #381 William T. Eglin, Justice of the Peace left Town in 1917 (age about 80 likely to live with one of his children) On page 358 of Aber and King's History of Hamilton County "a" Wm. Eglin is shown as a resident at about this location (Lot 72). history of Hamilton County Page 373 states that from 1883 when a "William Eglin" was 20 years old and for the next 30 years he was a mail carrier on the Northville, Benson Route (July 1913).

        Julie Dorman, a descendant of William's through his daughter Edna says this William was a stage coach driver) It was noted in the obit of his son William Eglin in March1901 that this William lived in Benson and carried the mail between Northville and Benson.
        Aber and King are slightly mixed on his facts as William would have been over 40 years old in 1880 and 75 by 1913 ( I supposed he could still have been driving)

        As William and members of the family were buried at Upper Benson, it must be assumed that William lived on or near Lot #72.
        In June 1917 William T. and wife Louisa V. Eglin sold (Book # 52 page 220) for $1, 70 acres in Lot 72 of the Benson Tract in the Town of Benson to his son Emmett S. Eglin (a mile north of Benson Center at intersection of Fulton County Road 125 and Hamilton County Road 6).
        The 1920 census lists William Eglin, age 83 living in Gloversville, Fulton County with his daughter Edna and her husband Howard Smith and their family.
        Louisa Eglin was listed as married, a house servant, age 59 in household #31 of Johnstown City Fulton County with head, Joel illegible, Age 52. 1859.




most info from Kecia Gifford     email     website

Elizabeth Eglin #2.8.1 and Jacob Brownell
27 September 1856 in the Town of Benson. Hamilton County New York
about 1881 to Caroline Susannah Snyder born 5 December 1854 and died 2 August 1930
She was the daughter of John Synyder born about 1830 in Canada and his wife Harriet U/K born about 1832
2 January 1924 age 67
6 January 1924 in Mayfield Cemetery, Town of Mayfield, Fulton County New York with his wife Caroline

# * Harriett (Hattie ) E. Brownell born about 1883

# daughter

# Emily May Brownell born about 1892

# *Mildred (Millie) Brownell born 28 July1895 in Town of Mayfield

        Kecia Gifford states that William was farmer, Sheriff and US mail carrier.
        In 1920 he was employed at a lime kiln.
        In the 1870 census of Town of Benson William Brownell is listed as age 13 living with his mother Elizabeth Browell. Elizabeth was living with her father Silas Eglin and mother Betsy (family name spelled as England) Elizabeth was age 37 a widow with a daughter Enrilla (sp?) age 17 as well as son William .
        In the 1880 census of the Town of Benson William age 20, occupation farmer, is living with his mother "Elizabeth Brownell" age 50, a widow
        The 1910 census of the Town of Mayfield, Fulton County New York family # 273 lists William J Brownell age 53, farmer married 29 years, wife Caroline age 54, glove maker with daughters Emily M, age 18, no occupation and daughter Mildred age 14 glove maker,
        The 1920 census of the town of Mayfield family #69 house #59 on the Main Street of the Village of Mayfield listed William J Brownell age 63, a labourer in a lime kiln, wife Caroline age 65 and daughter Mae, age 27, single and a public school teacher. William and his son in law, Joseph Butler were shown as the owners of the house in which Butler and the Brownells were living.
        The 1930 census of the Town of Mayfield family #142 lists Caroline Brownell, age 75 described as mother in law in the family of. Joseph L Butler age 50, occupation glove cutter in a factory,and his wife Hattie E. age 47 their son Clifton A age 18 .
        Kecia Gifford advises that the William Brownell who is listed in 1892 New York State census and the 1900 Federal census of Town of Hope, is the son of Orra Brownell Jr and Elizabeth Ketchum and a cousin of William Brownell who was the son of Jacob Brownell and Elizabeth Eglin,
        The 1892 Census of Hope list page 4 William Brownell age 35, farmer, wife Ella age 4, no children listed and in the 1900 census of Town of Hope, House #74, Family 77, as age 43, married 20 years born April 1857; wife Ella V. born December 1859, age 40, again no children listed


Palmateer info from Jennifer Donovan

William T. Eglin #2.8.3 and Mary C. ?
Likely 13 March 1864 likely in the Town of Benson
About 1886 (Ref #18T) married 14 years in June 1900) to Sarah Palmateer
11 March 1901after a week's illness of Typhoid Pneumonia at Gloversville Fulton County (ref obit)
Upper Benson Cemetery ( North Road) Town of Benson

# Leah Eglin born March 1888 lived Gloversville, listed as "Sarah" in 1892 State Census of the Town of Benson. Was she the Mrs Arch Reed at whose home at 55 West St Northville Fulton County that her brother Charles was married at in1909.? Not yet identified in 1910 or 1920 census.

# * Charles Eglin born April 1890 in Town of Benson

# * John Eglin born 8 April 1891

# "Eglin" born likely c1894 in Benson (likely). Was this the child that died prior to 1900 census as census stated that there 5 children born to Sarah with 4 still living.

# * Irene Eglin born August 1897

# Marion Eglin born 2 August 1901 (after her father died). She died 7 December 1903 and buried Upper Benson Cemetery

        William was living in the Town of Benson, age 17 with his father at the time of the 1880 census. The 1892 New York State census of the Town of Benson Part #1 lists William as Willie Eglin age 32, farmer, wife Sarah age 23, children Charly age 2, Sarah age 4 and Johney age 1.
        The family was living at 5 North Street in Gloversville in June 1900 (1900 Census) William's occupation was given as a labourer in a store born March 1864 and Sarah's ocupation as a sewing machine operator in the glove manufacturing industry. Both could read and write.
        In the 1900 census Sarah was shown as born New York State and both parents born New York State. The children were listed as Leah born March 1888, Charles born April 1890, John born April 1891 and Irene born August 1897.
        William's obit of 14 March in the Northville (Fulton County)Newspaper stated he wa ssurbed by his wife (no name given), children Leah, Charles John and Irene, sisters Mrs. William (Alice, RGM) Brown of Benson and Mrs Nicholas (Bessie,RGM) Stock of Gloversville (no mention of his half brother Emmett or his half sister Edna)/ The obit noted that he was the son of William T. Eglin who carried the mail between Benson and this village (Northville).
        By the 1910 census the widow Sarah was living in Johnstown (Fulton County) and had remarried (3 years) to John Clute (see son John) She was 41 and the mother of 6 children , of whom 4 were still living. and a glove maker at home John was age 61 and had his own income
        By 1920 census Sarah as again a widow an listed as Sarah Clute. age 51 mother in law, living with her daughter Irene Corman and Irene's husband Lee Corman in Mohawk, Herkimer County.

        In the 1930 census she was listed as Sarah Woodrick age 61. living at #12 Chestnut Street in Gloversville (household #3 in census of Gloversville) the owner of real estate worth $2400 and a widow (Again!) and was glove maker in a glove factory . She had first married at age 19 (Now 3 husbands later) An" Elizabeth Abby age 72 and a widow was living with her Sarah Palmateer (1868-1945) is buried in the Upper Benson cemetery as "the wife of William Eglin". Sarah was born 3 October 1868 in the Town of Benson the eldest daughter of Charles Palmateer (25 July 1841 - 28 January 1907) a veteran of the Civil War and Leah Coward (19 March 1850-1943) who were married in 1867.. Sarah died 30 June 1945 (Ref Jennifer Donovan)
        Sarah had siblings, Mary Ann 1872- married Daniel Palmateer , Georgina 1875- married Frank Blowers ,Laura 1877 married Robert Manzer, Delia 1881-1904 drown in Sacandaga River, Thomas 1889-1978 married Maude Sweet.
        See the Palmateer family history by Jennifer Donovan and posted on the Hamilton County rootsweb board.


William T. Eglin #2.8.3 and Mary C. ?
October 1874 likely in the Town of Benson
Nicholas Stock probably about 1892 in Benson or Gloversville .
He was born September 1872 in New York State and died after 1930 census.
after 1930

# Floyd Stock born July 1895 likely Gloversville
Married about 1915/6 to Grace T. U/K who was born about 1893/4
Their children Hazel M born 1916 and Alana (?) born 1918

        Bessie was age 5 in 1880 census, age 17 in the 1892 New York State census of Town of Benson (still Bessie) living with her father William T. Eglin,
        The Stock family were listed in the 1900 census of Gloversville Fulton County (Family #28) as Nicholas Stock age 27 born September 1872, occupation Teamster, born New York State wife Bessie born October 1874, age25 and Floyd age 4 born July 1895
        Bessie was identified in the obit of March 1901 of William Eglin as his sister Mrs Nicholas Stock of Gloversville. The family not yet found in1910 census.
        In 1920 census of Gloversville the family shown as family #193 and renting a house at 7 Union Street, Nicholas Stock age 48 occupation lumberman in the woods, wife Bessie Stock age 44 with them a Floyd Stock age 33, occupation glove cutter, his wife Grace T., age 36 (might these ages should have been 23 and 26) and Floyd's children, Hazel M age 3 years and 7 months and Alana (?) M age 1year and 6 months.
        In 1930 Nicholas Stock was listed as family #85 in Caroga, Town of Johnstown .Fulton County as age 59 married age 21 and no occupation, wife Bessie age 54, married at age 17, Also with them was a Floyd Stock age 36, married at age 21 and a chef at a restaurant. No sign of his wife Grace or the children. Also in the house was "a" Goldie Robbins age 35 boarder, married at age 15 . Her daughter Ethel Robbins age 9 and Hurrell Dutcher listed as her son .


William T. Eglin #2.8.3 and Louisa Peck
15 May 1894 in Town of Benson (Ref WWI Civilian draft registration 1917-18
Also registered as Silas Emmett with same birth date registered in Fulton County
Loretta Dora. Ellis born 14 November 1900 and died March 1979 at Amsterdam, Montgomery County (SSDI records)
1959 likely Town of Broadablin, Fulton County area
Union Mills Cemetery, Town of Broadablin

# Martha Mae Eglin born 28 September 1919 age 3 months at time of 1920 census
Listed in the 1936 year book of Broadalbin High School as a Junior Class of 1937
married George M Phillips two sons one daughter Martha is living 2005

Perth Center Cemetery Town of Perth Fulton County
Phillips Plot Row 4 Plot 2

Orlie E 1883-1952
Grace M Mosher 1883-1943 (wife)

George M. Sept 27 1912-Dec 29 1965
NY TEC4 Co A 757 RYshop BN WWII married 20 Nov 1937

Eglin Martha May b 1918 married 20 November 1937 D (no date)

Donald Mosher born 1915 no death date

Eglin Virgina b 1921 no death date

# Virginia Ethel Eglin born 10 January 1921 Listed in the 1936 year book of Broadalbin High School as a Freshman Class of 1939. She married Donald Mosher Phillips (brother of George ) two sons two daughters

# * Kenneth Earl Eglin born 5 October 1922

# Emmett William Eglin born 25 December 1925 married 24 January 1944 to Charlotte Warner who was the daughter of Roy Warner and Pearl Baird and was born 9 May 1922 (obit).
        Emmett resided on Fulton County Road #110 in the Town of Broadalbin between the Village of Broadalbin and hamlet of North Broadalbin. He was a farmer and auctioneer. Charlotte worked at the Elmer Little Glove Factory in Johnstown for 19 years and later operated a glue machine at the Mohawk Furniture factory in Broadalbin, retiring 1985. She died 12 February 2002 at St Mary's Hospital Amsterdam Montgomery County.

Children of Emmett and Charlotte

# William E. Eglin

# David L. Eglin The 1920 census of Town of Benson, Family #3, Eglin Emuth (unreadable but assumed to be Emmett) (ancestry .com indexed him as Canneth S.) age 25 farmer, owned farm, wife Loretta D. age 19, children Martha M, 3 months.

        The 1930 census of Town of Broadalbin Fulton County, House #11 family #11 lists Emmett S. Eglin, age 35, a renter and farm manager of general farm, wife Loretta age 29, a glove fitter at home. The children were Martha M age 10, Virginia E, age 9 Kenneth E age 7 and Emmettt W. 4 yrs and 3 months. He was listed as manager of Grinells Dairy of Broadalbin who were an advertiser in the 1936 Broadalbin High School Year book.
        Emmett was listed in the 1939 directory of Fulton County as living near Gloversville



William T. Eglin #2.8.3 and Louisa Peck
12 Dec 1895 age 4 in 1900 census, age 24 in 1920 census (Ref Julie Dorman 12 December 1899 (Town of Benson)
before 1912 to Howard C Smith born 1889- June 1953
September 1961
Prospect Hill Cemetery Gloversville Fulton County N.Y with her husband Howard C Smith
# Ethel SMITH (1912 _ ) married Herman L WOGNAR (WOJNAR)

# Betty Wognar
# Shirley Wognar
# Mary Wognar

# Willard Emmet SMITH (30 May 1915_7 Apr 1945) (killed) married 27 May 1939 by a Roman Catholic priest to Mary E GREENFIELD born 8 Apr 1920 _ ) Buried Prospect Hill Cemetery Gloversville. She was the daughter of William E and Ellen Margaret Long.

# Ellen Barbara SMITH married Leon Willard DORMAN
Children and grandchildren

# Marion SMITH married 1st. James McNUTT
married 2nd Raymond JARABEK (Jun 1934 _31 Aug 1998)
Children and grandchildren

# Edna SMITH married Stanley NOURSE
Children and grandchildren

# Willard Smith married Rose U/K
Children and grandchildren

# Howard SMITH (1918 _ ) married Eleanor MARUCCI

# Sandra SMITH

# Sally SMITH

# Arthur SMITH (1920 _ ) (note the 1920 census gives Arthur as being older than Howard Jr) married Vivian LOWELL (remarried to U/K Farrar)

# Mary E. SMITH (1939_1990) married U/K YOUNG

# Arthur H SMITH Jr. (1941 _ )

# Carol SMITH married U/K MILLER

# Keith SMITH (10 Nov 1940 _ 28 Jun 1999)
Married with children

# Raymond SMITH (1922 _ ) married Inge UNGER

# Edna SMITH

# Raymond SMITH Junior

# Pamela SMITH

# Michelle SMITH

# Esther SMITH (1925 _ ) married Dominick SARDELLA (1920 _ 27 Sep 1992)

# Richard SARDELLA


# Nancy SARDELLA (1949 _ )

# James A SMITH (1928 _ ) married Mabel E WILSON

# to #9 Surname SMITH
Janice, James, Patricia, "Corky", Duane, Jeffery, Kenneth, U/K. SMITH, Debra Ann SMITH married William E PERHAM

# Robert SMITH (1930 _ ) married Marilyn Jean U/K

# 1 Robert SMITH Junior

# Linda SMITH

# Donald SMITH (1932 _ ) married Jackie U/K

# "Pudge" SMITH married Patricia "Patty" TRAVIS.

# Donald SMITH

# John SMITH (30 May 1934 _ ) married Cecilia BUYCE

# Sylvia SMITH (30 Dec 1938 _ ) & Clarence "Sonny" P MILLETT

# Paul MILLETT married Iris has children

# Brian MILLETT married has children

The 1920 census of Gloversville lists Howard Smith, age 30, Edna age 24, Ethel 8, Willard 4 yrs 9/12, Arthur 2 yrs 3/12 and Howard Jr 3/12. Edna's father William Eglin age 83 was living with them




William J. Brownell and Carolyn Susannah Synder
about 1883
before 1910 to Joseph L. Butler who born about 1880
# Clifton A. Butler born about 1912

        The 1920 census of the town of Mayfield family #68 house #59 on the Main Street of the Village of Mayfield listed Joseph Butler age 40, a glove cutter in a factory, wife Hattie E age 37 a glovemaker at home and son Clifton Butler age 8, Joseph Butler and his father in law William Brownell were shown as the owners of the house in which both Butler and Brownell were living.
        The 1930 census of the Town of Mayfield, Fulton County New York family #142 (Main Street Mayfield Village) lists Joseph L. Butler age 50, both father and mother born Switzerland, owns house value $3000, occupation glove cutter in a factory, wife Hattie E. age 47, glove maker at home and son Clifton A, age 18 . Joseph was married at age 28 and Hattie married at age 25. With them was Caroline Brownell, age 75 described as mother in law.


William J, Brownell and Carolyn Synder
28 July 1895 in the town of Mayfield
Clark Gifford who was born 16 July 1895 in the Town of Mayfield
10 July 1995
Mayfield Cemetery in the Town of Mayfield with her husband Clark Gifford who died in1943 at age 47
# Everitt L Gifford born 21 December 1917. He died in Gloversville on 15 April 1996, age 78 and was buried in the Mayfield cemetery. He married VivienneWeaver He had a son Murray Gifford who was the father of Kecia Gifford.

        The 1920 census of the Town of Mayfield lists as family #55 Village of Mayfield, Clark D Gifford , age 24. Glove cutter in a glove factory, wife Mildred age 24, glove maker at home and son Everitt L age 2


Info from the late Helen Eglin Cole amended Nov 2005

William Eglin # and Sarah Palmateer
born 8 April 1891 (Ref WWI draft registration 1917-18 registered in Fulton County
Mary Williams who was born 1883 and who died 1973,
no children (Ref late Helen Cole)
May 31 1967
Prospect Hill Cemetery Gloversville Fulton County Section 8 lot 94
with his wife Mary Williams 1883-1973

        John was listed in the 1910 census of Johnstown, Fulton county household #41 as John "Eglen" as stepson, single and a driver of a glove wagon. The head of the household was John Clute age married 3 years his second marriage own income and wife Sarah age 41 married 3 years, her second marriage,a glove maker at home .She had 6 children 4 of whom were still living
        John Eglin is listed in the 1930 census of Gloversville page 11B as a renter, family #331 in house #267(owner, Vernon Batty) John age 39 married at age 23 occupation something in an art store (most difficult to read) wife May age 46, married at age 30, occupation glove maker at home. No children listed


Most info from the late Helen Eglin Cole

William Eglin # and Sarah Palmateer
April 1890 likely in the Town of Benson Hamilton County N.Y.
His birth date was given as 5 April 1889 in the WWI Draft registration (
Draft registered in Fulton County
In 1909 at Northville Fulton County to Elizabeth Robbs at the home of Charles's sister Mrs Arch Reed who lived at 85 West Street. Elizabeth was born about 1894 and was the daughter of Frank Robbs of Northville (ref`1910 census)
22 November 1944 age 54 at Gloversville Fulton County N.Y.
Ferndale Cemetery Johnstown Fulton County
# Marian Eglin born about 1911/.12
She was Listed in the 1930 census of City of Gloversville Page 1A as a lodger age 19 Student nurse (Seems like a nurse's residence) She died 16 September 1982 and buried Ferndale Cemetery Johnstown . She married ? Howland
Their children

# Gary Howland 2 children

# Janet Howland married U/K Luss, no children, He was dead by 1994

# Marguerite "Helen" Eglin born 1913 (She used the name Helen as an adult)
married 1 July 1939 to John Cole (1994 residence was 93 West State Street Gloversville)
She died age 87 at Gloversville about 24 November 2000
Their children

# Donna Cole Married James Getman lives Gloversville
Children of Donna and James Getman
1. Robert Getman
2. Kimberly Getman (married Joseph Dorman) (first cousin of Julie Dorman) son Joseph Jr.

        Charles lived in the Town of Benson, at Cranberry Creek in the Town of Mayfield, Fulton County and Gloversville Fulton County (Ref Mrs Wanda Mason and late Helen Cole Sept/94)
        Helen Cole advised (1994) that her father Charles was raised in the Town of Benson with his cousin Tommy Palmateer. Although the Eglin family including Charles were living in Gloversville by 1900, Charles was living in Northville when married in1909 and when the census was taken in 1901
        The 1910 census of the Town of Northampton l Family #157 at Point Wille listed Charles Eglin age 19 married one year, a boot maker in a shop and a renter , wife Lizzie age 16, a glove maker at home
        The 1920 census of Town of Northampton (Northville) listed Charles Eglin age 29, wife Elizabeth age 26, children Marion age 8 and Marguerite age 6. In 1930 the Eglins were members of the Kingsborough Ave Presbyterian Church in Gloversville, Mrs Charles Eglin, Marian Eglin, Marguerite Eglin.
        Charles Eglin was enumerated as Charles Elgin in 1930 census of Gloversville Household #264 age 39, married at age 17, occupation a labourer on a milk route, owns a house, value $8000 wife Elizabeth age 35,. married at age 15, a glove silker at a glove factory, daughter Helen age 16. With them was Frank Rolls, age 60 described as father in law with no occupation



William Eglin # and Sarah Palmateer
August 1897 likely in the Town of Benson Hamilton County N.Y.
About 1917/8 to Lee Cormier who was born about 1890 in Missouri and father was born in Illinios
# Croman born 1918

# Raymond Corman born about 1922

# Leonard Corman born about 1925

        In 1917 Irene Eglin was listed in the Glen Telphone directory as living at 12 Chesnut Street Gloversville Fulton County
        The 1920 census of Town of Mohawk Herkimer County New York lists Family 299 as Lee Corman age 30, occupation illegible, wife Irene age 2 daughter Thelma age 1year and 11 months(?), and mother in law Sarah Clute age 51.
        The 1930 census of German Flats, Herkimer County household #101 listed the family as Lee Corman age 41, married at age 28, born Missouri,. father born Illinois, occupation Machine operator at a typewriter plant, rents house at $25 per month, wife Irene, age 33, married age 20 and children Thelma age 11 Raymond age 8 and Leonard age 5.


Emmett Silas Eglin # and Loretta Dora Ellis
born 5 October 1922 likely the Town of Benson
1. Alta Pauline Sanders born 19 April 1925 and died 10 October 1987

2 Jane Hoff (maiden name ?)
9 March 2002
Saratoga National Cemetery near Schylerville, Town of Saratoga, Saratoga County N.Y
with Pauline Sanders
# Larry Warner Eglin

# Dale Curtis Eglin born 6 January1947 died July 1985 (SSDI Records) buried Union Mills Cemetery (born 6 January 1947 SSDI)

# Bonnie Lei Eglin

# * Roger Dean Eglin info to come

# Keith Allen Eglin

# Todd Kenneth Eglin

# Scott Randall Eglin

Children with Jane
# Charles Eglin.

# Richard Eglin

        Kenneth is listed on the town of Broadalbin Honor memorial listing those who served in WWII

        Jane, the second wife of Kenneth was born 8 October 1925 in Gloversville and died age 76 on 12 February 2002 at St Mary's Hospital Amsterdam Montgomery County .She was survived by her husband Kenneth sons John Hoff and Charles Eglin and daughters Sharon Stanton and Carol Wallace (obit Gloversville newspaper via Dan Mead)

        Jane had 3 children from a Previous marriage John Hoff, Carol Hoff Wallace and Sharon Hoff Stanton


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