Eglin Family
Generation #2


Jan 2000


Batholemew Eglin #1.1 and Jane ? (Ref #2)


23 January 1823 (Ref #2) likely in the Hamilton, Fulton or Saratoga County area


before 1850 to Theda J. Olmstead (Ref #2)


10 November 1882 in the Town of Edinburg Saratoga County (Ref #2)


Clark School House Cemetery Tennantville Road Town of Edinburg


# Toles L. Eglin born 23 January 1851 likely in Town of Edinburg. He died Sept 13 1858 and was buried Clark School House Cemetery (Ref #2)

# Charlie Eglin born 24 Sept 1854 likely in Town of Edinburg

He died 16 December 1858 and was buried in Clark School House Cemetery (Ref #2)

# Georgianne Eglin born about 1857 show as George Anne (f) age 3 in the 1860 Town of Edinburgh census /she died before 1900 as 1900 census states that Theda Eglin had 6 children with only one (Burdett) living in 1900.

#3.1.1 4 Frankie Eglin born about September 1860 likely in the Town of Edinburg.

He died 7 April 1861 and was buried in Clark School House Cemetery (Ref #2)

# Katy Eglin born 20 February 1864 likely in the Town of Edinburg

She died 20 December 1865 and was buried in Clark School House Cemetery (Ref #2)

# Burdett Eglin born May 1867 likely in the Town of Northampton living Northville in 1900 when his mother died and for 1900 census. He was a cashier at the Northville bank in 1900 He married about 1894 to Carrie ? born December 1873, no children in June 1900 (Ref #22B)

Henry Eglin ran a store in the Town of Edinburg at the cross roads at the stone Bridge over Bleecher Creek for a period of time being the second owner after 1842 (Ref #10).

In the 1850 Town of Edinburg census Henry is listed with his parents Bartholemew and Jane. Henry was 27 , a hotel keeper and had a wife Theda age 20 . It was likely Henry Eglin that was shown on a 1856 map of the Town of Edinburg with a hotel on the West side of the road that ran southwest from Beecher's Hollow (Edinburg) and was just south of Beecher Creek.

Henry was Town Clerk of Edinburgh in 1859 (History of Saratoga County (1878 reprint 1979)

Henry was listed in the 1860 Census of the Town of Edinburg as age 37 hotel keeper, real estate valued at $3200 and personal property worth $525. With him was his wife Theda 29, daughter Georgianne age 3, Theda's brother, Ansel Olmstead age 26, a farmer and a domestic, Moriah Mellen age 21.

Henry also ran a drug store in Northville for number of years. He moved back to Edinburg where he died in November 1882. Theda moved back to Northville about 1888 (Ref #31). Henry acquired his father Bartholemew's property at Beechers Hollow (12 acres on the east side of the road between Beechers's Hollow and Fish House in Nov 1878 in his wife's Theda name.

Theda Olmstead was born 6 May 1831 in the Town of Edinburgh and was the daughter of Thomas Olmstead and Adelia Kennicut. (Ref #31) (Ref #22B). Theda died 17 July 1900 of a heart attack at her son's Burnett Eglin at Northville and is also buried in the Clark School House Cemetery (Ref #2). It is likely that Theda Olmstead was a descendant of Samuel Olmstead who settled near the present village of Northville in the Town of Northampton, Fulton County in 1788 (Ref #12)



Cornelius Eglin #1.5 and Margaret Ann (Peggy) Dolson


23 March 1827 (obit) or 2 Feb 1828 (death certificate) near Woodstock Oxford County

See Ref #33


26 Feb 1846 in Porter County to Mahala Catherine Edwards (altho her obit gives her name as Catherine M.) born 16 May 1829 near Woodstock Canada.


Centre Twp Porter County 11 Jan 1903 (he was blind for 48 years) (for some reason unknown his father name on his death certificate was listed as Frank Eglin). His mother's name was correctly listed as Anna Dolson.


Maplewood Cemetery Valparaiso along with his wife Mahala (Edwards) who died 4 November 1914 at Valparaiso In.


# Esther Eglin born 1848. It appears that she went by the name Jane (Jennie) when she was married and in her adult life (only solution to the missing "Esther" and fact Jane Eglin Peer G/S reads 1848-1926)

.2 John Eglin died infancy

.3 * Franklin P. Eglin born Valparaiso 19 August 1853.

In the 1850 Porter County Census enumerated with John and Mahalia was Esther A. Eglin age 2. On January 2 1857 Mahala Catherine Eglin was baptized into the Valpariso Baptist church

The 1860 Porter County census lists John age 33, wife Mahiday age 31 both born Canada, children Esther Eglin age 12 and Franklin Eglin age 7 both children born Indiana. John was a property owner but no occupation given (likely farmer)

The 1870 Porter County Census Center Twp lists

John Eglin age 43 Farmer Value of real estate $1600 Value of Personal Property $650,

Born Canada , blind

Mahala C. Eglin age 41 Keeping house born Canada

Esther J. Eglin at home age 22 born Indiana

Franklin P. Eglin age 16 Farm labourer

Hannah Edwards age 61 at home born Canada (Mahala's mother)

Albert McCelland age 11 Born Indiana, cannot write (a stray?)

Betty Williams advises that Newspaper obits for John and Catherine state that they had only 3 children 2 sons 1 dau, John, Frank and Mrs Perry Peer.

A notation in family records (Ref #31) states that in 1851 Thomas and John Eglin visited Batholemew Eglin's children after returning from California. John had $5000 and Thomas $3000 which they had made in New York City which that carried in a money belt.(wonder if they actually had been to the gold fields in California, RGM)

Also in Porter County Records (Ref #33) In 1886 John Eglin and his wife were and had been for some time living at the Hamlet of Cherry Glen Centre Twp. John was Baptist by Religion.

The Isaac Edwards family went to Porter County (likely from Oxford County Ontario) when Catherine Edwards was 9 years old (c 1838) (there was an Edwards Family in Zorra c 1828 but they are shown as property owners in 1857 Tremaine's map of Zorra. This is very likely the family that went to Indiana).

Isaac Edwards and Hannah Wilsey were married in Zorra Twp Oxford County Ontario on 21 July 1832. (Ref London District (Ontario) marriage Records) Witnesses were John Mathers and Henry Wilsey.

As Mahalia was born in 1829 one wonders if she was the daughter of Hannah by a previous marriage (or perhaps Isaac by a previous marriage. (Thus Isaac may have been her father or Step father). Isaac Edwards is not listed in 1828 Militia rolls but a "Nelson Edwards" age 19 is listed in the Zorra area of the Oxford Militia records of 1828 Whether Isaac was not in Ontario or was too young for the Militia is not known (you were supposed to be 19).

Isaac however was a witness at Nelson's marriage in 1834 in Zorra. The only Henry Wilsey found in the 1828 militia records was in Leeds County Ont Also listed in London District Marriage Records as being "Of Zorra" were Katherine Edwards married in 1834 to Alexander Wilson and Mary Edwards married Oct 1837 to Aaron Kened , the later with Cornelius Eglin and Isaac Edwards as witnesses.

It is extremely likely that Isaac and his siblings were related to Millicent Edwards who was born c 1783 and who married Samuel Dolson

Hannah Wilsey Edwards (born c 1809 in Canada) remarried after Isaac's death to John Casbon who died 7 Feb 1888 in Porter County. Hannah died 5 April 1888 and 2 of her 6 children survived (Mrs John Eglin and Mrs Stevens (Stephens). The Edwards lived at Loux Crossing Porter County . Hannah's daughter Esther Ann Edwards married 3 Oct 1850 to Fernado C. Stephens in Porter County In Sept 1857 Isaac Edwards transferred to Hannah a portion of Section 15 Twp 35 and in 1867 Hannah transferred the land to Enoch Edwards

(perhaps her son ?)



Much of the Research for above info was done by Betty Williams, 226 W Co Road 406 North

Valparaiso In 46383-8805 in Nov/97

It has been determined that the John Eglin listed in the 1860 federal census of Anderson Twp Madison county In., was not of this family




Cornelius Eglin #1.5 and Margaret Ann (Peggy) Dolson


8 October 1828 near Woodstock Oxford County Ont (Ref Benton Cty Bios in History of Benton County Oregon Pub 1885)


Phebe Blachley on 29 October 1848 in Porter County


aft 1885 likely Benton County Oregon near Corvallis


# Thomas N. Eglin son of Thomas and Phebe (Eglin) Died 6 April 1842(?) (likely 1852)

age 2 yrs 8 months (& 18 days ?) G/S /Blachly Cemetery (likely a error in reading stone due to

its age)

Following info from Ancestral File of LDS

.2 John B. Eglin born abt 1853 in Porter County married 2 July 1876 to Clara M Thayer in

.3 Mary A Eglin born abt 1857 in Porter County. Married 1 January 1880 in Benton County Oregon to James J. Flett born 1853 in Indiana

.4 George F Eglin born c 1862 (ref #41)

.5 James L. Eglin born abt 1865 Benton County Oregon

.6 William C Eglin (mentioned in bio only)

Thomas Elgin went to Oregon in 1861 and in 1864 moved to a farm on the north limit of Corvallis Benton County Or. He was a farmer in 1870. He later opened a livery and feed stable in Corvallis

By 1880 he was operating a stage line between Corvallis and Albany Oregon.

(He seems to have make enough money so that his bio would be published in the " History of Benton County". Most county histories featured paid biographical sketch of the payor)

He was the subject of a bio in the History of Benton County by David Fagan of Portland in 1885

Phoebe Blachly was born 11 January 1830 in Wayne Ohio the daughter of William Boyd Blachly (born 25 July Menham Morris County N.J. and Elizabeth Bartholomew born 17 July 1790 at Harrisburg Pa. She died 15 September 1886 at Corvallis Or. (posting by Sue Ericksen on Roots Web connect Jan 2000)

The Thomas Eglin shown inthe 1850 and 1860 census of Harrison Twp Cass County In. is not of the Cornelius Eglin Family.



Cornelius Eglin #1.5 and Margaret Ann (Peggy) Dolson


about 1830, in Canada age 20 in 1850 and living with family in Porter County Indiana


1. to Lebra Van Velsen on 24 Oct 1852 at St Charles Missouri

2 on 7 August 1854 to Lovina Wells (Porter Cty marriage licenses). Blachley Cemetery G/S, Lovina Wife of Geo. W. Eglin (G/S date buried in ground)


# presumed child Lovena A. Eglin who married 14 June 1881 at Yakima Washington to G.J. Warren (tho she could have been daughter of Abrahram Dolson Eglin see after)

The following is very likely a child of either George W. Eglin or Abraham Dolson Eglin, his brother, (info from Vital Records index by Intellectual Reserve Inc. via Ronald Plimley

Jan 1999 see Reference #40

Wayzata Eglin who married 20 November 1888 at Yakima Washington to John Ernsberger

It appears that George W. Eglin may have also gone west and was living in the Yakima Washington area by 1881 near his brothers Abraham Eglin and James Monroe Eglin if the presumed child is his.


Sept /99 see refs 36, 40 and 41


Cornelius Eglin #1.5 and Margaret Ann (Peggy) Dolson


11 June 1834 near Woodstock Oxford County Ont


13 September 1911 at Yakima Washington age 77 of kidney failure


Margaret Crews tho it shows up in the Children's marriage records as Martha/ Cress or Cruse or Kruze. They married likely in Oregon before 1863/5


His obit lists 8 sons and 3 daughters

#3.5.1 Benjamin K.. Eglin born 1 June 1860, married 13 Dec 1882 at Yakima Washington to Sarah A. Shaw

.2 Lavina Eglin born 14 November 1861 married name in 1911 Strong (perhaps same person as Lovina Eglin who married G.J. Warren at Yakima Wash on 14 June 1881

.3 John Sherman Eglinborn 8 April 1863 o married on 24 March 1889 at Yakima Washington to Ellen Slavin

.4 Judith Eglin born 1865 married age 30 at Yakima Washington on 2 November 1895 to

John Dittentholer, age 33 on 2 November 1895 at Yakima Washington His parents were listed as Fred and Lena Dittentholer. 5 children see ref #41

Jacqueline McCallum is of this branch (Donna Mae (MaCallum), Roland Edward, Gerald Washington, Judith Francis Eglin

.5 Warren M Eglin born 27 January 1867 died 24 May 1943

.6 Olivia Eglin born 25 July 1870 married 4 March 1885 at Yakima Washington to Charles Barth

.7 Thomas W. Eglin born 27 June 1870, married age 24 on 16 May 1895 to Daisie I. Burgett age 19 at Yakima Washington. His father given as A .D. Eglin and his mother as "Kruze"

Her parents were given as Ira A. Burgett and Cynthia Patterson

.8 Charles D. Eglin born 1 November 1873 .at Tampico Washington married age 19 on

6 Sept 1892 to Julia Reed age 19 at Yakima Washington. His father given as A. Eglin and mother as Margaret Cruse. (Crews) Her parents were John Reed and M. J. Ferris

He died 29 March 1956 at Yakima Washington one child see Ref #41

.9 George W Eglin born 26 December 1875, married 23 December 1897 in Yakima Washington to Harriett Johnson 5 children see Ref #41

.10 James B Dolson born 1 March 1877

.11 Frank Eglin born 12 October 1878 married age 22 on 19 Dec 1900 to Maggie B Bates age 22 at Yakima Washington and born 1878 at Fort Walla Walla Washington

His father given as A. D Eglin and mother as Martha Cress

Frank was farmer and hop grower.

2 additional children died before adulthood

Abraham Eglin was living with family in 1850, in Porter County In. but was gone in 1860

His obit published in the Yakima Washington Herald on Sept 20 1911 noted that Abraham was a pioneer of Yakima Valley have lived there from 1871. He was widely know as "Uncle Abe"by the more recent residents and had served one term as commissioner of Yakima county.

He has moved from Porter County Indiana to Eugene Oregon in 1854 after moving from Oxford county Ontario with his parents and siblings about 1844. He went to the gold fields of California for 4 years and returning to Oregon lived 5 years at Corvallis likely living near his brother Thomas Eglin. He took up land at Tampico in the Yakima Valley and like other pioneers hauled his hops and other produce to the Columbia river port of the "The Dalles" where he also obtained his supplies.

His wife Margaret Crews had also crossed the plains in a wagon train. She was born

21 August 1837 in Lafayette County Missouri and died at Yakima on 6 January 1920

a biographical sketch is in Ref #41from the History of Yakima Valley


ref Donna Mae Husby Aug/99


Cornelius Eglin #1.5 and Margaret Ann (Peggy) Dolson


about 1843 near Woodstock , Oxford County Ontario


at age 17 on 2 December 1858 to William M. Ferguson Likely Porter or Lake County Indiana


# George Washington Ferguson born 19 May 18671 in Porter Cty In

married Anzelettie Holenbeck on 25 Sept 188 in Ellensburg Kittitas County Washington Territory (gt grandparents of Donna Mae Husby).

George died 9 January 1930 in Twispe Okangon County Washington and

Anzelettie died in 1943 in Monroe Snohomish County Washington.

.2 James Cornelius Ferguson (Aka Kitt) born 1 December 1862 in Porter Cty

married Elena Martinson 14 Feb 1889 at Waterville Douglas Cty Washington Territory

.3 John Thomas Ferguson born August 1865 Porter County married Carrie U/K

both died New Port Oregon after 1950


.4 Emma May Ferguson born August 1868 married W. H. Kneimyer at Waterville Douglas County

.5 Lilly Jane Ferguson born 5 September 1875 in Oregon Territory married Omer Huston

William was born in 1832 in Pittsburg Pa In the 1860 census there were living next door to Cornelius Eglin. William Ferguson was born about 1832, occupation Farmer.

In the 1870 census the Fergusons were living in Union Township Porter County with children George W. age 9, James C. age 7 John T. age 4 and Emma May (written as Erunova) age 2 .

William was listed as a miller and was born Pennsylvania. According to Donna Speed Husby (August 1999)(Email , The family moved to Oregon before 1875. Donna Husby has found that William may have been married previously about 5 years before he married Margaret Ann and that he had a child from this previous marriage.



Cornelius Eglin #1.5 and Margaret Ann (Peggy) Dolson


24 November 1845 likely Center Township Porter County Indiana (Ref Indiana 1850 census) altho an IGI entry shows at Woodstock Ont


27 February 1868 at ? to Francis Matilda Kern who was born 3 November 1850 in Iowa and was the daughter of John Kern She died 7 December at Yakima Washington


16 December 1915 at Tampico, Yakima County Washington State


likely Yakima


Info from Mr and Mrs Victor Elliot their source family bible)

# Ella (Sara) Eglin born 30 January 1867 at ?

She married (1) 1 July 1886 to Frank Morris

(2) Frank Cameron

Child Arthur Cameron

# Lucinda Eglin born 14 November 1870

Died 17 September 1871

3.5,8.3 Ivy (Iva) Eglin born 1 August 1872..

She married 14 December 1890 to C. C. Card (E.E. Card is the LDS reference)

lived Tacoma in 1915 children Elmer Card

# Rosella Eglin born 6 April 1874

She married (1) Bert Flint (or Flink) (2) ? Morehouse

she lived Outlook Washing in 1925 and was married to Bert Flink (Flint)

# Fred Eglin born 3 May 1877

He married 14 February 1915 to Nellie Nelson She was born Yakima, Yamika County, Washington and died Seattle, King's County Oregon

Child Cornia Eglin

# Jessie Eglin born 1 June 1882 Washington State

She married 5 July 1899 to Henry Perry at Yakima Washington

their children

1. Hellan Perry born 9 March 1900

2. Irine Perry born 4 June 1903

.7 * Neomi May Eglin born 1 July 1883 at "The Dalles" Wasco County, Oregon

James Eglin was the only child still home with the family in Porter at the time of the 1860 census. It appears he headed to Washington State by 1868 as he was married in Yakima Washington by then. See Ref #41 for bio

One of the Daughters was listed as Mrs J Joyfield of Seattle in her fathers obit and Mrs Fields was referred to as Mrs Jessie Field rather than Mrs Jesse Fields



Silas W. Eglin #1.6 and Betsey Spears


19 February 1837 born New York State (Ref # 1B)


1. Mary C., born New York State when she died on 4 November 1875 her age was given as 33 years 0 mos and 10 days ie born 1842 Buried Upper Benson cemetery (Ref #1B)

(G/S not found Nov 1993)

Her age was given as 17 in 1860 census but was given as 25 in 1870 census (born about 1845)(census age should have likely been 28)

2. Grace Died age 32 on 13 December 1890 buried Upper Benson Cemetery (Ref #1B) She was postmaster at Benson Center from July 1884 until she died. (She may have been the Grace E. Bowler listed in the 1880 census of the Town of Hope (Ref #22A) age 23, Divorced who was a boarder at William Eglin's residence.

3. Louisa V. (Ref #1B) She was living in June 1917


10 Jan 1921 (Stone Upper Benson cemetery)(Ref #1B)


Upper Benson Cemetery (By the bush with Daughter Ethel, inscribed William T. Eglin)

(Ref #1B)


# Mary V. Eglin 8 months in 1860 town of Benson Census

may have died young as she was not listed in the 1870 census with the family

# Alice T. Eglin born about 1861 (Ref#1B) postmaster of Benson Centre from December 1880 to July 1884

# * William Eglin born March 1864 (Ref #22B)(13 March 1864)

.4 Katie died 10 January 1881 age 7 years 3 months and 10 days (Ref #1B) age given as 5 in 1880 census. (Ref #22A)

.5 Bessie (perhaps Elizabeth) age 5 in 1880 census (Ref 22A)

With Louisa

.6 Ethel died 30 March 1901 age 1 year 11 months and 26 days (Ref #1B)

Property Transactions for William T. Eglin in Hamilton County include, Purchases April 1873, Book 11 page 113 and Sales June 1873, Book 11 Page #280 (See Ref #13)

William T. also purchased from his father, Silas W. Eglin in April of 1875 (Book #16 page #238), 90 acres in Lot 7 of in the Subdivision of Great Lot 8 of the Glenn, Bleeker and Lansing patents (in the Town of Benson (property about 1/2 mile of Hamilton County Road 6 and 1 mile east of Intersection of County Road 6 and Fulton County Road #125

William is listed in the 1860 census in the Town of Benson age 23 as a farmer with

Real estate worth 4800 and personal property worth $550. Wife Mary C age 17 and dau Mary V

Age 8 months

The 1870 Federal census (Ref #19) of the Town of Benson lists William Eglin age 33 born New York State, Wife Mary Keeping house born New York State age 25 (see above) Children Alice age 10 and William age 7

The 1880 census of the Town of Benson lists William T. Eglin age 42 occupation farmer, widower, his daughter Alice W. age 20 keeping house, other children Willie 17 Bessie and Katie both age 5. Living with William were 2 boarders Grace E Bowler, age 23, Divorced

(Chances are she became wife #2) and Fanny Tiffany age 78 (who ever she may be)

Aber in his history of Hamilton County gives the following briefs

page #369 William J. Eglin (likely meant to be William T. as no William J. found to date), appointed overseer of Road District #2 in the Town of Benson shortly after its formation in 1860

page #373 William T. Eglin was appointed postmaster at Benson Center when it was reopened on 1 August 1871. He was succeeded by his daughter Alice T. Eglin on 13 December 1880 who was succeeded on 8 July 1884 by Grace Eglin (very likely William T's second wife) She served until her death in December 1890.

page #381 William T. Eglin, justice of the peace left town in 1917 (age about 80 likely to live with one of his children)

In June 1917 William T. and wife Louisa V. Eglin sold (Book # 52) page 220 for $1,

70 acres in Lot 72 of the Benson Tract in the Town of Benson to his son Emmett S. Eglin

(a mile north of Benson Center at intersection of Fulton County Road 125 and Hamilton County Road 6).

On page 358 of history of Hamilton County "a" Wm. Eglin is shown as a resident at about this location (Lot 72). As he and members of the family were buried at Upper Benson (Ref #1B) ,it must be assumed that he lived on or near Lot #72.

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