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April 2005

John Eglin and Catherine Dods
Born 4 July 1800. perhaps in the town of Amsterdam, Montgomery County New York
Baptized 18 January 1801by Rev Thomas Romeyn at (First or) Woestina Dutch Reform Church also know as the Church of the Wilderness No sponsors recorded,
Born 27 June 1801 as calculated from his gravestone inscription
(I, RGM, suppose it is possible that the first Cornelius died and a second Cornelius was born a year later). The Woestina Church was located at Huffmans (Ferry) in the Town of Glenville, Schenectady County at that time. The Woestina Church was not moved to Rotterdam until 1815 (Reference Don Keefer)
Margaret Ann (Peggy) Dolson likely before 1826 likely in Ontario and most likely Oxford County
(Not shown in the London District (Ontario) Marriage Records)
Les Ferguson has info that suggests that Cornelius may have been married previous to Peggy Dolson, who was born 1806 or 1810 if this is correct then Cornelius married Peggy likely prior to birth of Abraham #2.6.5 (See Lucinda Eglin #2.6.4) Margaret's birth date as calculated from her Grave stone in Corvallis Oregon was 29 November 1810
12 May 1862 Centre Township Porter County Indiana
Blachly Cemetery (east side) located 3 miles west of Valpariso Indiana, entrance off Old Lincoln Highway, State Route #330. Gravestone reads died May 12 1862 age 60 yrs 10 mos and 15 days
(list of Children from Victor W. Elliott and from bios of Eglin Family from History of Klickitat, Yakima and Kittitas Counties Washington published 1904) The reference to "near Woodstock" for the location the birth of their children likely refers to East Zorra Township Oxford County, the obit of Thomas gives his birth place as Zorra

#2.6.1 * John Eglin born 23 March 1827 (obit) or 2 Feb 1828 (G/S) near Woodstock Oxford County

#2.6.2 * Thomas Eglin born 8 October 1828 Zorra married Phebe Blachley on 29 October 1848 in Porter County

#2.6.3 * George E. Eglin born about 8 November 1830, (Ref G/S) near Woodstock age 20 in 1850 census

#2.6.4 * Lucinda Eglin born 18 September 1832 near Woodstock,

#2.6.5 * Abraham Dolson Eglin, born 11 June 1834 near Woodstock

#2.6.6 Sabrina Eglin born likely before 1840 near Woodstock and died before 1850,
Not found 1850 census of Indiana (Ref History of Klickitat, Yakima and Kittitas Counties Washington, Bio of James Monroe Eglin page 637)

#2.6.7 * Margaret Ann Eglin born near Woodstock 27 Jan 1843 (Washington Pioneers Volume 1 page 142) and death certificate

#2.6.8 * James Monroe Eglin born 24 November 1845 (Ref Victor Elliot.) (1845 is given in 1900 Yakima County Washington census) in Indiana likely Center Township Porter County

* For more info on Children of Generation #2 contact Robert Moore email

        To Date no references to Cornelius other than his baptism have been found in New York State.
It appears that Cornelius was in Oxford County by 1826 or before although no record of his marriage as yet been found. Thus it is likely that he followed his sister Nancy and her husband Alanson Avery to Oxford County by 3 or 4 years as the Averys came about 1822 to Zorra..
        Cornelius received a receipt dated September 1834 from the Commissioner of Crown Lands for payment of 7 1/2 Pounds as the first instalment for South 1/2 of Lot 6 Concession 12 East Zorra Township Oxford County. The total price of the 100 acre parcel was to be 75 pounds to be paid (plus interest at 6 % in 10 yearly instalments with the first payment due on 17 September 1835. He transferred this property to John Bailley. He was in Zorra Township Oxford County Ontario on 2 March 1836 when he along with his brother Thomas and witnessed a memorial of a sale of land made 5 October 1835 from Samuel Dolson to his son Jesse Dolson (Lot 5 Concession 11 East Zorra Township Recorded as #2902 in the County of Oxford Land Registry office). At that time both Thomas and Cornelius were described as Mechanics. (likely carpenters or perhaps millwrights)
        (It is believed that Jesse Dolson was related to Peggy Dolson's Father, Abram but Freda Weirick of Wichita, Kansas states that Jesse was not a brother but was the son of Samuel Dolson and Millicent Edwards. She also advises that Jesse Dolson and his wife Esther (Fuller) were in Porter County Indiana living at or near Valparaiso by 1843).
        Cornelius also purchased Lot 25 Concession 11 East Zorra Township in January 1836, on similar terms to his purchase of Lot 6 with 15 pounds down and 10 years to pay. He transferred this property to Charles Thacher Tucker for an unrecorded amount in April 1836. (Charles Tucker transferred it to John Rowell in January 1838.
        Cornelius was in Zorra Township in October 1837 as he was a witness to the marriage of Mary Edwards and Aaron Kenedy. He purchased property in East Zorra by Deed #4165 from Cyrus Dibble and sold by memorial of a deed and recorded as # 4166 to A. (Abram) Dolson in the time frame, 1850-2 (by the time the memorial was recorded Cornelius was long gone to Indiana)
(Land Registry to be checked for date of memorial was made ) (the above are copy book numbers)
It was very likely that A. Dolson was Abram Dolson, his brother-in-law (RGM speculation).
        Cornelius was shown on the Naturalization Records (given British citizenship) in Oxford as having signed the Affidavit of Allegiance on 17 March 1841. He gave his residence as East Oxford Township and his occupation as a carpenter and signed his own name. To be naturalized, one was supposed to be in Canada for seven years. (the methods for proving this seem to be somewhat obscure if any even existed) Also naturalized in 1839-40-41, were Edward, Jesse and 2 Abraham Dolsons.
        Cornelius witnessed on 26 March 1844, a memorial of the sale of part of Lot 5 Concession 5 Zorra, from Abraham Dolson to Henry Finkle for 200 Pounds, Although there were Canadians in Porter County as early as 1835 it is likely that Cornelius and his father in law, Abraham Dolson went to Porter County about the same time, between April and June 1844 when Cornelius purchased land in Porter County from Boyd Blachley.
        Cornelius was listed in Center Township Porter County Indiana in the 1850 Census, taken 17 September 1850.) as age 48 and the census show that the youngest child, James Monroe Eglin (Born November 1845) was born in Indiana. However Margaret age 7 in the 1850 census was born in Canada (Oxford County).
        Cornelius and his family went through a considerable round of land purchases and sales in Porter County between 1844 and 1865. He purchased 40 acres in Section 16 Twp 35 (North 1/2 of South East 1/4) in May 1857 from his father in law Abraham Dolson (Abraham died 8 June 1857) Cornelius sold this land to his son John in March 1859.

        Cornelius was listed as a farmer in 1850 census of Porter County and as a miller, age 58, in the 1860 census of Porter County. By 1860 James was the only child still at home, tho daughter Margaret and husband William Ferguson lived next door.
        The history of Porter and Lake Counties (1882) notes under Valpariso and Center Townships "Subsequently there was built a flouring mill owned since 1866 by William McConkey formerly "Eglin's Mill". Cornelius was a deacon of the Valpariso Baptist church being appointed 17 June 1854 and continuing until his death (his record was closed May 1863 but he had died in May of 1862)
        Margaret Ann (Peggy) Dolson was born in New York State in 1806 (Ref Victor Elliot see also Ref #15) (or 1810 from 1850 and 1860 Indiana Census) and was the daughter of Abram Dolson and Margaret A (Peggy) Dolson.
        The birthplace of Peggy Dolson in the "History of Klickitat, Yakima and Kittitas Counties" Washington State published in 1904 gives her birth place as New Jersey. In a biography of her grandson Frank Eglin page 580 and the same history in a bio of her son James Monroe Eglin page 637 give her birthplace as New York. (I, RGM, believe New York to be correct)
        Peggy Ann's (Margaret) parents were Abram Dolson born c1777 in New York and Margaret (Peggy) Dolson born 6 Feb 1782 .
Steven Knemeyer of Kirland Washington states that information that his father gathered from his great aunt almost 40 years ago, indicated that Margaurite Ann Dolson/Dixon's mothers name was M.A. Schmerhorn. After further research he felt that the last name was probably Schermerhorn, probably a relative of the Dods side of the family. (Cornelius Eglin's mother was Catharine Dods) I RGM have not as of May 2004 found any info on Margaret Schermerhorn
        Margaret Dolson (Sr) age was given as 68, born New York in the 1850 census of Porter County and in 1860 census of Porter County Indiana, Margaret Dolson (Sr) age 79 was living with Cornelius Eglin family. Info via Les Dolson of London Ontario gives a death date of 8 June 1857 for Abram Dolson in Porter County In.
        Peggy Ann Eglin remarried 13 December 1863 to James Haskell. (Porter County Marriage Records). This marriage broke up and she went to Oregon to live with her son Thomas Eglin.
        She remarried again as Margaret A Haskell on 18 October 1875 to William F. Dixon apparently at Corvallis, Benton County Oregon. (Ref Benton County marriage book D page 320 ) William Dixon was a co-founder of Corvallis going there in 1845 (Ref Lee Gentleman email roots
        It appears that this marriage did not work out either as she is listed in the 1880 census of Corvallis Precinct Benton County Oregon (page 77B) as M. A Dixon age 70, mother in law.
She was living with her son in law William Ferguson and his wife Margaret and their family.
        She was not living with William Dixon (age 69 , father in law. farmer who was born in Maryland ) who is listed on the census on Page 77 and who was also living in Corvallis but with his son in law, N. R. Barber, age 44 , Post master and his wife Mary A. Barber age 36. (Mary was presumed to be Willioam Dixon's daughter)
        Margaret died 8 October 1883 at age 72 years ,10 months and 9 days and was buried as Margaret A. Eglin in the Crystal Lake cemetery in Corvallis Margaret is buried in the same plot as her son Thomas Eglin and his wife Phebe.
        James Haskell died 22 Feb 1885, age 82 yrs 10 months and 22 days at Wanatah, Clinton Township La Porte County. The "Porter County Vidette" Newspaper gave his age as 81 and his death date as Feb 23. He was not in the 1870 or 1880 Porter County Census Index (likely La Porte County, RGM) He was buried in Westville Cemetery Section 30 New Durham Township La Porte County as was his first wife Betsy who died 20 March 1848, age 52 yrs 7 months and 13 days. James Haskell came to Laporte County in 1834 and in a 1904 history was referred to as a pioneer of the County.


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