Eglin Family
Generation #1




John Eglin and Catherine Dods


probably in the Town of Florida Montgomery County Baptized 29 September 1792 at First Dutch Reform Church at Schenectady New York. The sponsors were his grandparents Bartholemeus Dodd (Dods) and Maria (Marjtje Doremus) (Ref #9B)


Before 1823 to Jane ? who was born 1801 (Ref #2)


23 February 1879 age 86 (gravestone inscription) very likely in the Town of Edinburg, Saratoga County New York (Ref #2) (Ref #16)


Clark School House Cemetery on Tennantville Road Town of Edinburg (Ref #2)


#2.1.1 * Henry Eglin born 23 January 1823 (Ref #2)

#2.1.2. Catherine Eglin born about 1829, age 21 in 1850 and living with Bartholmew and Jane Eglin

#2.1.3 Charles Eglin born 2 May 1831. His age was given as 19 in the 1850 Town of Edinburgh census. He died 14 November 1853 age 22 years 6 months and 12 days (Ref #2) and was buried at the Clark School House Cemetery

#2.1.4 Emily Eglin born about 1843 age 7 in 1850 census and shown as Emma age 18 in 1860 census

#2.1.5 Perhaps Stephen N. Eglin according to records of Clark School House Cemetery

(Ref #2) born 4 June 1823 and died 27 July 1841 age 18 yrs 1 mo and 23 days and the son of Bartholmew and Jane (altho those dates conflict with the birth of Henry) (this stone was not found by RGM)

In the 1850 Federal census Bartholemew is listed in the Town of Edinburg age 54, blacksmith, born New York State, Wife Jane 49, and with them son Henry 27, occupation hotel keeper Henry's wife Theda. Living with Bartholomew was his son, Charles age 19, occupation labourer. A Catherine Eglin age 21 and an Emily Eglin age 7 who at this time are presumed to be other children of Bartholomew were also in the household as well as an Ellen Smith age 2 relationship if any unknown.

In 1850 Bartholomew Eglin purchased 6 acres for $500 (see Ref) in the Town of Edinburg Saratoga County on the east side of the road between Beecher's Hollow (now Edinburg) and Fish House (on the west side of the Sacandaga River.) In November 1878 he sold this property and an adjoining 6 acres for $500 to Theda Eglin (wife of son Henry). He could not sign his name (made an X) but his wife Jane did sign her name.

In a map dated 1856 of the Town of Edinburg showing the location of residence a "B Eglin" is show on the east side of the road leading south west from Beechers Hollow and just south of Beecher Creek (on the other side of the road was the notation Eglin hotel on the west side (first initial of Eglin impossible to read)

Bartholomew is listed in the 1860 Federal census of the Town of Edinburg as age 67 a farmer with real estate valued at $1400 and personal property worth $100 with him were his wife Jane age 59 domestic (keeping house) and daughter Emma (Emily) age 18

Bartholemus' wife Jane died 20 December 1878 age 77 (Ref #2) (Ref #16)and is also buried in Clark School House Cemetery.


amended 18 Oct 2000


John Eglin and Catherine Dods


4 August 1794 likely in or near the Town of Florida, Montgomery County New York. He was baptized 17 August 1794 at the Dutch Reform Church at Schenectady New York (Ref #9B). The sponsors at the baptism were his grandparents Bartholemus Dods and Maria Doremus


1. by 1817 to Cynthia Olmstead Ref #(Ref #1D).  She was the daughter of Jeremiah Olmste(a)d born 1762 in west Stockbridge Ma and Mercy Wells born 16 July 1768  who both lived Town of Hope Hamilton Cty

2. before 1847 to Ann. She was very likely Ann Crane (mother Nancy born abt 1778). Ann was born about 1806/7 (age 43 in 1850 census of the Town of Amsterdam Montgomery County) and 54 in 1860 census of Town of Amsterdam.


After the taking of the 1860 census of the Town of Amsterdam where he is shown as age 65. Will signed 3 April 1850, his residence at the time was the Town of Amsterdam (Ref #21)



#2.2.1 Kimma A. Eglin (listed in Olmstead Book page 404 as a child of Peter Eglin and Cynthia Olmstead  Kimma born 1818 and died 1905 and buried at Prospect Hill Cemetery Northville Fulton County N.Y. She was named after her aunt Kimmie Olmstead also daughter of Jeremiah Olmstead and Mercy Wells (see ref)

Marcia Buffett of Gloversville N.Y advised Aug 2000 that Kimma Eglin married Wesley "Garrett" Lobdell.  Garrett was born 23 April 1816 and was the son of Jacob Elias Lobdell 1789-1842 and Rachell Vanness whom he married 2 Sept 1810 in Northville Methodist Church.  The family lived in the Northville Area

Children of Kimma Eglin and Garret Lobdell
a. Cynthia Lobdell born 1842
b. Benjamin W. Lobdell born 1844
c. John E Lobdell born 1846
d. Clorinda Lobdell born 1848
e. Peter E. Lobdell born 1850
f. Samuel A. Lobdell born 1852 mar Eliza A Ellsworth
g. Charles H. Lobdell born 1854

#2.2.2 John Eglin listed as child of Peter and Cynthia Eglin in Olmstead family book. John was born about 1819/20, wife Susan who lived in the Town of Gilman in 1850 (Ref #7) (Gilmantown in 1993 is a hamlet in the Town of Wells in Hamilton County)

The 1860 Federal Census of the Town of Wells, Hamilton County (Wells likely included the present Town of Hope at that time) lists John Eglin age 40 with wife Susan age 50 born Vermont and 2 children Susan A. age 15 and Abram, age 8.  John had real estate worth $1870 (listed as $187 which seems incorrect) and personal property worth $370.  His post office was shown as Wells.

The Federal 1870 census of the Town of Hope (Ref #19) lists John age 57 (born 1813) wife Susan age 61 both born New Hampshire (this is likely an error as in all likelihood only Susan was born in Vermont) and a son whose name starts with an "H" age 11. (maybe Hortect). They were living with Mitchell, Kane, Jackson and Davis families (relationships if any unknown)

The Federal census of 1880 (Ref #22A) of the Town of Hope lists John Eglin age 60 farmer born New York State (with parents born New York state), wife Susan age 70 born Vermont with parents born in New Hampshire, daughter Adeline age 31 teacher born New York State and a son Herbert age 21, at home. It is likely this "John" in the 1860, 1870 and 1880 census of the Town of Wells and Hope is one and the same person as the  "John Eglin" born in 1818 that Aber (Ref #7) refers to, page 360 of the history of Hamilton County.

Thus Aber was in error as this John was the son of Peter rather a brother of Peter. As the Town of Hope had a separate census listing in 1880 from the Town of Wells it appears that John moved from Gilmantown in the Town of Wells into the Town of Hope.

It appears that Aber's references to Adeline Eglin (page 414) in the 1880 census as a teacher in Town of Hope census and as Adelia, a teacher in Town of Wells in 1877 (Page 951) both refer to Adeline, daughter of John and Susan Eglin

#2,2.3 Catherine Eglin listed in Olmstead book as child of Peter and Cynthia Eglin LDS Ancestral file (June 1999)

" A" Catherine Eglin born 1822 in Fulton County is shown married to Robert C. Anibal of Fulton County and having a son Edmund Anibal born 10 January 1844 in Fulton County. (Hope and Benson being part of Fulton Cty) Edmund Anibal married 12 November 1869 to Phoebe Jane Hinkle in Holt, Missouri. Edmund died in Holt on 22 August 1908.

It is assumed that Catherine  Eglin, daughter of Peter Eglin was the Eglin who married Robert Anibal both living in the same area

2.2.4 Isaac Eglin listed as a son of Peter Eglin and Cynthia Olmstead in the Olmstead family Book.

Isaac is listed by Abner in the History of Hamilton County  Page 401, 1850 census Town of Wells Isaac EGLIN age 26, labourer

G/S transcriptions posted on the Onondaga County New York Gen Web Board March /2000
Borodino Cemetery Town of Spafford Onondaga County
    Isaac EGLIN born Oct 4 1824
    Alice Case wife of Isaac EGLIN d 16 Jan 1859
    Elizabeth Dedrick  wife of Isaac EGLIN died 4 April 1886 age 58 yrs 10 mns and 25 days
    Luana Delbert EGLIN died 5 July 1877 age 24 yrs 6 mons and 5 days

2.2.5 Mercy  EGLIN listed as a child of Peter and Cynthia Eglin in the Olmstead Family book
born after 1825

2.2.6 Hannah Eglin listed as Child of Peter Eglin and Cynthia Olmstead in the Olmstead Family book
born after 1825

Children of Peter Eglin and Ann (likely) Crane

#2.2.7  Giles Eglin (m) born about 1848 age 2 in 1850 Town of Amsterdam census and mentioned in his father's will. Listed as Charles Eglin age 12 in 1860 census of Town of Amsterdam

#2.2.5  Frances Emma Eglin born 1849 age 11 months in 1850 Town of Amsterdam Census (written as Emery (f)).   Listed as Emma age 11 in 1860 census of Town of Amsterdam

Peter's wife Cynthia Olmstead was born 1794 and died 19 October 1837 in her 43rd year and is buried in the Willard Cemetery at Hope Valley as Synthia Eglin  (Ref #1D).  Abner (Ref #7) on page 360 of the History of Hamilton County refers to Silas W. born 1804 and Thomas born 1805 as sons of Peter.  Silas was not Peter's son but his brother. Thomas, bother of Peter was born 14 July 1796 so it difficult to know who Aber was referring to.

The 1825 Federal census (Ref #22) of the Town of Hope page 4 lists Eglin, Peter D., 3 males, 3 females, one male entitled to vote, one subject to Military service, one married female under 45 and 2 unmarried females under 16.  In analysis, we have Peter D. Eglin age 31 entitled to vote (age 21 and a land owner) and subject to military service, wife Cynthia age 30 (thus under 45) 2 males, one of whom was son John age 7, born in 1819/20 and the other was Isaac born 1824;  2 female children, one of whom might have been older than John, likely Kimma being the elder and Catherine the younger.

Aber in his history of Hamilton County Page 393 states Peter Eglin of the Town of Hope (now Town of Benson) was paid a wolf bounty in 1826.

It is not known when Peter moved to the Town of Amsterdam (sometime after 1840) (see Ref # 13C) when he sold a portion of Lot 118 in the Town of Benson and the 1840 Federal census (Ref #18).

Peter is listed in the 1850 census of the Town of Amsterdam as age 53, a farmer with real estate worth $2310, born New York wife Ann age 43 and children Giles age 2 and Emma age 11 months.

Living with them was a Margaret Crane age 72 (One might wonder if this was Ann's mother), Margaret Crane 30 and a labourer Thomas Wooster age 21 (Ref 18).

Peter is listed in the 1860 census of the Town of Amsterdam (page 531) age 65 farmer wife Nancy age 54 born Vermont,  Nancy Crane 82, Margaret R Crane 38, and Nancy Dodds 20, Cornelius Dodds 15 and Esther Dodds 12.  The Dodds children were children of John Dods and Sarah Palmer and Grand children of Cornelius Dods who was a brother to Peter's mother Catherine Dods Eglin (see Dods family history)

In Peter's will of 1850 (Ref #21) he mentions wife Ann and children Giles and Frances Emma, executors were Silas (likely his brother) William (likely his son) and his wife Ann. It is possible that the "Ann Eglin that was admitted to membership into the Cranesville Reform church in the Town of Amsterdam was "ANN the widow of Peter". Apparently the Presbyterian church at Manny's Corners in the Town of Amsterdam had dissolved (Ref #23).

This Ann died 22 January 1892 (Ref #23) (If the widow of Peter Doremus Eglin, she would be very elderly likely about 85/86)



John Eglin and Catherine Dods


born 17 July 1796 (Ref #9B) baptized 28 August 1796 at First Dutch Reform Church at Schenectady.


no children found to date see Ref 40 Jan/99 Listed by LDS IGI is a marriage of "A" Thomas Eglin on 19 Feb 1838 to Marcy Hahn in Passaic N.J. Research is required on this item

No wife or children with him in 1860 census of the Town of Benson


1878-9 age 80 (Ref #11) likely in the Town of Amsterdam, Montgomery County


Dods Cemetery on Cranes Hollow Road Town of Amsterdam (Ref #11)

G/S reads Thomas born July 14 1796 died age 80

The History of Montgomery County Page 235 refers to the Golden Rule Lodge located in Northville in the Town of Northampton, organized in December 1823 and lists Thomas Eglin as an early member.

Just when Thomas went to Ontario is not known. He sold land in Town of Johnstown, Montgomery County in September 1830 and in Hamilton County in May 1838 and purchased land in Hamilton County in May 1847 and in February 1848 (See References #13)

He was in Zorra Township Oxford County Ontario on 2 March 1836 when he along with his brother Cornelius witnessed a memorial of a sale of Land between Samuel and Jesse Dolson (Lot 5 Concession 12 East Zorra Township recorded as #2902 in the County of Oxford Land Registry office) (Ref #14)

Thomas took an oath that he was a witness when the memorial was recorded on

3 March 1836. At that time both he and Cornelius were described as mechanics. On 8 February 1836 he was in Oxford Township, Oxford County when he witnessed a memorial of a sale of land made 28 April 1834 to Samuel Dolson from Ira Chauncy Barr (Lot 5 Concession 11 East Zorra Township Recorded as #2864 (see also Cornelius Eglin who married Peggy Ann Dolson

On 17 July 1848 Thomas signed a deed to "one Robert Forbes" for 50 acres" being the South West 1/4 of Lot 16 Concession 9, East Zorra Township Oxford County Ont. (Ref #14). He had received a quit claim deed from Heman Fitch of Blenheim Township Oxford County dated the same day.

When he actually acquired the property is unknown, Fitch having acquired the south half of the lot in October 1835 (Ref #14) The deed describes Thomas Eglin as late of New York State and now of the Township of Blenheim in the Gore District (Oxford County after the Baldwin Act of 1849) (Thomas has yet to be found in Blenheim Township)

Aber (Ref #7) in the history of Hamilton County says that Thomas Eglin owned land in both Benson and Hope in 1847 but lived in Hope (page #360). Thomas purchased land in 1847 in the Town of Hope (Benson) and was assessed as a member of Road District Number 6 in 1847 in the Town of Benson (Aber page #364).

He does not shown in the 1850 census index of either Hamilton or Montgomery Counties.

(He may have been living with someone and the indexer assumed he was part of that household)

He was in the town of Benson for the 1860 federal census and his age was given as 55 (tho over 60 would be more correct) He is shown without wife or family living with the family of Horace Wells a farmer age 64. He is listed with real estate worth $2000 but without personal property He is living next to his brother Silas and family (post office given as Benson)

He seems to have sold his Benson property in July 1862 to John Gifford and some more in April 1865 to Lewis Brownell (both families listed in 1865 census of Benson.)

It is likely he moved to the Town of Amsterdam about this time.



John Eglin and Catherine Dods


17 July 1798 in the Town of Amsterdam, Montgomery County (Ref. family history) Baptized 31 September 1798 at First Dutch Reform Church at Schenectady

(Ref #9B) (no sponsors listed)


about 1817-8 to Alanson Avery likely in the Town of Benson, Hamilton County New York altho no records have been found.


6 April 1874 in Ingersoll, Oxford County Ontario where Alanson had retired to, from his farm in West Zorra Township Oxford County


Ingersoll Rural Cemetery, Ingersoll

The gravestone inscription reads






#2.4.1 Eliza Avery born prior to 1819 and died before 1838, no known children (I RGM believe she likely died 'young")

#2.4.2 John Eglin Avery born 7 February 1819 at Johnstown Fulton County New York.

He married Hannah O'Donnell at Woodstock Ont. He died March 1901 and is buried in Carsonville Cemetery Washington Township, Sanilac County Mich. They had 2 children neither of whom had children.

#2.4.3 Alanson Avery born 31 May 1821 "en route" to Zorra Township. He was a Civil War Veteran having served with the Missouri Engineers. He lived in Kansas after the war. He died

3 November 1912 at Croswell Mich Sanilac County and is buried Crosswell Cemetery. He may or may not have been married. There were no known children.

#2.4.4 Silas Wood Avery born 23 September 1823 in West Zorra Township. He married Mary Jane Molaskey and had 8 children. He lived in Brantford Township Brant County Ontario.

He died 11 June 1898 and is buried in West Street Cemetery, Brantford Ontario.

#2.4.5 Mary Jane Avery born about 1825 in West Zorra Township. She married Archibald McKellar and had 7 children. She died 7 June 1893 in North Oxford Twp, Oxford County and is buried Ingersoll Rural Cemetery, Ingersoll Ont.

#2.4.6 Cornelius Avery born 1 November 1827 in West Zorra Township He married Eleanor Judge in Nissouri Township Oxford County and had 3 children He died 23 December 1861 near St Mary's Perth County Ont. and is buried ?

#2.4.7 Orin Avery born 15 November 1829 in West Zorra Township. He married Catherine Campbell and had 2 children. Lived Sanilac Township Sanilac County. He died at Crosswell on 31 August 1930 age 101 and is buried Crosswell Cemetery

#2.4.8 Catherine Avery born 17 November 1830 West Zorra Township. She married February 1850 at Zorra to Robert James Moore. They had 10 children, the family moved to Gladwin Michigan in 1879. She homesteaded in Idaho in 1903 after her husband died October 1899 in Gladwin. She died 20 February 1928 age 98 at Spokane Washington and is buried Highland Cemetery Gladwin Mich. To August /99 approx 236 Descendants have been identified.

(for complete info see Moore Family history "Robert James Moore Branch #2.6.8" by RGM)

#2.4.9 Charles Henry Avery born 9 June 1833 in West Zorra Township, He married Sarah Elizabeth Rodgers of Lambton County Ontario and moved to Sanilac County and later to Butman Township Gladwin County Michigan. He had 13 children. He died 23 February 1897 in Butman Township and was buried in Butman Cemetery, no marker.

#2.4.10 Thomas E. Avery born 1834 in West Zorra Township died 18 June 1848 aged 13 years

8 months and 26 days when kicked by a horse. Buried Embro Pioneer Cemetery Oxford County Road 6 West Zorra Township.

#2.4.11 William Avery born 1835 in West Zorra Township died 23 August 1864 shown as a lunatic in 1861 West Zorra Census. Buried Ingersoll Rural Cemetery in "Potters Field".

#2.4.12 Eliza Lucinda Avery born 1838 in West Zorra Township. She married Lemuel B. Stevens They had at least three children perhaps four. She died after 1912 perhaps Chicago Il.

#2.4.13 Daniel Stoddard Avery born 1841 in West Zorra Township

He married Mary Scott and they had 2 children. He died Worth Township Sanilac County

21 August 1880 of consumption (T.B.)

Alanson was born in Groton Conn. on 30 November 1791 and was the son of Frederick Avery and Elizabeth Stoddard. Frederick had moved to the Town of Broadalbin, Fulton County New York about 1802 from Connecticut. He purchased part of Lot 15 of the Sacandaga Patent (which has now been flooded under the Great Sacandaga Lake Reservoir Project)

Frederick died in September 1806 and his wife remarried to John Butler.

It is likely that Alanson moved to the Town of Benson prior to his marriage to Nancy Eglin (page 438 of the Groton Avery Clan Genealogy states that Alanson was a farmer and moved to Ontario from Benson New York).

About 1822 the Averys moved to Oxford County Ontario and settled on Lot 1 Concession 3 in West Zorra. He later purchased a portion of Lot 2 Concession 4 as well.

It is believed that he came to Oxford County for better farm land as the farming in the Town of Benson would be less than marginal. It appears that he moved "alone " as no neighbours or relatives moved to Oxford in the same time frame. (Altho there was a distant cousin Orin Avery living at Norwich some 20 miles away). His brother-in-laws Thomas and Cornelius Eglin came to Ontario some years after Alanson. He was regarded as a successful farmer. His farm is the present site of the Lafarge Cement Plant. Both Alanson and Nancy could read and write.

(The Avery Family History by RGM gives more detail as well as references on Nancy Eglin and her husband Alanson Avery)



John Eglin and Catherine Dods


Baptized 18 January 1801 at Rotterdam New York at (First or) Woestina Dutch Reform Church born 4 July 1800 (Church Records) 27 June 1801 as calculated from his gravestone inscription

(I, RGM, suppose it is possible that the first Cornelius died and a second Cornelius was born a year later)


Margaret Ann (Peggy) Dolson (Ref # 15) likely before 1826 likely in Ontario and most Likely Oxford County (Not shown in the London District (Ontario) Marriage Records)


12 May 1862 Centre Township Porter County Indiana


Blachly Cemetery (east side) located 3 miles west of Valpariso Ind, entrance off Old Lincoln Highway, State Route #330. Gravestone reads died May 12 1862 age 60 yrs 10 mos and 15 days


(list of Children from Victor W. Elliott see Ref # 32)

#2.5.1 * John Eglin born 23 March 1827 (obit) or 2 Feb 1828 (G/S) near Woodstock Oxford County See Ref #33

#2.5.2 * Thomas Eglin born 8 October 1828 near Woodstock married Phebe Blachley on 29 October 1848 in Porter County

#2.5.3 * George W. Eglin born about 1830, near Woodstock age 20 in 1850

#2.5.4 Lucinda Eglin born about 1832 near Woodstock, age 18 in 1850 census

Married to Cyrus N. Clement on 27 August 1850 in Porter County

Cyrus born about 1824 in Canada occupation farmer and lived with the Eglins in 1850, (there were Clements in West Zorra in the 1830 era)

#2.5.5 * Abraham Dolson Eglin, born 11 June 1834 near Woodstock

#2.5.6 Sabrina (Ref V.E.) born likely before 1840 near Woodstock and died before 1850, not found 1850 census of Indiana

#2.5.7 * Margaret Ann Eglin born about 1843 near Woodstock

#2.5.8 * James Monroe Eglin born 24 November 1845 (Ref #15) Ref V. E.) in Indiana likely Centre Township Porter County

To Date no references to Cornelius other than his baptism have been found in New York State.

It appears that Cornelius was in Oxford County by 1826 or before altho no record of his marriage has yet been found.

Cornelius received a receipt dated September 1834 from the Commissioner of Crown Lands for payment of 7 1/2 Pounds as the first instalment for South 1/2 of Lot 6 Concession 12 East Zorra Township Oxford County. The total price of the 100 acre parcel was to be 75 pounds to be paid (plus interest at 6 % in 10 yearly instalments with the first payment due in 17 September 1835 (Ref # 14). He transferred this property to John Bailley in ? (to be checked)

He was in Zorra Township Oxford County Ontario on 2 March 1836 when he along with his brother Thomas and witnessed a memorial of a sale of land made 5 October 1835 from Samuel Dolson to his son Jesse Dolson (Lot 5 Concession 11 East Zorra Township Recorded as #2902 in the County of Oxford Land Registry office). At that time both Thomas and Cornelius were described as Mechanics. (also likely Carpenters)

(It is believed that Jesse Dolson was related to Peggy Dolson's Father, Abram but Freda Weirick of Wichita KS states that Jesse was not a brother but was the son of Samuel Dolson and Millicent Edwards. She also advises that Jesse Dolson and his wife Esther (Fuller) were in Porter County Ind. living at or near Valparaiso by 1843).

Cornelius also purchased Lot 25 Concession 11 East Zorra Township in January 1836, on similar terms to his purchase of Lot 6 with 15 pounds down and 10 years to pay.

He transferred this property to Charles Thacher Tucker for an unstipulated amount in April 1836. (Charles Tucker transferred it to John Rowell in January 1838 (Ref #14)

Cornelius was in Zorra Township in October 1837 as he was a witness to the marriage of Mary Edwards and Aaron Kenedy. He purchased property in East Zorra by Deed #4165 from Cyrus Dibble and sold by memorial of a deed # 4166 to A. (Abram) Dolson in the time frame 1850-2 (Land Registry to be checked) (the above are copy book numbers)

It was very likely that A. Dolson was Abram Dolson, his brother-in-law (RGM speculation). Cornelius was shown on the Naturalization Records (given British citizenship) in Oxford as having signed the affidavit of Allegiance on 17 March 1841. He gave his residence as East Oxford Township and his occupation as a carpenter and signed his own name. To be naturalized, one was supposed to be in Canada for seven years. (the methods for proving this seem to be somewhat obscure if any even existed) Also naturalized in 1839-40-41 were Edward, Jesse and 2 Abraham Dolsons (Ref #20)

Cornelius was listed in Centre Township Porter County Indiana in the 1850 Census, age 48 and the census show that the youngest child, James Monroe Eglin (Born November 1845) was born in Indiana. However Margaret age 7 in the 1850 census was born in Canada (Oxford County).

Altho there were Canadians in Porter County as early as 1835 it is likely that Cornelius and His father in law, Abraham Dolson went to Porter County about the same time, between 1843 and June 1844 when Cornelius purchased land in Porter County from Boyd Blachley.

Cornelius and his family went thro a considerable round of Land purchases and sales in Porter County Between 1844 and 1865. He purchased 40 acres in Section 16 Twp 35 (North 1/2 of South East 1/4) in May 1857 from his father in law Abraham Dolson (Abraham died 8 June 1857) Cornelius sold this land to his son John in March 1859.

Cornelius was listed as a farmer in 1850 census of Porter County and as a miller, age 58, in the 1860 census of Porter County. By 1860 James was the only child still at home, tho daughter Margaret and husband William Ferguson lived next door.

The history of Porter and Lake Counties (1882) notes under Valpariso and Center Townships "Subsequently there was built a flouring mill owned since 1866 by William McConkey formerly Eglin's mill". Cornelius was a deacon of the Valpariso Baptist church being appointed 17 June 1854 and continuing until his death (his record was closed May 1863 but he had died in May of 1862)

Margaret Ann (Peggy) Dolson was born in New York State in 1806 (Ref Victor Elliot see also Ref #15) (or 1810 from 1850 and 1860 Indiana Census) and was the daughter of Abram Dolson and Margaret A (Peggy) Dolson.

Peggy Ann's (Margaret) parents were Abram Dolson born c1777 in New York and Margaret (Peggy) Dolson born 6 Feb 1782 (Via Les Dolson Nov/96) Margaret (Sr) age was given as 68, born New York in the 1850 census of Porter County and in 1860 census of Porter County Indiana, Margaret Dolson (Sr) age 79 was living with Cornelius Eglin family.

Info via Les Dolson London in Nov/96 from ? in US gives death date of 8 June 1857 for Abram Dolson and death date of 26 January 1864 for Margaret (Peggy) Dolson, both in Porter County In.

Peggy Ann Eglin remarried 13 December 1863 to James Haskell. (Porter County Marriage Records. Peggy Ann (Margaret) Dolson Eglin died in 1871 in Oregon (Ref V.E.) (whether the Marriage had broken up by that time or whether she was out for a visit is not known as a number of her family had moved to Oregon)

James Haskell died 22 Feb 1885 age 82 yrs 10 months and 22 days

Location Wanatah Clinton Twp La Porte County. The Porter County Vidette Newspaper gave his age as 81 and his death date as Feb 23. He was not in the 1870 or 1880 Porter County Census Index (Ref B.W.) (likely La Porte Cty, RGM) He was buried in Westville Cemetery Section 30 New Durham Township La Porte County as was his first wife Betsy who died 20 March 1848

age 52 yrs 7 mons 13 days . James Haskell came to Laporte County in 1834 and in a 1904 history was referred to as a pioneer of the County.

For more info on the Dolsons see the Dolson Family History by RGM



John Eglin and Catherine Dods


1806 (Ref #1C) Ref #31) no baptismal Records yet found He was referred to as Uncle Silas

(Ref #31) born 1806 . (Aber (Ref #7) in the" History of Hamilton County" page 360 says he was born 1804)


Betsey Spears who died 29 February 1872 in her 62 year (Ref #1C) (family records (Ref #31) state she was born 1810 and died age 62) (no info on Betsey's parents etc found)


likely 5 November 1891 age 85 years 9 months and 25 days (Ref #1C)


Both Silas and Betsey are buried in Town of Benson Cemetery # 9 located on the North Road approximately 500 feet north of Hamilton County Road #6 (Ref #1C)


#2.6.1 Elizabeth Eglin born 1828

She was listed as Elizabeth Brownell in the 1860 federal census of the Town of Hope age 22, Her husband was Orra Brownell age 39, farmer with no real estate and Personal property of $300 Children listed were William 3 and Margaret 7 months. their post office was Hope Center

It is likely his parents were Orra Brownell born about 1795 in New York State and Nancy born about 1800 in Scotland, as they lived next door to Orra Jr. Orra Brownell Sr. was a farmer with real estate of $2000 and personal property of $750

The 1880 census of the Town of Hope (Ref #22A) lists an "Elizabeth Brownell" age 50, widow with a son William age 20 occupation farmer She died age 67 ref 31 and was note din the family records as a " cozon" to Henry Eglin, son of Bartholmew Eglin.

#2.6.2 Mary Jane Eglin born 1833.

She was listed age 27 in 1860 census of the Town of Benson, and was living at home.

She was listed in 1880 census of Hope Township (Ref #22A) age 47 as daughter of Silas Eglin.

Her married name was "Graydon",

Husband Henry J. Graydon age 60 born Ireland and occupation farmer (no children listed). married name in family records (Ref #31) "Gur Don"

#2.6.3 * William T. Eglin born 19 February 1837 (Ref #1B)

It is not known what the initial W. stood for in Silas' name .(altho the 1860 census lists

"H." as his middle initial.

His sister Nancy named one of her children Silas Wood Avery and as many of her children were named after members of her family one might surmise that the name "Wood" may have had a family background (Perhaps the maiden surname of John Eglin's Mother) Although this avenue has been pursued by David Avery (Ref #24) nothing has been found.

Silas was a resident of Albany County in 1832 when his father John transferred title to him of a portion of Lot 5 in the Town of Mayfair (Ref #13). Aber in the "History of Hamilton County" page 360 refers to Silas W. born 1804 as a son of Peter Eglin, actually Silas was a brother of Peter's. He was involved in a number of land transactions in Hamilton County over the years (Ref #13). In Aber's history of Hamilton County, Silas is shown on the map on page 358 on the south side of present Hamilton County Road 6 just a short distance west of present location of North Street, likely about Lot 6 of the Benson tract which was once owned by his grandfather Bartholemeus Dods. In as much as he was buried in the North Street Cemetery he must have lived nearby.

In April 1875 (Book 16 page 238), he sold property to his son, William T. Eglin, 90 acres in Lot 7 of the Subdivision of Great Lot 8 in the Glen, Bleeker and Lansing Tract in the Town of Benson (see William T. Eglin) (It may have been this property that he live on in 1861.)

The 1880 Federal census of the Town of Benson Hamilton County lists Silas Eglin age 70, widower living with his daughter Mary J. Graydon age 47 and her husband Henry J. Graydon age 60 a farmer (Ref #22A). Aber notes page 373 that a mining claim stating that there was gold was filed on Silas Eglin land in September of 1880.

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