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John Eglin and Catherine Dods
probably in the Town of Florida Montgomery County on 29 September 1792
The 1855 state census list him as being born in Montgomery County
Baptized 27 January 1793 at First Dutch Reform Church at Schenectady New York.
The sponsors were his grandparents Bartholemeus Dodd (Dods) and Maria (Marjtje Doremus)
Before 1823 to Jane ? who was born 1801
23 February 1879 age 86 (gravestone inscription) very likely in the Town of Edinburg, Saratoga County New York
Clark School House Cemetery aka Clarksville Cemetery on Tennantville Road Town of Edinburg
* denotes additional info after

#2.2.1 * Henry Eglin born 23 January 1823 likely in Town of Edinburg or the Town of Benson Hamilton County

#2.2.2. Catherine Eglin born about 1829, age 21 in 1850 census of Town of Edinburg and living with Bartholmew and Jane Eglin Assumed daughter of Bartholemus Eglin

#2.2.3 Charles Eglin born 2 May 1831. His age was given as 19 in the 1850 Town of Edinburgh census. He died 14 November 1853 age 22 years 6 months and 12 days and was buried at the Clark School House Cemetery (Clarksville)

#2.2.4 Emily H. Eglin born about 1843 age 7 in 1850 census of the Town of Edinburg and shown as Emily H age 13 in the 1855 and as Emma age 18 in 1860 census.

#2.2.5 Perhaps Stephen N. Eglin according to records of Clark School House Cemetery born
4 June 1823 and died 27 July 1841 age 18 yrs 1 mo and 23 days and the son of Bartholmew and Jane (although those dates conflict with the birth of Henry) (this stone was not found by RGM during an inspection in the early 1990's)

        The 1840 census of the Town of Hope Hamilton County lists Jane Eglin as head with one male between 5 and 10 years (Charles) and one female between 10 and 15 years old (Catherine) and one female between 30 and 40 years of age (Jane) Were Bartholemew and Henry off to Saratoga looking for land?? Or even perhaps as far as Oxford County Ontario??
        In the 1850 Federal census of Town of Edinburg Bartholemew is listed in the Town of Edinburg age 54, blacksmith, born New York State, wife Jane 49, and with them, son Henry 27, occupation hotel keeper, and Henry's wife Theda, age 20. Living with Bartholomew was his son, Charles age 19, occupation labourer. "A" Catherine Eglin age 21 and "an" Emily Eglin age 7 who at this time are presumed to be other children of Bartholomew were also in the household as well as an Ellen Smith age 2, relationship if any unknown.

        In the 1855 state census of Edinburg , house #142, family 161, the family was listed under Bartholmy Eglin age 62 innkeeper born Montgomery County with a frame house building value $500, wife Jane born Montgomery County age 54 and Emily H. age 13, child. Bartholmew had been resident 13 years in Edinburg
        In 1850 Bartholomew Eglin purchased 6 acres for $500 in the Town of Edinburg on the east side of the road between Beecher's Hollow (now Edinburg) and Fish House (on the west side of the Sacandaga River.) In November 1878 he sold this property and an adjoining 6 acres for $500 to
Theda Eglin (wife of son Henry). He could not sign his name (made an X) but his wife Jane did sign hers.
        A map dated 1856 of the Town of Edinburg shows the location of residence of a "B. Eglin" on
the east side of the road leading south west from Beechers Hollow and just south of Beecher Creek
(on the other side of the road was the notation Eglin hotel on the west side (first initial of Eglin impossible to read)
        Bartholomew is listed in the 1860 Federal census of the Town of Edinburg as age 67, a farmer with real estate valued at $1400 and personal property worth $100 with him were his wife Jane age 59, domestic (keeping house) and presumed daughter Emma (Emily) age 18. Bartholemew is listed in the 1871 Saratoga County directory as of Town of Edinburg, blacksmith and farmer with 12 acres.
        Bartholemus' wife Jane died 20 December 1878 age 77 and is also buried in Clark School House Cemetery.(Clarksville)




Batholemew Eglin #1.2 and Jane U/K
23 January 1823 likely in the Hamilton, Fulton or Saratoga County area
before 1850 to Theda J. Olmstead
10 November 1882 in the Town of Edinburg Saratoga County
Clark School House Cemetery (aka Clarksville Cemetery) Tennantville Road Town of Edinburg
# Toles L. Eglin born 23 January 1851 likely in Town of Edinburg. He died Sept 13 1858
age 7 yrs 7 mons and 21days and was buried Clark School House Cemetery.

# Charlie Eglin born 24 Sept 1854 likely in Town of Edinburg. He died 16 December 1858
age 4 years, 2 months and 22 days and was buried in Clark School House Cemetery.

# Georgianne Eglin born about 1857 show as George Anne (female) age 3 in the 1860
Town of Edinburgh census . She died before 1900 as 1900 census states that Theda Eglin had
6 children with only one (Burdett) living in 1900.

#3.2.1 4 Frankie Eglin born about September 1860 likely in the Town of Edinburg.
He died 7 April 1861 age 9 months and was buried in Clark School House Cemetery.

# Katy Eglin born 20 February 1864 likely in the Town of Edinburg
She died 20 December 1865 age 1 year and 10 months and was buried in Clark School House Cemetery.

# Burdett Eglin born May 1867 likely in the Town of Northampton. He was a member of the Northville Fire Dept in 1891/2. He married about 1894 to Caroline (Carrie) U/K, who was born December 1873. They were living in Northville in 1900 where he was a cashier at the Northville bank. He was there for the 1900 census and when his mother died in July 1900. In 1917 he lived on Main Street in Northville, Telephone #89 (ref records of Telephone company). He was listed in the 1920 census of Northville, age 53 with wife Caroline age 46. Burdett was listed in the 1930 census of Town of Northampton page 5 B as Burdett Eglin age 62 wife Caroline Eglin age 56.
There were no children listed in the 1900, 1920 or 1930 census.

        Henry Eglin ran a store in the Town of Edinburg at the cross roads at the Stone Bridge over Bleecher Creek for a period of time being the second owner after 1842.
        In the 1850 Town of Edinburg census Henry was listed with his parents Bartholemew and Jane. Henry was 27, a hotel keeper and had a wife Theda age 20. In 1852 Henry was listed as tax collector for Edinburgh (Saratoga rootsweb site) Henry was listed in the 1855 State census of the Town of Day Saratoga County. Family #163 as Henry Eglin age 32 born Fulton County with a frame building valued at $1600 and occupation Hotel keeper wife "Pheda ".J. age 24 born Saratoga and children Toles L age 4 and Charles age 8 months, the family had been in the Town of Day for 2 months.
        He was likely the "Henry Eglin" that was shown on a 1856 map of the Town of Edinburg with a hotel on the west side of the road that ran southwest from Beecher's Hollow (Edinburg) and was just south of Beecher Creek.
        Henry was Town Clerk of Edinburgh in 1859 (History of Saratoga County (1878 reprinted 1979). On 22 May 1859, Henry was witness at a wedding in the Northampton Methodist Episcopal Church .
        Henry was listed in the 1860 Census of the Town of Edinburg, age 37 hotel keeper, real estate valued at $3200 and personal property worth $525. With him was his wife Theda 29, daughter Georgianne age 3, Theda's brother, Ansel Olmstead age 26, occupation farmer and also domestic, Moriah Mellen age 21. Henry also ran a drug store in Northville for number of years. He was listed in the 1869/70 , Residents and Business Directory of Northampton as a dealer in liquor, spices, coffee, tea, tobacco, cigars etc. He moved back to Edinburg being there for the 1880 census. He was listed as age 54 with wife Theda, age 49, son Burdett age 13 and Eliza Kennicott age 69 listed as single, aunt (At a guess a sister ot Theda's mother Adelia Kennicott Olmstead). Henry died in November 1882 in Edinburgh Theda moved back to Northville about 1888.
        Henry acquired his father Bartholemew's property at Beechers Hollow, 12 acres on the east side of the road between Beechers's Hollow and Fish House in Nov 1878 in his wife's Theda name.
Henry was listed in Frothingham's "history of Fulton County as Henry Eglin, the operator of a hotel at Fish House (Northampton)
        Theda Olmstead was born 6 May 1831 in the Town of Edinburgh and was the daughter of Thomas Olmstead and Adelia Kennicut. Theda died 17 July 1900 age 69 years of a heart attack at her son's Burnett Eglin at Northville and is also buried in the Clark School House Cemetery.

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