Eglin Family


unknown but perhaps John Eglin and Ann Howell (Nov/97) See after


1768 location unknown (Ref#1A )(Ref #7: page 360)


29 November 1790 in Dutch Reform Church at Schenectady New York, to Catalyntje (Catherine) Dods. Banns were read on 11 November 1790 (Ref #9A)


2 April 1845 age 77 most likely in the Town of Benson Hamilton County N.Y. (Ref #1A)(Ref #7: Aber is incorrect when he states 12 April)


Middle Benson Cemetery in the Town of Benson (Ref #1A) Lot 6 Benson Tract in the Town of Benson (Lot 6 was owned in early 1800's by Catherine Eglin's father Bartholemeus Dods and willed to his son Bartholemew Dods when he died in 1808) The bodies of John and Catherine were likely reburied at this location at some time after 1880 (Ref #7: page 373) The first location is unknown but Aber notes the body of Mrs Eglin was petrified supposedly due to the limestone content in the water. (The present location is on the side of a hill and there is no evidence of rock in the immediate area) (Spring bulbs planted in the Cemetery in the fall of 1994 by Pat and Bob Moore)


#1.1 * Bartholemus Eglin baptized 29 September 1792 at First Dutch Reform Church at Schenectady N.Y.(Ref #9B)

#1.2 * Peter Doremus Eglin baptized 17 August 1794 at First Dutch Reform Church at Schenectady (Ref #9B)

#1.3 * Thomas Eglin born 14 July 1796, baptized 28 August 1796 at First Dutch Reform Church Schenectady (Ref #9B)

#1.4 * Annetje (Nancy) Eglin born 17 July 1798 in the Town of Amsterdam, Montgomery County, Baptized 31 September 1798 at First Dutch Reform Church at Schenectady (Ref #9B)

#1.5 * Cornelius Eglin, baptized 18 January 1801 at Rotterdam New York Dutch Reform Church (Ref #10) died Porter County Indiana

#1.6 * Silas W. Eglin born 1806 no records of baptism yet found. Family record (see Ref # 31) state that he was an uncle to Bartholemew Eglin's children

To date (Aug/99) no birthplace or parents have been positively established for John Eglin. However Donald Keefer (see Ref #37) 2107 West Glenville Road R.R. #3 Amsterdam N.Y 12010 provided the following,

A. New York Marriages prior to 1784 page 123

Marriage license issued to John Eaglin and Ann Howell dated 4 April 1770

B. Baptisms

records of Children baptized at St George Anglican Church Schenectady N.Y (copy of Baptismal records etc available at Montgomery County Archives at Fonda)

page 1, Thomas Eaglin Parents John Eaglin and Ann Eaglin nee Howell 23 June 1771

page 15, Mary dau of John and Ann Eglein bpt 11 Sept 1774 born 25 August 1774

C. Mary Stevens Register of Births (she was a mid-wife in Schenectady)

a. Ann dau of John and Ann Eglington born 28 July 1773 at 3 in the morning

b. 25 August 1774 Ann Eglinton was deliver'd of a daughter Baptized Mary

Other than above the only Eglins found to date in early records have been found in Massachusetts several generations prior to the time of John's birth and no connection between them and our John Eglin has been made. It is possible that John birth date of is incorrect and that John was not born until 1772 or so (married at 18) and gave an older age so that he would not have been recorded as being younger than his wife. Catherine who was born in 1769 or John may not have been a son of John Eglin (Eglington etc ) and Ann Howell at all.

It is also possible that our John may have been part of the wave of immigration into the Mohawk Valley from New England after the revolution to take up the lands of Sir John Johnson and his followers who had been exiled to Canada (Butlers Rangers etc). (It is very likely that his background was English as I, RGM have made enquiries to a number of Eglins Families in Ontario in the past 10 years and all families can trace their families to England within the past 100 years) (Which makes the baptism in the Anglican church that much more interesting)

John was living in the Remsenboss in the Town of Florida (Montgomery County) in November 1790 when he married Catherine Dods (Ref #9A) So far no explanation for his name being recorded as Eglington rather than Eglin has been found.

There were a number of Eglingtons (Eglintons) including Ebeenzer, John and John Jr living in Greenwich Township and Gloucester Township in 1773-4. (Ref #27) There was also an Elginton marriage recorded at Salem New Jersey in 1827 (Ref #29) Whether there is any connection to John is not known.

The Baptismal records of First or Woestina Dutch Reform Church of Rotterdam listed the wife of Cornelius Dods as Polley Egleton in February 1805 when son Jacob was baptized and as Egleton in May 1803 when son Bartholmey was baptized. (It is assumed that the first name Bartholomy was an error) (Ref #10)

In the abstract of wills of Montgomery County the wills of Jesse Egleston and his wife Sarah of the Town of Florida dated 1826 and 1829 respectively are listed (Ref #21) Again whether there is any relationship between John Eglin and these people is not known. As John could not sign his name the family name could have easily been "shortened" somewhere along the line. Who Knows ?

John likely lived in the Schenectady area from 1790 to after 1798, either in Town of Florida or the Town of Amsterdam as the family history of the Avery Family stated that Nancy (Annetje) was born in the Town of Amsterdam. John's first 4 children were baptized in the Schenectady Dutch Reform Church (Ref #9B) and Cornelius at Rotterdam in January 1801 (Ref #10).

It is assumed that he lived near his in-laws, the Dods, all this time, however no Montgomery County land deeds have yet been found to shown the Eglins as land owners in the present County of Montgomery. (the Town of Well was set of from Mayfair in 1805 and the Towns of Hope and Benson were set off from Wells at a later date)

The Eglins were early settlers of the Town of Benson (Ref #7) They held land in the Town of Mayfair by June 1824 being part of Lot 5 in the Subdivision of Great Lot 8 of the Glen, Bleecker and Lansing Patent. (This lot is now part of the Town of Benson, the Town of Benson was not "set off" from the Town of Hope until 1860 and was formerly part of the Town of Mayfair) . The property was about 1 mile west of North Street (which leads off Hamilton County Road 6 through Benson toward Cathead Mountain) and then about 1/2 mile south of Road #6.

At that time John was described as being a resident of the Town of Hope, Montgomery County. (Ref #13). This deed was registered in Montgomery County in 1832 when sold to son Silas.

The records of the County of Hamilton do not show the purchase of land in Benson by John Eglin, however they do record a sale in February 1826 (Ref#13) to Eliphalet Washburn dated 20 February 1826 of a portion of Lot 71 in the Benson Patent in the Town of Hope. It appears that neither John or Catherine could sign their names as the memorial of the deed indicates that it was signed with an "X".

(Ref #13) This property is in the present town of Benson about 1/2 mile north of Benson Center (which is at the end of Fulton County Road 125 when it enter the Town of Benson)

The conditions and the terrain would act to deter any land registration etc in Hamilton County as the County seat at Lake Pleasant would be extremely difficult to reach even from the Town of Benson. Farming in the area is extremely limited and one might suggest that life based on farming would be an existence only, tho game and fuel would be plentiful.

It is very likely that both the Eglins and Dods families came to Benson for the virgin timber in the area. It appears that John had a saw mill as reference (Ref #13A & B) is made to the Eglin Mill Lot in Great Lot 34 in the Glen, Bleeker and Lansing Patent in what is now the Town of Bleeker. A Branch of Stoney Creek flows through the lot and this would serve as a power source for the mill and provide enough water for steam during "low flow times" of the creek.

In January 1832 John and Catherine sold to their son Silas W. Eglin a portion of Lot 5 in the Subdivision of Great Lot 8 of the Glen, Bleeker and Lansing Tract in the Town of Mayfair, (now the Town of Benson) (Ref #13) One of the conditions of the sale was that Silas would look after them as long as they lived or pay them $8 per month. (the land involved was the land that they had purchased in 1824.) At the same time (1832) as John sold a portion of his mill Lot in Lot 34 of the Glen, Bleeker and Lansing Tract, he sold 160 acres of Lot 52 of the Benson Tract (Lot 52 was approx 1/2 mile north of Hamilton Road #6 and about a mile east of Benson Center)

Isaac Bodine whose wife was buried in the Middle Benson Cemetery was also an early settler of the Town of Benson. The Bodines were neighbours of the Eglins as were the Craigens and Anibals (see Aber's history of Hamilton County.)

Catherine Dods was born 23 September 1769 and was baptized at the Dutch Reform Church at Pompton Plains Morris County New Jersey) and was the daughter of Bartholemus Dods and Marjte Doremus. She died 18 April 1845 and is buried at Middle Benson Cemetery with her husband John. (Ref #1A). (See Dods Family History (revised March 2000) by RGM)

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