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March 2005
John Eglin and Catherine Dods
Born 17 July 1796 baptized 28 August 1796 at First Dutch Reform Church at Schenectady.
There were no sponsors recorded
No children found to date. Listed by LDS IGI is a marriage of "A" Thomas Eglin on 19 Feb 1838 to Marcy Hahn in Passaic N.J. Research is required on this item. No wife or children with him in 1860 census of the Town of Benson
1878-9 age 80 likely in the Town of Amsterdam, Montgomery County but maybe in Hamlin County Kansas
Dods Cemetery on Cranes Hollow Road Town of Amsterdam G/S reads Thomas born July 14 1796 died age 80.

        The History of Fulton and Montgomery Counties published 1878 by FW Beers of New York Page 235 states that the Golden Rule Lodge #384 F &AM located in Northville in the Town of Northampton was organized on 25 December 1823 and lists Thomas Eglin as an early member.
        Just when Thomas went to Ontario is not known. He sold land in Town of Johnstown, Montgomery County in September 1830 and in Hamilton County in May 1838 and purchased land in Hamilton County in May 1847 and in February 1848. He was in Zorra Township Oxford County Ontario October 1834 when he along with his brother Cornelius witnessed a memorial of a sale of Land between Samuel and Jesse Dolson. (Lot 5 Concession 11 East Zorra Township recorded as #2902 in the County of Oxford Land Registry office) .Thomas took an oath that he was a witness when the memorial was recorded on 3 March 1836. At that time both he and Cornelius were described as mechanics.
        On 8 February 1836 he was in Oxford Township, Oxford County when he witnessed a memorial of a sale of land made 28 April 1834 to Samuel Dolson from Ira Chauncy Barr (Lot 5 Concession 11 East Zorra Township Recorded as #2864 (see also Cornelius Eglin who married Peggy Ann Dolson .
        He may have remained in Oxford county from 1834 to 1848 but no records have yet ben found .There is no existing 1842 census for Oxford County
        On 17 July 1848 Thomas signed a deed to "one Robert Forbes" for 50 acres" being the
South West 1/4 of Lot 16 Concession 9, East Zorra Township Oxford County Ont. He received a quit claim deed from Heman Fitch of Blenheim Township Oxford County dated the same day.
When he actually acquired the property is unknown, Fitch having acquired the south half of the lot in October 1835. The deed describes Thomas Eglin as late of New York State and now of the Township of Blenheim in the Gore District (Oxford County after the Baldwin Act of 1849) (Thomas has yet to be found in Blenheim Township)
        Aber and King in their history of Hamilton County says that Thomas Eglin owned land in both Benson and Hope in 1847 but lived in Hope (page #360).
        I feel that Thomas likely returned to New York State for various periods of time between about 1836 and 1848. As his brother Cornelius took an Oath of Allegiance to the British crown in March 1841 and as Thomas did not, I (RGM) feel that it is likely that Thomas was not living in Ontario at the time.
        Thomas purchased land in 1847 in the Town of Hope (Benson) and was assessed as a member of Road District Number 6 in 1847 in the Town of Benson (Abner page #364).

        Thomas is not listed in the 1850 census index of either Hamilton or Montgomery Counties. (He may have been living with someone and the indexer assumed he was part of that household)
        He was in the Town of Benson for the 1860 federal census and his age was given as 55 (although over 60 would be more correct). He is shown without wife or family but living with the family of Hiram Wells (listed as Horace Wells), a farmer age 64. Hiram's wife .Mary was a sister of Thomas's
He is listed with real estate worth $2000 but without personal property and was living next to his brother Silas and family. (post office given as Benson)
        He seems to have sold his Benson property in July 1862 to John Gifford and more Property in April 1865 to Lewis Brownell (both families listed in 1865 census of Benson.)
Did Thomas go to Kansas after 1865,
        In 1870 census of Hamlin County Kansas "a" Thomas Eglin Sr age 73 born New York is listed with a neighbour of Thomas Eglin (Jr) William and Catharine McWilliams (relationship to the Eglins Unknown) At the present time I believe this Thomas Sr was the uncle of Thomas Jr and thus a brother of John the father of Thomas Jr. The age of Thomas Sr is consistent with any info I have on Thomas brother of John. I have not found any other 1870 census reference to Thomas.
        Questions!! Was Thomas down to Kansas just for a visit? Did he stay there long?
. Perhaps he moved back to the Town of Amsterdam, however a search of land records of Montgomery County (1860-1880) in May 2001, did not show Thomas owning any land in Montgomery County. So perhaps he died in Kansas and was sent back to Town of Amsterdam for burial in the Dods cemetery or is the stone in the Dods Cemetery merely a memorial stone????

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